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Note: This game is also titled Musou Orochi 2 Ultimate.

Gaiden stages

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding stage:

    The Battle Of Liaodong - Chapter 2: Initiate a conversation between Sun Jian, Nene, and Masanori Fukishima in the main camp.

Bonus characters

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding character:


    Hundun: Successfully complete Unlimited mode.
    Mae Tomamo: Successfully complete Chapter 8.

Other 2

    Sophitia Alexandra: Successfully complete "The Battle Of Liaodong - Chapter 2".


Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    True Warrior (90 points): Accomplished all of the Achievements in the game.
    Survivalist (35 points): Made it through 50 Survival battles in Duel Mode.
    The Ties that Bind (35 points): Unlocked all of the playable characters within Gauntlet Mode.
    Charitable Contributions (35 points): Completed all of the requests within Gauntlet Mode.
    The Conqueror's Den (35 points): Cleared all of the stages within Gauntlet Mode.
    Another World (35 points): Cleared Gauntlet Mode for the first time.
    Learning a Craft (10 points): Used the Craft command for the first time.
    Getting Started (10 points): Cleared a battlefield in Musou Battlefields for the first time.
    Master Promoter (10 points): Promoted a single officer a total of 3 times.
    A New Bond is Formed (10 points): Summoned an ally for the first time in Gauntlet Mode.
    A Helping Hand (10 points): Completed a request for the first time in Gauntlet Mode.
    Arrival in the Depths (10 points): Cleared 5 straight stages in Gauntlet Mode.
    Welcome to the Lion's Den (10 points): Cleared a stage for the first time in Gauntlet Mode.
    The Ultimate Musou (10 points): Used a True Musou Burst.
    Stay in Formation (10 points): Performed a Formation Attack in Gauntlet Mode.
    Fashionable Dresser (10 points): Changed the color of an officer's costume.
    Experience Rush (10 points): Obtained a Scroll of Enlightenment.
    Duel Novice (10 points): Played a match against the CPU for the first time in Duel Mode.
    Battle Novice (10 points): Played a match online or with another player for the first time in Duel Mode.
    Survival Novice (10 points): Played Survival for the first time in Duel Mode.
    Strategy Card Novice (10 points): Used a Strategy Card for the first time in Duel Mode.
    Linked Musou (10 points): Used a special Triple Rush attack.
    Dancing Across the Sky (10 points): Used an aerial Special Attack.
    All Together Now (10 points): Changed your character's battle style.
    The Mounted Trinity (10 points): Performed a mounted True Triple Attack.

Additionally, there are 19 secret achievements:

    Card Collector (70 points): Obtain all of the Strategy Cards in the game.
    Perfect Coordination (70 points): Perform all of the special Triple Rush attacks.
    Unlimited Power (70 points): Obtain all of the Mystic Weapons.
    Master Craftsman (35 points): Use the Craft command 100 times.
    A Collector's Tail (35 points): Find Kyubi's nine tails and defeat them.
    The Imprisoned Nine Tails (35 points): Clear the stage "Showdown at Odawara Castle" in Story Mode.
    Lonely Vengeance (35 points): Clear the stage "Revenge of the Fox" in Story Mode.
    Fleeing Foxes (35 points): Clear the stage "Escape from the Mystic Realm" in Story Mode.
    One Warrior Vs. Ten Thousand (35 points): Defeat 10,000 enemies.
    Otherworldly Bonds (35 points): Max out the Bonds with one of the following officers: Momiji, Kasumi, Sterkenburg or Sophitia.
    Return from the Mystic Realm (10 points): Clear the stage "War against the Serpent King" in Story Mode.
    The Divine Mirror's Whereabouts (10 points): Clear the stage "Battle of Itsukushima" in Story Mode.
    Divine Mirror Fragment (10 points): Clear the stage "The Imprisonment of Tamamo" in Story Mode.
    Doorway to the Truth (10 points): Clear the stage "Rescue of the Mystics" in Story Mode.
    A Deadly Encounter (10 points): Defeat an Otherworld Invader in Gauntlet Mode.
    Newfound Strength (10 points): Obtain a Mystic Weapon for the first time.
    In Search of the Nine-tailed Fox (10 points): Find Kyubi's tail and defeat it for the first time in Story Mode.
    Friends Reunited (10 points): Unlock Yinglong as a playable character.
    Heroes from Beyond (10 points): Unlock Momiji, Kasumi, Sterkenburg and Sophitia as playable characters.
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