WarioWare Inc.: Mega Party Game$

Strategy Guide


Note: This game is also titled Atsumare!! Made In Wario.

  • Play any mini-game

    Get a rose from all the mini-games in practice mode to unlock the final single player mode door. Use the final door to play any mini-game again.

  • Sound test

    Go through every multi-player mode to unlock the "Sound Test" selection at the options menu.

  • Nintendo game tester high scores

    Game Modes

      All Mixed Up: 63
      Hard: 34
      Thrilling: 40
      Time Attack 20 games: 1'23''83
      Time Attack 40 games: 2'35''29
      Time Attack 60 games: 4'08''38
      Master Mode: n/a

    Individual Games

      (Intro/Wario) Wario Wear: 53
      (Sports/Jimmy) Fruit Shoot: 55
      (Sci-Fi/Dribble & Spitz) Classic Clash III: 501
      (Strange/Mona) Boom Box: 34
      (Nintendo/9-Volt) Mario Paint: Fly Swatter: 44
      (I.Q./Orbulon) Gear Head Fred: 71
      (Reality/Dr. Crygor) Hard Core: 250
      (Nature/Kat & Ana) Spunky Monkey: 249
      (Anything Goes/Wario): n/a

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