Note: This game is also titled Fallblox and Hikuotsu.

  • Crashmo Studio

    Successfully complete ten lessons in Crashmo Park to unlock Crashmo Studio.

  • Training mode

    Successfully complete twenty lessons in Crashmo Park to unlock the "Training" option at Papa Blox's menu.

  • Prototypes

    Successfully complete 70 puzzles to unlock the Prototypes.

  • Prototype Challenges

    Successfully complete Challenge 5 through 10 to unlock the Prototype Challenges.

  • Level B Challenges

    Successfully complete all 100 puzzles in Crashmo Park to unlock the Level B Challenges, which contain 40 more very difficult puzzles.

  • Music player

    Successfully complete the 100th Crashmo, and finish Story mode to unlock the music player.

  • Gadgets

    Successfully complete the indicated challenge to unlock the corresponding gadget in Crashmo Studio:

      Doors: Challenge 4-1
      Floating Block Gadget: Challenge 2-1
      Manholes: Challenge 3-1
      Move Switches: Challenge 5-1

  • Finale and credits

    Successfully complete the game to be able to view the ending sequence and credits any time at the "Extras" menu.

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