Soul Calibur 5 Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PlayStation 3 (PS3)

Soul Calibur 5 Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PlayStation 3 (PS3)

Soul Calibur 5


Legendary Souls mode

Successfully complete Story mode to unlock Legendary Souls mode.

Bonus stages

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding stage:

    Ancient Citadel – Peacetime: Successfully complete Episode 4 in Story mode or reach Player Level 7.
    Astral Chaos – Pathway: Fight against Alpha Patroklos in Quick Battle mode or reach Player Level 25.
    Conqueror’s Coliseum – Underground Fight: Reach Player Level 13.
    Denever Castle – Assualt: Successfully complete Episode 18 in Story mode or reach Player Level 18.
    Denever Castle – Eye Of Chaos: Defeat Pyrrha Omega in Story mode.
    Last Rites On The Battleground: Successfully complete Episode 18 in Story mode or reach Player Level 40.
    Penitentiary Of Destiny: Defeat Kilik in Arcade or Legendary Souls mode.
    Tower Of Glory – Most Holy Dichotomy: Defeat Angol Fear in Arcade or Legendary Souls mode.
    Tower Of Glory – Spiral Of Good And Evil: Defeat Edge Master in Arcade or Legendary Souls mode.
    Unknown Forest – Dark Night: Successfully complete Episode 7 in Story mode or reach Player Level 21.
    Utopia Of The Blessed: Defeat Elyssia in Story mode.

Bonus characters

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding character:

    Algol Fear: Defeat Algol in Arcade or Legendary Souls mode. Alternately, defeat Algol in Quick Battle mode with Teramos.
    Alpha Patroklos: Successfully complete Story mode.
    Devil Jin Style: Defeat Harada in Legandary Souls or Quick Battle mode in the Asia path. Alternately, reach Player Level 5.
    Edge Master: Successfully complete Story mode.
    Elysium: Successfully complete Story mode.
    Kilik: Defeat Kilik in Legendary Souls mode or Arcade mode.
    Pyrrha Omega: Successfully complete Story mode.

Hit effects

Reach the indicated player level to unlock the corresponding hit effect:

    Angel Pack: Player Level 58
    Comic Pack: Player Level 67
    Cute Pack: Player Level 31
    Demon Pack: Player Level 58
    Manga Pack: Player Level 67

“Extra” Arcade route

Reach Player Level 17 to unlock the “Extra” route in Arcade mode. This route features a camera angle that is closer to the ground and fixed at an angle, offering a new perspective to play the game.

Joke weapons

Reach Player Level 53 to unlock Weapon Set #8.

The Master weapon

Reach Player Level 25 to unlock The Master weapon.


Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Unwritten History (Platinum): Obtained all trophies.
    History Repeats (Bronze): Battled in SOULCALIBUR V for the first time (excluding training and VS battle).
    A Soul Coalesces (Bronze): Edited a player license.
    Beginning of Destiny (Bronze): Registered 3 rivals.
    Proof of a Fighter (Bronze): Won consecutive matches on PlayStation Network.
    Mercenary of War (Bronze): Fought 30 times on PlayStation Network.
    Strategist of War (Silver): Fought 75 times on PlayStation Network.
    Hero Carved in History (Silver): Fought 100 times on PlayStation Network.
    Carry Out Your Beliefs (Bronze): Won 5 times in one style on PlayStation Network.
    Courageous Warrior (Silver): Won 20 times on PlayStation Network.
    Conqueror of the Arena (Gold): Won 50 times on PlayStation Network.
    Synchronize DNA (Bronze): Used Ezio in a player match.
    Awakened to Violence (Bronze): Reached E4 rank in ranked match.
    Reason to Fight For (Bronze): Reached E1 rank in ranked match.
    First Step of a Legend (Silver): Reached D1 rank in ranked match.
    Sings Own Praise (Bronze): Uploaded a replay of your win.
    Notes on Rivals (Bronze): Play backed another player’s replay.
    Path to Glory (Bronze): Quick Battle: defeated 50 warriors.
    Road to the Duel (Bronze): Quick Battle: defeated 150 warriors.
    Sudden Temptation (Silver): Quick Battle: defeated all warriors.
    Perfect Trainee (Bronze): Arcade: cleared Asia route.
    Purge of the Holy (Bronze): Story: cleared episode 1.
    Shields Come Together (Bronze): Story: cleared episode 8.
    Resurrection of Order (Silver): Story: cleared episode 16.
    Home is Faraway (Gold): Story: cleared final episode.
    War Veteran (Silver): Arcade: cleared any route with difficulty set on hard.
    Mask Another’s Memory (Bronze): Arcade: cleared a ranking route with a record better than your rival.
    Usurped True Name (Bronze): Quick Battle: won against 10 players with titles and used the obtained title on the player license.
    Pursuit of Obsession (Bronze): Quick Battle: defeated Harada TEKKEN.
    No-hitter (Silver): Ranked Match: won 10 times with Ezio.
    Skills for Duels (Silver): Legendary Souls: won with brave edge.
    Passionate Artist (Bronze): Creation: created a character with full-on coordination (used everything except for height).
    Colorful Illusion (Bronze): Creation: took a thumbnail by manually setting a decoration frame and background.
    Fetal Soul (Bronze): Player level reached 5.
    Throbbing Soul (Bronze): Player level reached 50.
    Soul Fulfilled (Silver): Player level reached maximum.
    Stalwart Barbarian (Bronze): Performed a wall hit 50 times.
    Adored by Heaven (Bronze): Performed 20 grapple breaks.
    Like a Flowing Stream (Bronze): Successfully performed a just guard 5 times.
    Momentary Pleasure (Bronze): Successfully performed an impact 100 times.
    Black Sword of Death (Bronze): K.O. with critical edge 30 times.
    Hands of the Abyss (Bronze): Won by ring out 50 times.
    Parrier of Swords (Bronze): Perfect won 50 times.
    Wind of Battle (Bronze): Reached over 87,600 m in total movement distance in battle.
    Alluring Kaleidoscope (Bronze): Landed brave edge 100 times.
    Gale Forces (Bronze): K.O. the opponent 25 times with an attack after a quick move.
    Never Ending Effort (Bronze): Landed an attack 20,000 times.
    Footprints of Soldiers (Bronze): Defeated 100 male characters.
    Give in to Temptation (Bronze): Defeated 100 female characters.
    Fancy of a Mad King (Bronze): Guard bursted 30 times.
    Lively Pub (Bronze): Changed the BGM in options.
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