Castlevania: Legacy Of Darkness

Strategy Guide

  • Play as Henry

    Successfully complete the game with Cornell and save the game after the credits. Then, load the saved game to play as Henry. Henry must save seven children within seven days.

  • Play as Reinhardt

    Successfully complete the game with Henry and save the game after the credits. Then, load the saved game to play as Reinhardt from Castlevania 64.

  • Alternate costumes

    Rescue two children with Henry, and complete and save the game to unlock an alternate costume for Cornell.

  • Hard difficulty setting

    Rescue three children with Henry, and complete and save the game. Then, start a new game using the saved game file to access the hard difficulty setting.

  • Fight against Renon

    Spend over 30,000 gold buying items during the game to fight against Renon the winged demon.

    Game Shark Codes

    Infinite Health811CAB3A 2AF8
    Infinite Gold811CAB42 FFFF
    Infinite Red Jewels801CAB45 0068
    Infinite Special 1801CAB47 000A
    Infinite Special 2801CAB48 000A
    Infinite Special 3801CAB49 000A
    Infinite Roast Chicken801CAB4A 000A
    Infinite Roast Beef801CAB4B 000A
    Infinite Healing Kit801CAB4C 000A
    Infinite Purifying801CAB4D 000A
    Infinite Cure Ampoule801CAB4E 000A
    Infinite Power-Ups801CAB4F 000A
    Infinite The Contract801CAB54 000A
    Infinite Magical Nitro801CAB55 000A
    Infinite Mandragora801CAB56 000A
    Infinite Sun Card801CAB57 000A
    Infinite Moon Card801CAB58 000A
    Infinite Winch Lever801CAB59 000A
    Infinite Oldrey's Diary801CAB5A 000A
    Infinite Crest Half A801CAB5B 000A
    Infinite Crest Half B801CAB5C 000A
    Infinite Rose Brooch801CAB5D 000A
    Infinite Archives Key801CAB5E 000A
    Infinite Left Tower Key801CAB5F 000A
    Infinite Store Room Key801CAB60 000A
    Infinite Garden Key801CAB61 000A
    Infinite Copper Key801CAB62 000A
    Infinite Chamber Key801CAB63 000A
    Infinite Execution Key801CAB64 000A
    Infinite Deck Key801CAB65 000A
    Infinite Rose Garden Key801CAB66 000A
    Infinite Thorn Key801CAB67 000A
    Infinite ClockTower Key C801CAB68 000A
    Infinite ClockTower Key D801CAB69 000A
    Infinite Art Tower Key 1801CAB6A 000A
    Infinite Art Tower Key 2801CAB6B 000A
    Infinite Control Roon Key801CAB6C 000A
    Infinite Wall Key801CAB6D 000A
    Infinite ClockTower Key E801CAB6E 000A
    Infinite ClockTower Key A801CAB6F 000A
    Infinite ClockTower Key B801CAB70 000A
    Max Power-Ups801CAE23 0002
    Stop Timer Input811CAB22 0001
    Toggle Day/Night [Note 1]D01C87F7 0010
    801CAB21 0006
    D01C87F7 0020
    801CAB21 0012
    Hard Mode [Note 2]8032495F 0002
    Weapon Modifier811CAB3F 00??
    Level Modifier801CAE79 00??
    Inter-Level Modifier801CAE7B 00??
    Unlock Character Modifier8031B243 00??
    Character Modifier8031B22B 00??
    Status Modifier801CAB84 00??
    Quantity Digits to Accompany Weapon Modifier Code
    00 - Nothing
    01 - Knife
    02 - Potion
    03 - Cross
    04 - Axe
    Quantity Digits to Accompany Level Modifier Code
    00 - Forest Of Silence
    01 - Left Tower
    02 - Castle Wall
    03-06, 1A - Villa
    07 - Tunnel
    08 - Underground Waterway
    09-0f - Castle Center
    10-12 - Foggy Lake
    13 - Cave Of Spiderwomen
    14, 15 - Castle Keep
    16 - Falls Into Space(?)
    17 - Clock Tower
    18 - Final Battle Site
    19 - Castle Center
    1B - Room Of Clocks
    1C, 2B - Countryside Where Carrie's Mom Is Buried
    1D - Tower Of Sorcery
    1E-20 - Tower Of Execution
    21, 22 - Tower Of Science
    23, 24 - Tower Of Ruins
    25, 26 - Art Tower
    27 - Dual Tower
    28, 29 - Clock Tower
    2A - Outer Wall
    2C - Fall From Sky Ouside Of Castlevania Opening
    2D - Forest Where Girl Runs In Opening
    2E - Black Room(?)
    Quantity Digits to Accompany Unlock Character Modifier Code
    05 - Henry
    06 - Reinhardt
    07 - Carrie
    Quantity Digits to Accompany Character Modifier Code
    0 - Cornell
    1 - Reinhardt
    2 - Carrie
    3 - Henry
    Quantity Digits to Accompany Status Modifier Code
    00 - Never Get Poisoned or Vamped
    01 - Normal
    04 - Vamp
    08 - Poison
    0C - Vamped & Poisoned
    FF - Instant Death

    Note 1: Press L to make it night, and R to make it day.

    Note 2: Start a game, then save and load the saved game to view the hard level status.

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