State of Survival Cheats & Cheat Codes for Mobile and PC

An in-game screenshot from State of Survival.

State of Survival Cheats & Cheat Codes for Mobile and PC

State of Survival is a 2019 strategy survival game developed by KingsGroup. Released primarily as a mobile title on Android and iOS, State of Survival is also available on PC. It even offers unique benefits for those who choose to play on PC. If you’re choosing which one to play, you’re likely weighing up two factors: the exclusive PC benefits versus the convenience of playing on a mobile device. It’s up to you to decide which is more important as it will differ for everyone.

State of Survival has become one of the most popular titles on mobile. Consistent updates ensure the player base isn’t going anywhere. Like any mobile title, the grind in State of Survival can be one of the most frustrating parts of the game. That’s why we’re answering the question – are there any cheats in State of Survival?

State of Survival Premise

An in-game screenshot from State of Survival.
State of Survival offers a few different ways to play.

In State of Survival, you’re quickly introduced to various mechanics that define the way you play the game. In a way, it’s a mashup of many other common tropes you’ll find in other mobile titles, tied together in one neat zombified package.

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At its core, State of Survival is a game about rebuilding cities and recruiting allies to fight the zombie horde. Your building projects are threatened by the incoming undead, and you must ensure that you’re adequately prepared. These base-building elements are as expected from a mobile title, taking time to reach completion, unless you pay to speed it up.

The combat itself is actually quite interesting, implementing turn-based mechanics as seen in titles such as X-Com. Despite this, it has more of a focus on special Hero Skills that make each character unique and fun to use. Bringing these features together results in a strong game overall, one that can really grab your attention if you allow it to.

State of Survival Main Characters

An in-game screenshot from State of Survival.
It’s a small group in State of Survival.

After years of updates, State of Survival has amassed a massive collection of Heroes for you to play as. Some even come from other universes, such as the Joker and Daryl Dixon, with its unique collaborations adding some extra spice to the game.

While the game doesn’t have a lot of deep lore, there are still some characters who are more important than others. Here are the two most crucial ones that you’ll encounter on your State of Survival journey.

  • Maddie Mills: Maddie is one of the first characters you’ll meet in State of Survival, and along with her canine companion Frank, she’ll introduce you to many of the early-game mechanics. She’ll also prove to be a useful ally in combat, using stealth and her crossbow to ensure her survival.
  • Sarge: Sarge serves a similar purpose to Maddie, as an introduction to State of Survival. His abilities can be quite overpowered, and he helps to guide you through the early game struggles.

The rest of the characters in the game don’t really play a substantial role, and it depends entirely on how much you use them as a Hero. One character who is essential to your game might be completely inconsequential to another. Each Hero has their own backstory to explore, but sadly the game never goes quite as deep as it could. It would be interesting to see State of Survival take a more lore-first approach with future Heroes, but nothing suggests this is a priority for KingsGroup.

State of Survival Titles in the Series

An in-game screenshot from State of Survival.
It’s one and done for State of Survival.

First released in 2019, State of Survival hasn’t had the time to establish itself as a proper franchise yet. The core game continues to get updates all the time, including a massive collaboration with The Walking Dead. Truth be told, there’s no need for a sequel yet. The game maintains a loyal player base, prompting developers to continuously build upon the game.

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As long as it keeps its updates interesting and engaging, we see no reason to believe that State of Survival is going anywhere. Continue to expect more weird and wonderful collaborations in the future, as these are the updates that bring in the most new players.

  • State of Survival (2019)

State of Survival Cheat Codes

An in-game screenshot from State of Survival.
You’ll need to hunt for reward codes in State of Survival.

Like many mobile games, State of Survival operates with a freemium business model. The game itself is free to play, but you’ll have to stump up some cash in order to speed up a lot of the gameplay. This means developer KingsGroup has put in a lot of legwork to ensure no actual cheats exist for the game.

Jailbreaks will always exist, but these aren’t cheat codes as you know them. In fact, jailbreaking your phone can put you at a security risk, potentially compromising a lot of your personal data, too. Don’t do it.

While you can’t download any State of Survival cheats, the game offers plenty of redeemable codes that provide numerous in-game benefits. These can be boosts, or even some cosmetics! This is the full list of codes that work for the game currently, with more being added all the time:

  • sos2023
  • DalmaZerosAll
  • PCVersionXApr
  • Doomsdayqualifiers
  • FollowiGGlobal
  • sos5off
  • PCVERSION2023 – (PC players only)
  • Behemothsos1
  • happynewyearkr2023s
  • break1
  • wegothedistance
  • 2023START
  • loveChareyna
  • Devsos
  • Devsos1
  • sosholidaykms
  • Holidayfun
  • lovekira
  • merrychristmassos
  • Congratschampions
  • Congratschampions202 
  • JP7000fowithu
  • FunPlusSOS2022
  • Happy1000State
  • meetsurvivorlillith
  • SavechildrenSOS 
  • 30mayholidays
  • TheAdvancedGuard – Players can redeem this code for in-game rewards
  • TheRemnants 
  • Letsdancesos
  • Sosqaformay 
  • PetDay
  • AKB48
  • 202205withyou
  • ilovesos1 
  • Soscitytourberlin22 
  • todayisjune25th 
  • 630ninonushi 
  • summercoming2022s
  • 06140world 
  • happysmiles
  • sos202205withyou 
  • 202205withyou
  • ilovesos1
  • eastereggs
  • kuchentvsos – (New players only)
  • SOSNiko – (New players only)
  • darylsos – (New players only)

State of Survival Cheat Code FAQs

An in-game screenshot from State of Survival.
These might answer some of your State of Survival cheat code questions.

Can I Be Banned For State of Survival Cheats?

As with any mobile game, tech-savvy players have figured out how to jailbreak State of Survival and get free boosts. We can’t recommend you use these, as it goes against the way the game was designed. Jailbreaking and cheating in the game will almost certainly lead to a lengthy ban, if not permanent.

How Do You Get Lucky In 777 Draws in State of Survival?

In State of Survival, 777 draws are a good way for new players to unlock Heroes for free. They can grant other rare items, but Heroes are what you’re searching for. There is some strategy to it all.

As you play, you’ll earn 777 tickets which can be used to redeem 777 draws. We recommend you save these tickets for events that offer increased odds of getting rare items. These events occur regularly, so you’ll never be left waiting too long to find one.

You should also ensure that you maximize your VIP level, as one of the benefits includes increased luck in 777 draws. In-game, there are also luck boosters you can purchase to increase your chance of getting rare items from 777 draws. As long as you make the right preparations, you can ensure that you get great items all of the time.

What Is The Fastest Way To Increase Battle Power in State of Survival?

Assuming you want to increase battle power by completely legitimate means, the fastest method is to upgrade your buildings. The first building you want to focus on is your HQ, as this provides the biggest boost for battle power. After that, it’s military buildings that bring the biggest benefit to your settlements.

Unfortunately, if you’re looking for cheats to quickly increase battle power, it simply doesn’t exist in State of Survival.

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