Virtual Families 3 Cheats & Cheat Codes for Mobile and PC

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Virtual Families 3 Cheats & Cheat Codes for Mobile and PC

Virtual Families 3 is a life simulation game developed and published by Last Day Of Work. The game is the third title in the long-running Virtual Families series, which has long made its home on both PC and mobile. While Last Day Of Work handled the mobile version, the PC version was developed and published by Gogii Games.

Virtual Families 3 Premise

Virtual Families 3 gameplay

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Virtual Families 3 begins in a different way than most life simulators. Rather than creating your own characters, you start here by adopting a character from a diverse selection. Each has their own personalities and backgrounds, and it’s up to you to help them build a life for themselves by directing their relationships, careers, and needs. It’s up to you to balance their daily routine, with work, hobbies, and social life all things to be considered. Over time, this results in your character crafting romantic relationships. They can even go on to get married and have children.

As with any life simulator, customization is King. The game offers various customization options, allowing you to change your character’s appearance, outfits, and homes.

As the game progresses, your family will face life’s trials and tribulations. You’ll need to make choices on their behalf, which can affect the rest of their life. For example, you can have them pursue promotions in their career, at the cost of social interaction. Your characters will respond accordingly, with a focus on AI behaviors that allow them to respond to everything realistically.

Virtual Families 3 Main Characters

Virtual Families 3 gameplay

©Virtual Families 3 gameplay screenshot – Original

Virtual Families 3 takes a unique approach to the life simulator genre. Rather than creating your own main characters, you adopt them instead. They each have their own likes, dislikes, and desires, and it’s up to you to fulfill them throughout their life.

It isn’t quite as expansive as something like The Sims, where you can create your own character from scratch, but it does share some similarities with Maxis and EA’s hugely successful life-sim game.

That means that the family you choose for yourself will be your main character in Virtual Families 3. The number of variables in each character you can adopt means that you’ll have a unique playthrough every single time you restart the game.

Virtual Families 3 Titles in the Series

The Virtual Families series dates back to the early days of smartphones, with the original title being released all the way back in 2009. Over the years, the series has carved out its own place in the genre, despite the titles being few and far between. Between Virtual Families 2 and 3, there was an eight-year gap, so the series clearly retains an impressive fan base to stay relevant over such a long period of time.

Virtual Families isn’t going to conquer the world any time soon, but as long as it continues to provide a solid life-simulation experience, it earns its place in the genre.

As of right now, Last Day Of Work has yet to confirm whether a fourth game in the series is on the way. If the series’ history is anything to go by, it could be some way away yet.

  • Virtual Families (2009)
  • Virtual Families 2 (2012)
  • Virtual Families 3 (2020)

Virtual Families 3 Cheat Codes

First and foremost, Virtual Families 3 is a mobile game, with a monetization strategy that echoes that. It may have eventually been released on PC, but the mobile fingerprints are all over it, and that is reflected in the lack of cheat codes. Some of the gameplay relies on you spending real money on in-game currency, and the idea of being able to use Virtual Families 3 cheat codes to speed that up wouldn’t make sense from the developer’s standpoint.

However, we can instead give you some tips that will help you make as much money as possible in the game fast.

Get Promoted

In the game, one of the best ways to earn money is to quickly rise through the ranks in their career. Aim to get them promoted as fast as possible for a quick boost to your income.

The game will give you a daily influx of cash regardless of whether you have a job or not, so getting them promoted makes a massive difference to what you receive.

Complete In-Game Goals

You’re given coins whenever you complete in-game ‘Goals’ or ‘Event Goals’. These are achieved simply by playing the game, and you can track your progress on this by heading to the ‘Goals’ tab of the menu.

Watch Adverts

Frequently, you’ll be presented with the chance to watch a video advert in Virtual Families 3. This is usually around thirty seconds long but will reward you with a nice bunch of coins, free of charge. It’s not always available as an option, but when it is you should always take advantage of it.

Gather Collectibles

On occasion, you’ll be able to dig up a collectible from outside your character’s home. They’ll then bring it inside and sell it for around 100 coins. This is definitely one of the fastest ways to make money in Virtual Families 3, as it awards a decent chunk every time that you do it.

Sell Your Old Furniture

It sounds simple, but a lot of people don’t know you can actually sell your old furniture. Once it’s in your inventory, it’s easy to let it sit there forever. However, if you put it in your trash can outside, you’ll actually sell it for a decent fee.

Make sure that whenever you’ve made an upgrade to your home, you’re selling the old stuff you don’t want anymore!

Play The Lottery

Sometimes, you just have to speculate to accumulate. In the game, you can play the lottery for 100 coins, which gives you a chance to earn up to 50,000 coins in an instant. You don’t have to wait for any type of draw – the result is given straight away.

Because of this, it can be the fastest money-maker in all of Virtual Families 3, so long as luck is on your side. Note that this method isn’t guaranteed to make cash if the tickets don’t go your way.

In theory, you could even combine some of these methods of money-making. For example, you could use all of the money you receive from watching ads and instantly put it onto the lottery.

Raffle Tickets

If you don’t like your odds on the lottery, you can play raffle tickets instead! At 90 coins each, raffle tickets allow you the chance to win in-game items that would otherwise be unaffordable. You don’t have to keep them, either. You can win the items, and sell them for a fee higher than 90 coins, if it’s the right item!

Again, as with the lottery, there’s no guarantee that raffle tickets will yield guaranteed coins.

Virtual Families 3 Cheat Code FAQs

Are There Any Cheats For Virtual Families 3 on PC?

No. It’s the exact same as the mobile version, so unfortunately, the game still doesn’t have cheat codes on PC. It doesn’t support modding either, so you won’t find any mods for the game.

As with any game, there are surely third-party hacks out there, but we wouldn’t recommend you use these. There are always security risks associated with downloading these, and in the case of Virtual Families 3, it just isn’t worth it.

How Do I Sell Furniture For Cash In Virtual Families 3?

You can sell your furniture in-game in one of two ways. Once it’s in your inventory, you must drag it to either the trash can or the front gate. Either way, you’ll be presented with the option to select the piece of furniture. Simply agree, and you’ll be given the cash and the item will be removed.

Why Are There No Official Cheats For Virtual Families 3?

Not featuring cheats is a common thing with mobile games. Their business model relies so heavily on not allowing gamers a free leg up, essentially going against everything cheat codes represent.

Ultimately, it’s a business decision. Virtual Families 3 makes a lot more money by not having cheats, than it would with them.

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