Dead Or Alive 6 Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PC

Dead Or Alive 6 Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PC

Dead Or Alive 6 Legend difficulty in Arcade mode

Reach Player Level 35 to unlock the Legend difficulty in Arcade mode.

Legend difficulty in Survival mode

Reach Player Level 45 to unlock the Legend difficulty in Survival mode.

Legend difficulty in Time Attack mode

Reach Player Level 40 to unlock the Legend difficulty in Time Attack mode.

Character system voices

Successfully complete Command Training with any character to unlock his or her voice as the game’s system voice (announcer).

Music tracks

Reach the indicated player or character level to unlock the corresponding music track:

    AYA: Reach Ayane Level 16.
    Blazed Up Melpomene: Reach Helena Level 15.
    Blood Ties: Reach Helena Level 9.
    Eternity: Reach Kasumi Level 6.
    Grand Style: Reach Leifang Level 6.
    Heated Heartbeat: Reach Jann Lee Level 15.
    Hitohira: Reach Kasumi Level 12.
    I Don’t Believe It: Reach Zack Level 6.
    Kokou No Kenshi: Reach Jann Lee Level 12.
    Monster: Reach Christie Level 9.
    Moonlit Lady: Reach Kokoro Level 7.
    Natural High: Reach Jann Lee Level 9.
    No Money: Reach Zack Level 12.
    Physical System: Reach Player Level 52.
    Result: Reach Player Level 54.
    Showdown: Reach Player Level 48.
    Superstar: Reach Bass Level 12.
    Tehu Tehu: Reach Ayane Level 12.
    The Shooted: Reach Hayabusa Level 10.
    Trip: Reach Jann Lee Level 7.
    True Beauty: Reach Tina Level 9.
    Ultimate: Reach Player Level 46.
    Yes Or Yes: Reach Bass Level 9.

Getting desired unlockables

Successfully complete the first two star marked reward missions for any desired trial in Quest mode, but do not complete the third star marked mission. After completing the trial, the game will automatically autosave after you exit the battle results/victory pose screen. Then, replay that trial again and complete the three star mission. Once the battle win victory screen appears, do not exit the screen. Check to see which costume patterns were unlocked. If it is for a character you do not care about, immediately exit/reset the game. Start the game again and repeat this process until you get the desired quest rewards. Note: This is possible because the game does not autosave on the victory win screen and costumes are random.

Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select “Community”, “My profile”, “View all my games”, then the game and view stats.

    Milky Way: Received 100 ☆ in DOA QUEST mode.
    Rival Deathmatch: Fought in 100 ranked matches.
    The Capable One: Won 50 Ranked Matches.
    The Show-off: Won 5 consecutive Ranked Matches.
    Unchallenged Champion: Completed all Combo Challenge lessons for a single character.
    A Fighter is Born: Completed all lessons in Tutorial.
    Exercise Newbie: Completed Command Training for a single character.
    I See Through It All: Won a match receiving 0 damage (offline player vs. player matches excluded).
    No Escape!: Won a match by executing 3-hit combo after cancelling a Break Blow (excluding offline PvP matches).
    Rival Rampage: Fought in 10 ranked matches.
    Star dust: Received 10 ☆ in DOA QUEST mode.
    The Hungry One: Won 20 Ranked Matches.
    Training Hard: Used Free Training mode for 1 hour.
    A Fight to Remember: Saved a replay.
    A New Challenger Appears!: Attempted Combo Challenges.
    Adept Shopper: Bought a costume in the Wardrobe.
    Change!: Changed your Main Fighter.
    Cleared ARCADE course: Cleared a course in the ARCADE mode.
    Cleared SURVIVAL course: Cleared a course in the SURVIVAL mode.
    Cleared TIME ATTACK course: Cleared a course in the TIME ATTACK mode.
    DOA Rookie: Attempted Tutorial.
    DOApedia: Purchased DOA Encyclopedia in the Library.
    Fighting Entertainment: Fought debut match (excluding training and offline player vs. player matches).
    Fighting For Real: Won 1 Ranked Match.
    Fledgling Fighter: Fought against computer in the VERSUS mode.
    Grabbing It: Won a match by executing a Break Hold attack (excluding offline PvP matches).
    Learning From the Past: Watched a replay in the Theater.
    Melomaniac: Purchased additional BGM.
    Records Keeper: Checked the Fight Records.
    Rival Rumble: Fought in your first ranked match.
    Rushing It: Won a match by executing a Fatal Rush attack (excluding offline PvP matches).
    Smashing It: Won a match by executing a Break Blow attack (excluding offline PvP matches).
    Star Catcher: Collected one ☆ during a quest.
    The Observer: Watched a COM vs. COM battle in the Theater.
    Wise Manners: Bought a title in the Wardrobe.
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