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Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Multiple Award Winner (20 points): Receive 5 awards in the same zoo (Challenge Mode only).
    Animal Lover (5 points): Make an animal completely happy.
    Research Party (15 points): Research 10 items (Campaign & Challenge Modes only).
    Happy Animal Friends (25 points): Keep your average animal happiness in the Green for 20 minutes.
    Staffing Up (5 points): Hire a member of staff.
    We Can Make it Better (5 points): Upgrade an attraction.
    Smooth Over the Cracks (5 points): Repair an attraction or enrichment.
    Research Warrant (5 points): Research an item (Campaign & Challenge Modes only).
    Challenger (5 points): Complete a challenge (Challenge Mode only).
    Award Winner (5 points): Receive an award (Challenge Mode only).
    If You Build Them (10 points): Build your 1st exhibit.
    You've Got to Start Somewhere (10 points): Start your first zoo.
    Have You Seen This Guy?! (25 points): Breed a color variant of an animal.
    One of Each (40 points): Breed every animal type.
    One of Everything (100 points): Breed every animal and their color variants.
    No Free Refills (25 points): Refill the animal cleaning stations 250 times.
    Feeder (15 points): Restock the feeding stations 100 times.
    Conservationalist (75 points): Release one of every animal type into the wild.
    Go Viral! (20 points): Have a successful Viral Advertising campaign.
    Poop Master (35 points): Clear up 1,000 pieces of poop.
    Close to the Animals (15 points): Complete all 3 interactions with the animals.
    Treat Time (20 points): Complete 25 treat interactions.
    Shower Time (20 points): Complete 25 hose interactions.
    Play Time (20 points): Play with 25 animals.
    The Zoo Tycoon (50 points): Receive all 20 awards in the same zoo (Challenge Mode only).
    Number 1 Contender (25 points): Complete 25 Challenges (Challenge Mode only).
    World Heavyweight Champ (30 points): Complete 100 challenges (Challenge Mode only).
    The Concessioner (5 points): Build every type of concession in the same zoo.
    Upgrading is for Winners (10 points): Upgrade an attraction to level 3.
    Top of the Charts (50 points): Increase your Fame level 100 times across all your zoos.
    Snap Happy (10 points): Fill a photo album.
    Photographer Extraordinaire (35 points): Fill all the photo albums.
    Phase One Complete (5 points): Complete a scenario (Campaign Mode only).
    You've Got the Skills (25 points): Complete 5 scenarios (Campaign Mode only).
    Correction, the Mad SkillZ (50 points): Complete all the scenarios (Campaign Mode only).
    You're Gonna Eat Lightnin' (10 points): Train a member of staff up to level 3.
    Are your Legs Tired? (35 points): Run 10km.
    Time for a Tire Change (35 points): Drive 25km.
    Guestalicious (15 points): Have a guest rating of 10,000 in your zoo (Challenge Mode only).
    Customizer (5 points): Customize 50 different attractions.
    Earning a Living (5 points): Earn $100,000 (Campaign & Challenge Modes only).
    I'm a Millionaire! (15 points): Earn $1,000,000 (Campaign & Challenge Modes only).
    A Multimillionaire who's a Ninja (30 points): Earn $10,000,000 (Campaign & Challenge Modes only).
    Red Hot Research (30 points): Research everything (Campaign & Challenge Modes only).
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