Royal Match Cheats & Cheat Codes for Mobile

A screenshot from a Royal Match promotional video.

Royal Match Cheats & Cheat Codes for Mobile

Royal Match is a 2021 match-3 mobile game developed and published by Dream Games. The title is available on both Android and iOS devices, making it perfect for gamers on the go. Players of Royal Match get thousands of levels for free, so you’re never lost for content.

Royal Match Premise

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Royal Match brings engaging match-3 gameplay.

©Dream Games – Original

If you’ve ever played any match-3 game, then you probably have a decent idea about what to expect from Royal Match. The game fills grids with colorful gems, which you have to move around to match three or more of the same color. This clears them from the board, with new gems falling into the frame to replace them. When this happens, massive chain reactions can happen giving you a much higher score.

Every level in the game has specific objectives for you to complete. These can range from simply clearing a specific number of gems, collecting certain items, or even dropping special pieces to the bottom of the board. This means while the core gameplay might remain the same, every level in Royal Match is different. If you’re struggling to meet these objectives, the game also offers various boosters you can use to easily complete the harder levels. You’ve got to be careful how you choose to use these though, as they’re in short supply.

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Royal Match is unique in that it has gameplay elements outside of the match-3 mechanics. The game puts a massive focus on the palace renovation. As you move through the levels, you earn stars to complete tasks in the palace. This can include adding new furniture, refurbishing rooms, or generally jazzing up the palace. It becomes a great way to keep track of how you’re progressing through the game.

Royal Match Main Characters

A promotional image for Royal Match.
Get used to seeing one main character in Royal Match.

©Dream Games – Original

As a mobile game, Royal Match puts the focus away from the limited main story. Instead, it uses one character, King Robert, who is used as a vessel to introduce you to many of the game’s mechanics. It’s a friendly face to make it easier for you to dive into the game.

  • King Robert: In the game’s limited lore, King Robert requires your help restoring his Royal Castle to its former glory, which you do by taking part in the match-3 puzzles. Across the different levels, King Robert finds himself in various strange situations that you’ll have to help him out of by completing them in a set amount of time. This introduces a time element to the gameplay, making it more challenging to achieve your goal.

Royal Match Titles in the Series

A screenshot from a Royal Match promotional video.

©Screenshot from Royal Match. – Original

Right now, Royal Match remains the lone game in the franchise. As a 2021 release, it hasn’t had the time to properly establish itself as a major player in the mobile games scene. However, it is popular, so don’t be surprised to see Dream Games capitalize on its success with a sequel or a spin-off in the future. These types of games usually get a sequel somewhere down the line, improving on the original’s core mechanics with a ton of new levels.

  • Royal Match (2021)

Royal Match Cheat Codes

A promotional image for Royal Match.
We can’t offer Royal Match cheat codes, but we can give you the next best thing.

©Dream Games – Original

Unfortunately, Royal Match has absolutely no official cheat codes for you to use in-game. It’s pretty standard in these types of mobile games, as they usually have some form of microtransactions that would make cheat codes difficult to justify for the developer. After all, it’s a free-to-play game, so it needs to make money somehow.

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As with any game, there are surely plenty of Royal Match hacks out there, but they can put both your personal data and your in-game account at risk. There’s no shortage of nefarious types out there looking to steal your data by masquerading as a download for Royal Match hacks, so it’s easier to just avoid these. Even if you did find one that worked, your account would likely be banned, leaving you unable to play the game.

Instead, we can offer you a few tips for the game which should make your experience a little easier.

Play From The Bottom

By playing from the bottom, you’re able to cause chaos further up the board. This can result in a bunch of unintentional match-3s which might end the level faster. If you play from the top, usually the only matches you’ll get are the ones you do yourself, and you can find yourself running out of moves fast like this.

Don’t Rush It

If you charge head-first into a level without looking at it, it’s probably going to go wrong. At the start of every level, look at the board and assess any possible early matches. This can help you plan a few moves ahead, and give you the advantage.

Play The Objective

At its core, Royal Match is a match-3 game. However, most levels have their own distinct objective for you to complete. You should focus on that instead of mindlessly matching pieces. This ties in with our previous tip, too — if you match pieces too fast, you can miss the chance to complete crucial objectives.

Save Boosts For Hard Levels

It can be extremely tempting to use your boosts on every single level to get past them faster. However, you should be saving them for those levels that you just can’t complete. Ideally, you should wait until you’ve failed a level multiple times. This way, you know it’s worth using a helping hand.

Royal Match Cheat Code FAQs

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These are the most asked Royal Match cheat code questions.

©Dream Games – Original

Are There Any Types of Code For Royal Match?

Sadly not. In some mobile games, developers will give out codes on social media for free unlocks in their games. Dream Games are yet to do the same thing, with absolutely no type of code to speak of for Royal Match. We’ve already established that there are no cheat codes for the game, too.

How Do I Get More Coins in Royal Match?

Even if you can’t use cheat codes to get more coins, there are a few ways to achieve this.

  • Open the Area Chest
  • Complete Bonus Levels
  • Beating hard and super hard levels
  • Beat levels with as many moves remaining as possible
  • Take part in events such as Book of Treasure, Balloon Rise, and Pinata Party

Ultimately, it’s just about making sure you’re playing the game in a way that optimizes your coin gain.

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