Madden NFL 2000

Strategy Guide

  • Always win coin toss

    At the coin toss screen, repeatedly press Start.

  • Cheat Codes

    Enter one of the following codes at the code entry screen to activate the corresponding cheat function:

    10 pt. TDs; 7 pt. FGsDRBENWAY
    20 yard first downsFIRSTIS20
    100 yard passesPIGSKINSFLY
    Fast passesNEEDFORSPEED
    Better passesQBINTHECLUB
    Super speed burstGOTTHEROCK
    Super stiff armSMACKDOWN
    Super jumpMOONBALL
    More injuriesPAINFUL
    More fumblesROLLERJAM
    More interceptionsPICKEDOFF
    No interceptionsVISEGRIP
    Fewer penaltiesREFISBLIND
    Points for defense [Note]FRACORAS
    Quick fatigueCHAINSMOKER
    Harder to tackle playersGREASEDPIG
    Electric sidelinesWOOGIEWOOGIE
    Floating headsGUILLOTINE
    Big versus small playersMICEANDMEN
    Camera follows footballBETHEBALL
    Curved space and timeEMC2
    Alpha Blitz stadiumSNAPTAKLPUNT
    Dodge City stadiumWILDWEST
    EA Sports stadiumITSINTHEGAME
    Gridiron stadiumMAXIMILLIAN
    Maddenstein stadiumMADDENSTEIN
    Nile Hi stadiumKINGHUT
    Salvagefield stadiumWASTELAND
    Tiberium stadiumETTUMADDEN
    Tiburon stadiumWEPUTITTHERE
    Tiburon Bros. stadium3RING
    Xmas Rush stadiumXMASGIFT
    All-Madden teamTEAMMADDEN
    All '60s teamMOJO
    All '70s teamSIDEBURNS
    All '80s teamREAGANOMICS
    All '90s teamTALKSHOWS
    Clowns teamSCARYCLOWN
    EA Sports teamWEARETHEGAME
    Industrials teamINTHEFUTURE
    Junkyarddogs teamTETANUS
    Madden Millennium teamTIMEWARP
    Marshalls fantasy teamCOWBOYS
    Mummies teamYOMUMMY
    Praetorians teamWESALUTEYOU
    Sugarbuzz teamPANCAKE
    Tiburon teamSHARKATTACK
    Toymakers teamSANTATEAM

    Note: If the defense gets a sack, that same team will get 2 points. If the defense gets an interception, the team will get 1 point. The defenses get no points for forced fumbles, fumbles recovered, blocked kicks, or tipped passes. You will know that the game has put up points on the board when a "boing" sound is heard after a sack or the interceptor is tackled.

    -Some codes from:,,, and

    Game Shark Codes

    Home Team Infinite Time Outs8006CE7F 0003
    Home Team No Time Outs8006EC7F 0000
    Home Team Score Modifier8106EC8C ????
    Home Team Always Has The Ball810590A8 0000
    810590AA 0001
    Away Team Infinite Time Outs8006FE6F 0003
    Away Team No Time Outs8006EF6F 0000
    Away Team Score Modifier8106EF6C ????
    Away Team Always Has The Ball810590A8 0001
    810590AA 0000
    Press GS Button For 1st Down89071B18 0001
    Press GS Button For 4th Down89071B18 0004
    P1 Press L For First DownD00753DD 0020
    81071B18 0001
    P1 Press R For Fourth DownD00753DD 0010
    81071B18 0004
    P2 Press L For First DownD00753E5 0020
    81071B18 0001
    P2 Press R For Fourth DownD00753E5 0010
    81071B18 0004
    P3 Press L For First DownD00753ED 0020
    81071B18 0001
    P3 Press R For Fourth DownD00753ED 0010
    81071B18 0004
    P4 Press L For First DownD00753F5 0020
    81071B18 0001
    P4 Press R For Fourth DownD00753F5 0010
    81071B18 0004
    Unlock Dodge City Stadium80059198 00FF
    Unlock Xmas Rush Stadium80059199 00FF
    Unlock Tib Bros. Stadium8005919A 00FF
    Unlock Tiberium Stadium8005919B 00FF
    Unlock Salvage Field Stadium8005919C 00FF
    Unlock Gridiron Stadium8005919D 00FF
    Unlock Alpha Blitz Stadium8005919E 00FF
    Unlock Nile High Stadium8005919F 00FF
    Unlock 4th And Incas Stadium800591A0 00FF
    Unlock Maddenstein Stadium800591A1 00FF
    Unlock Cosmodome Stadium800591A2 00FF
    Unlock EA Sports Stadium800591A3 00FF
    Unlock Tiburon Stadium800591A4 00FF
    Unlock Tampa Bay Stadium800591A5 00FF
    Unlock New Orleans Stadium800591A6 00FF
    Unlock San Diego Stadium800591A7 00FF
    Unlock All '60s Team800598CC 00FF
    Unlock All '70s Team800598CD 00FF
    Unlock All '80s Team800598CE 00FF
    Unlock All '90s Team800598CF 00FF
    Unlock Madden 1999 Team800598D0 00FF
    Unlock Madden Millenium Team800598D1 00FF
    Unlock NFL Millenium Team800598D2 00FF
    Unlock EA Sports Team800598D3 00FF
    Unlock Tiburon Team800598D4 00FF
    Unlock Marshalls Team800598D5 00FF
    Unlock Toymakers Team800598D6 00FF
    Unlock Clowns Team800598D7 00FF
    Unlock Praetorians Team800598D8 00FF
    Unlock Junkyard Dogs Team800598D9 00FF
    Unlock Industrials Team800598DA 00FF
    Unlock Sugarbuzz Team800598DB 00FF
    Unlock Mummies Team800598DC 00FF
    Unlock Vipers Team800598DD 00FF
    Unlock Monsters Team800598DE 00FF
    Unlock Comets Team800598DF 00FF

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