Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Cheats & Cheat Codes

Kim Kardashian Hollywood feature

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Cheats & Cheat Codes

Hit the Hollywood scene and try to impress A-listers like Kim Kardashian in Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. This celebrity simulation game was developed by Glu Mobile in 2014 for iOS and Android. Kim Kardashian: Hollywood puts players in the shoes of their own custom Hollywood stars as they try to navigate the world of fame and fashion. Kim acts as the player’s guide as they navigate the perilous and exciting world around them.

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Premise

In Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, you’ll assume the role of an E-list celebrity who is just trying to make a name for themselves. Your character heads to Los Angeles, where you set out to follow your dreams.

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Your character is guided by the iconic Kim Kardashian, who will help you rise from an unknown hopeful to an A-list celebrity. During your time in LA, you can customize your character, attend events, go on dates, work as a model or an actor, all while climbing the ranks of celebrity status by completing various tasks and quests.

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Main Characters

  • Kim Kardashian: The star herself. Kim is your trusted mentor and guide. You will learn from her wisdom and make strategic choices to climb the ranks of fame.
  • Simon Orsik: Simon is your manager. He will help you secure various gigs and projects, and push you further towards stardom.
  • Maria Holmes: Every star needs a publicist. Maria will assist you in maintaining your image, handling press, and increasing your popularity.
  • Willow Pape: Every celeb needs a public rival, and Willow Pape is yours. Compete with her, but be wary of her schemes.

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Titles of Video Games in the Series

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood (2014)

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Cheat Codes

As a live service mobile game, cheats are against the game’s Terms of Service. Consequently, you will be unable to cheat without breaking the rules.

Avoid sites that claim to offer free gems, K-Stars, energy, and more. They are likely scams that can compromise your account.

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Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Cheat FAQs

How Can I Get Free Money and K-Stars?

There are many ways to safely get money and K-Stars in the game that do not violate the Terms of Service. Firstly, you can earn them by completing in-game missions and goals. Secondly, you can watch ads and complete the “other offers.” Lastly, you can earn currency by connecting your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Best Businesses to Buy in Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

During gameplay, you can invest in businesses to earn money. Above all, invest in these businesses to maximize your income:

  1. So Chic Boutique
  2. Chevier Paris
  3. St. Mortiz Ski Resort
  4. Prague Bar
  5. Papagayo Hotel
  6. Lisbon Perrfumery
  7. Monaco Casino
  8. Revijikik Ice Club

How Do I Have a Baby with my Partner?

When you reach level 9, you can start volunteering at the Love and Hope Adoption Center. At this point, you can either choose to adopt a child or have a child of your own with your partner.

Baby Requirements – Adoption

To adopt a baby, you must have at least 160 K-Stars and complete all the Adoption Center and Love and Hope goals.

Baby Requirements – Adoption

However, to have your own baby, you must own a home and have at least 12,000 relationship points with your partner. Once your meet these thresholds, your partner will ask if you want to start a family.

Note that you can only have two babies in total. Your baby will not age nor will you be able to give it up or exchange it. In order to have a second baby, you will need 160 K-Stars and have 15,000 relationship points with your partner.

Can You Have a Child With Different Romantic Partners?

Yes. As long as you meet the relationship score thresholds and have enough K-Stars, you can have babies with two different partners.

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