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Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding emblem that will appear next to your name:

    BFF: Use 100 co-op moves.
    Boss Buster: Defeat 100 Bosses.
    Brainiac: Play a Story mode level (single player) on the Normal or higher difficulty; do not switch from Donatello or get knocked out.
    Bullet Rain: Defeat 30 enemies in a row using a turret.
    Can Crusher: Defeat Super Shredder without equipping any charms or using any Ninjutsu, items, or power ups.
    Charmer: Collect all charm types.
    Chopper Chopper: Destroy 30 helicopters.
    Clean Feet: Use a gimmick to travel 100 ft without touching the ground.
    Close Call: Defeat a Boss while all players are in the pizza room.
    Defense Artist: Perform 100 perfect guards.
    Don't Need Help: Play a Story mode level (single player) on the Normal or higher difficulty; do not switch from Raphael or get knocked out.
    Economic and Efficient: Defeat five enemies simultaneously with a single Ninjutsu.
    Elite Challenger: Defeat 10 elites.
    Elite Combatant: Defeat 50 elites.
    Elite Conqueror: Defeat 100 elites.
    Experienced blocker: Perform 50 perfect guards.
    Fearless: Successfully complete all stages on the Very Hard difficulty.
    Field Doctor: Help recover or revive your buddies 50 times.
    Fledgling Ninja: Defeat 50 enemies with takedowns.
    Gotta go fast: Defeat 10 enemies with takedowns within 30 seconds.
    Hard Worker: Get an "S" rank 50 times.
    Hold Perfectly Still: Defeat five enemies during Turtle Time. Note: Enemies defeated by other Turtles also count.
    Humiliator: Defeat General Krang with a Krangdroid.
    Kung Fu Master: Perform a parry (perfect guard) five times in a row on a Boss.
    Maniac: Obtain all collectibles.
    Mass Transit: Have five enemies get hit by a train at once.
    Master Warrior: Defeat 500 enemies.
    Natural Leader: Play a Story mode level (single player) on the Normal or higher difficulty; do not switch from Leo or get knocked out.
    Ninjutsu Legend: Fully upgrade all ninjutsu.
    Ninjutsu Master: Obtain all ninjutsu.
    Ninjutsu Novice: Obtain half of all ninjutsu.
    One Man Party: Play a Story mode level (single player) on the Normal or higher difficulty; do not switch from Michelangelo or nor get knocked out.
    Only the Best: Get an "S" rank 100 times.
    Perfect Synch: Perform a communication action during the snapshots when a Boss is defeated.
    Professional Medic: Help recover or revive your allies 100 Times.
    Running Circles: Perform a back attack (perfect dodge) five times in a row on a Boss.
    Seen them all: Defeat all secret Bosses.
    Showoff: Have Michelangelo do his co-op move finishing pose during the snapshot when a Boss is defeated.
    Skilled Warrior: Defeat 250 enemies.
    Sky Cleaner: Destroy 15 helicopters.
    Slam Dunk: Use a heavy attack to knock an enemy against the basketball board in the Residential area, defeating him.
    Stealthy to the End: Defeat all Bosses with a takedown.
    Street Warrior: Defeat 50 enemies.
    Turtle Power: Defeat Mega Krang without using a Krangdroid.
    Ultimate Ninja: Defeat 100 enemies with takedowns.
    Untouchable: Defeat Super Shredder in Hard mode without being shell-shocked once.


Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    White Belt (5 points): Complete the Tutorial.
    Nice to meet you! (5 points): Play online at least once.
    The End? (15 points): Complete Easy or Normal mode.
    Wear it with Pride (15 points): Equip at least one Emblem to your profile.
    Collector (20 points): Obtain 25% of all Collectibles.
    Enthusiast (30 points): Obtain 50% of all Collectibles.
    Maniac (90 points): Obtain all Collectibles.
    The Green Way (15 points): Traverse a total of 32 miles.
    North Hampton (30 points): Traverse a total of 150 miles.
    Tinkerer (10 points): Dismantle Charms 30 times.
    637 IQ (10 points): Upgrade 30 Charm Effects.
    Everybody Loves Explosions (30 points): Detonate 100 drum cans (including proximity mines).
    Bomb Squad (15 points): Disarm 30 time bombs.
    Gold Rush (15 points): Transport gold bars 30 times.
    For a Rainy Day (15 points): Transport 30 bags of money.
    Detoxicator (15 points): Transport 10 Chemical Weapons to a Portal.
    No Respect for Machinery (15 points): Destroy 30 cameras and laser devices.
    Utrom Buster (15 points): Transport 30 Krang Bombs to a portal.
    Virtuous Vigilante (15 points): Protect 30 ATM machines.
    Pie Protector (15 points): Protect 10 Pizza Trucks.
    Red means Stop (15 points): Destroy a rampaging car with a drum can.
    Hype Training (30 points): Collect 10,000 Training Points.
    When Turtles Fly (15 points): Traverse 1 mile in the Residential Area without touching the ground.
    Look out Below! (15 points): Destroy a helicopter.
    Let There be Light (15 points): Activate the ceiling switch during the battle with Slash.
    On Top of Things (15 points): Climb to the highest point in Karai's stage and do a little dance.
    Soooooaaaaap (15 points): Have all Turtles turn into zombies simultaneously by touching contaminated water.
    Night Vision (15 points): Defeat 10 Stone Warriors with turrets in Wingnut's stage.
    Explorer (15 points): Find the secret room in the TCRI building.
    Hard Hitter (15 points): Defeat the 4 Krangdroids with your conventional weapons in Mega Krang's stage.
    Goin' Up! (30 points): Survive the elevator section at the TCRI building without taking any damage.
    BOOM! (15 points): Defeat 5 enemies with 1 drum can.
    One Month's Dinner (30 points): Eat 100 pizzas.
    Double K.O. (5 points): Enter the Pizza Room during the snapshots when a boss is defeated.
    Pizza Poser (15 points): Eat a pizza during the snapshots when a boss is defeated.
    Sorry not Sorry (90 points): Have everyone perform a Communication Action during the snapshots when a boss is defeated.
    Hit Fast, Hit Hard (15 points): Defeat 5 enemies with both Turbo Mode and Berserk activated.
    Turtle Power! (15 points): Use Turtle Switching to defeat 1 enemy with all 4 Turtles.
    Traitor in their midst (15 points): Defeat 5 enemies at once by blowing up a Foot Soldier carrying a bomb bag.
    Out of this World (15 points): Experience all of the Krang UFOs' status effects.
    Party Crasher (30 points): Defeat a Secret Boss.
    Group Hug (5 points): Use a Combo Attack to defeat 6 enemies at once.
    Grind the Grind (5 points): Grind rails for 300 feet.
    Bodyguard (15 points): Complete a gold bar mission without the carrier being hit even once.
    Stealth Master (30 points): Complete a stage without being spotted once (outside of Missions).
    Eavesdropper (5 points): Hang out outside of an enemy hideout for at least 10 seconds.
    I Like the Green One (15 points): Use any character at least 50 times.

Additionally, there are three secret achievements:

    Veteran (30 points): Complete Hard mode.
    Showoff (30 points): Have Mikey do his co-op move finishing pose during the snapshots when a boss is defeated.
    Next time, take a cab (30 points): Defeat Rocksteady and Bebop by letting them get run over by a train.
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