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Corey Feldman Interview

Celebrity GamerZ - Jay & Silent Bob's Jason Mewes Video Game Interview


Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Fancy (25 points): Wear a fancy HAT.
    Letter Juggle (100 points): Beat the game without using the Wordscrambler.
    The First Word (25 points): Finish the Prologue.
    Lost in Fear (50 points): Finish the 1st Chapter.
    Solitude (50 points): Finish the 2nd Chapter.
    Land of Hope (50 points): Finish the 3rd Chapter.
    Thank you! (25 points): Watch Epilogue and Credits.
    Typoman (100 points): Start over and don't die ever. Okay, too hard.. don't die more than 5 times!
    Don't Shoot Me (25 points): Craft a TARGET for the SHOOT Machine.
    Hypocrite (25 points): Craft an evil word in the final boss fight.
    What Fire? (25 points): Escape the fire while being poisoned.
    Wordcrafter (25 points): Craft 30 Words.
    Eloquence (50 points): Craft 100 Words.
    Writer (100 points): Craft 300 Words.
    Versatile (50 points): Restart any puzzle and solve it with a different word.
    Liar (50 points): Wherever possible create a LIE.
    Quotation Hunter (25 points): Collect 12 Quotations.
    Storyteller (75 points): Collect all Quotations.
    Antonymizer (100 points): Beat the Antonymizer Mini Game.

Additionally, there is one secret achievement:

    The Unburnt (25 points): Escape the fire without getting burnt.
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