Voice Commander



Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Get Rekt! (50 points): Out of my way!
    Voice Ensign (25 points): Clear Wave 10.
    Voice Cadet (10 points): Finish the tutorial.
    Voice Lieutenant (40 points): Clear Wave 20.
    Voice Lieutenant Commander (50 points): Clear Wave 30.
    Voice Commander (100 points): Clear Wave 40.
    Casual Defender (25 points): Destroy 5 000 enemies.
    Serious Defender (25 points): Destroy 25 000 enemies.
    Voice Defender (100 points): Destroy 100 000 enemies.
    I Ain't Afraid Of No Ship (50 points): Defeat the Mothership.
    Laser Specialist (25 points): Build 100 Laser Turrets.
    Rocket Specialist (25 points): Build 100 Rocket Turrets.
    Shock Specialist (25 points): Build 100 Shock Turrets.
    Laser Commander (50 points): Build 500 Laser Turrets.
    Shock Commander (50 points): Build 500 Shock Turrets.
    Rocket Commander (50 points): Build 500 Rocket Turrets.
    Survivor (75 points): Avoid crashing at all costs.
    Opportunist (50 points): Use 40 abilities in a row while never having a full tank.
    Lock and Load (25 points): Kill 60 enemies with a single Vox blast.
    Shell Shocked (25 points): Kill 60 enemies with a single nuke.
    Gotta Catch 'Em All (25 points): Trap 50 enemies with a single gravity bomb.
    Kiss Your Ship Goodbye (25 points): Kill 60 enemies with a single shockwave.
    Can't Touch This (25 points): Get to wave 10 without taking ship damage.
    Let's Meet On Wave 16 (25 points): Beat the mothership without letting Vox die.
    Easy Game, Easy Life (25 points): Beat the mothership without using a nuke.
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