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All secret star locations

Search the indicated locations to find all 18 secret stars and get the "Nowhere To Hide" achievement.

Easy "Bullet Master" achievement

At the beginning of Level 1-4, the first three enemies will have shields. Kill two of them and leave the last one with its shield. Then, keep deflecting its bullets until you get the "Bullet Master" achievement.

Easy "Martial Artist" achievement

Easy "Not A Scratch" achievement

To easily complete a level without using any medkit, play Level 1-1 on the easiest difficulty. Do not collect any health pickups from the green barrels scattered throughout the level.

Easy "Perfect Timing" achievement


Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    ScreenMan Slayer (25 points): Kill 300 ScreenMan.
    First time on the battlefield (5 points): Complete your first mission.
    Easy Time (15 points): Complete the game at Easy.
    Savior of the galaxy (50 points): Complete the game at Normal.
    True Heroes (100 points): Complete the game at Hard.
    Mike (30 points): Complete the game as Mike.
    Captain Dorian (30 points): Complete the game as Dorian.
    Untouchable (65 points): Complete a level without being hit.
    Not a scratch (60 points): Complete a level without using any medkit.
    Martial artist (25 points): Reach a 100 combo streak.
    Bullet master (15 points): Deflect 100 bullets.
    Friendship (10 points): Revive your companion 5 times.
    Nowhere to hide (55 points): Find all secret stars.
    Couch buddies (35 points): Complete the game in co-op.
    Fist of Fury (50 points): Complete the game without using the weapon.
    Ultimate weapon (100 points): Buy all upgrades.
    Perfect timing (50 points): Break an enemy guard 100 times.
    Sektor Zero (80 points): Complete Sektor Zero.
    Wilderness (80 points): Complete the Wilderness.
    Mastermind (120 points): Defeat Dr. Vendetta.
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