NASCAR: Dirt To Daytona


  • Cheat mode

    At the title screen, press Z(2), Up, Down, R(2), Left, Right.

  • $10,000

    At the title screen, press Up, Down, Left, Right, Z, Left(2) to get $10,000 in career mode.

  • Beat The Heat points

    Press Up, Down, Left, Right, Z, Up(2) for 10 more points in Beat The Heat mode. Repeat this code to increase its effect. Note: The most you can accumulate is 480 points.

  • Richard Petty

    Win all the challenges to unlock Richard Petty.

  • Pit crashing

    Go into the pits at the end of pit lane. You can crash into cars, which shows on the tack.

  • Bonus options

    The following bonuses can be unlocked during game play by doing well and earning points:

      AI Vengeance: AI cars retaliate when hit.
      Front Wheel Drive: Car has front wheel drive.
      Hardcore Physics: Hardcore realism.
      Horn Ball: Press Up to shoot a paintball.
      Horn Mortar: Press Up to shoot an explosive mortar.
      Insane Racecar: Press Up to jump.
      Mini Cars: Smaller cars.
      Monster Cars: High suspension.
      Oh Dear: One car on track replaced by monstrous-sized crew member.
      Super Draft: Faster draft speed.

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