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Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    The wheels start turning (15 points): Finish the first training session.
    Ready! (15 points): Finish all training sessions.
    Cautious (15 points): Beat a bronze time in Challenge mode.
    Dare-devil (15 points): Beat a silver time in Challenge mode.
    Hothead (30 points): Beat a gold time in Challenge mode.
    Flashed (15 points): Reach 100km / h in Challenge mode.
    At the top (90 points): Unlock all descents in Challenge mode.
    Manager (15 points): Create a Pro Team.
    Sponsoring (15 points): Unlock a sponsor.
    Agent (90 points): Unlock all sponsors.
    Antechamber (15 points): Take part in the Critérium du Dauphiné in Pro Team.
    Tom Thumb (30 points): Take part in the Tour de France in Pro Team.
    Legendary (90 points): Win the Tour de France in Pro Team (minimum difficulty = "Professional").
    Prud'homme (15 points): Create a race in My Tour.
    Mission accomplished! (30 points): Achieve a team mission.
    Critérium (30 points): Win the Critérium International in Tour mode (minimum difficulty = "Professional").
    Dauphiné (30 points): Win the Critérium du Dauphiné in Tour mode (minimum difficulty = "Professional").
    Into legend (90 points): Win the Tour de France 2016 in Tour mode ("Champion" difficulty).
    Attack! (15 points): Attack during a stage.
    Pacesetter (15 points): Relay at the front of the peloton.
    Poser (15 points): Breakaway for, at least, 10 kilometres.
    Leader (15 points): Give an instruction to a team member.
    Tactician (20 points): Give a group instruction to team members.
    Baptism of fire (20 points): Finish a stage.
    Like clockwork (15 points): Achieve a stage objective.
    I gave everything! (30 points): Win a stage using the bike throw (minimum "Professional" difficulty).
    Young hopeful (30 points): Win a stage with a youth rider, under 25 years of age, (minimum "Professional" difficulty).
    Sprinter (30 points): Win a flat stage (minimum difficulty = "Professional").
    Puncher (30 points): Win a hilly stage (minimum difficulty = "Professional").
    Climber (30 points): Win a mountain stage (minimum difficulty = "Professional").
    Rouleur (30 points): Win an individual time-trial (minimum difficulty = "Professional").
    Revelation (30 points): Win a stage with a rider without specialisation (minimum difficulty = "Professional").
    Unexpected (30 points): Win a stage with a negative race-day condition (minimum difficulty = "Professional").
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