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Alternate endings

Successfully complete the indicated task to view the corresponding ending:

    Make sure there is not a full moon at the title screen. Then, successfully complete the game to get the "endless ending".

    Set the system date to one that has a full moon phase. If done correctly, a full moon will appear at the title screen. Then, successfully complete the game to view the second ending.


Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    News of the Day (5 points): Unlock a newspaper article from the Boston Daily News.
    Archivist (50 points): Unlock all newspaper articles from the Boston Daily News.
    Bedside book (5 points): Read a book.
    The Quest of the Erudite (25 points): Read 10 books.
    Beauty, Art and Blood (50 points): Read all the texts about Selena.
    The Path of the Philosopher (50 points): Read all the texts about William.
    On the Threshold to Madness (50 points): Read all the texts about Henry.
    A Tale of Shadow and Light (50 points): Read all the texts about Margaret.
    Before Silence (50 points): Find the letters of all the victims.
    Shelter for the night (30 points): Finish Chapter 1.
    Meeting a Star (30 points): Finish Chapter 2.
    In her steps (30 points): Finish Chapter 3.
    The Scent of Blood (30 points): Finish Chapter 4.
    At the End of the Black Path (30 points): Finish Chapter 5.
    An Endless Night (50 points): Finish Chapter 6.
    Sleepwalking (25 points): Walk for 10 km.
    Stocks for the Winter (10 points): Collect 100 matches.
    Philumenist (35 points): Collect 200 matches.
    Last Bullet (5 points): Use your last match.
    Gambler (5 points): Put out your last match yourself.
    Hothead (15 points): Put out 10 matches yourself.
    Afraid of the Dark (25 points): Use 100 matches.
    Ashes to Ashes (5 points): Kill a ghost.
    The Twelve Strokes of Midnight (10 points): The witching hour.
    White Night (50 points): Finish the game in just one night.
    Psycho (30 points): Answer the phone.
    Around the clock (50 points): Finish the game on a full Moon day, read all the books and the articles from the Boston Daily News.

Additionally, there are six secret achievements:

    The Rope (30 points): Find the rope.
    The Man Who Knew Too Much (30 points): Find the bucket.
    North by Northwest (30 points): Decide to stay in the mansion.
    The five Wounds of Christ (30 points): Find the symbol of another era.
    The Shadow of Doubt (30 points): Find the point of view to the Moon.
    The Daughter of the Moon (50 points): Finish the game when the Moon is full.
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