How to Find Friends in Pokémon GO

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How to Find Friends in Pokémon GO

“How to Find Friends in Pokémon GO” is a question that resonates with both seasoned Trainers and newcomers.

The thrill of exploration and discovery is elevated in the ever-evolving augmented reality world of Pokémon GO, the thrill of exploration and discovery is elevated. Social interaction are fundamental to the game’s experience, offering numerous avenues for players to connect, collaborate, and enhance their adventures. From participating in exhilarating Raid Battles to the global exchange of virtual gifts. The opportunities for forging friendships are as diverse as the Pokémon species. This guide will delve into the strategies and methods available for connecting with other Trainers. This will ensure that your Pokémon GO journey becomes a solo quest for pocket monsters and a vibrant, communal experience.

While Pokémon GO has ups and downs, the game is still about relationships. You’re meant to enjoy the world with others and either work together or compete against one another. Even with bugs, glitches, and poor optimization, the game never loses its identity. You’re meant to find friends and work together. One of the best avenues to do this is a monthly event. Niantic Labs will use a Pokémon for a monthly event, allowing them to create fun features. Players will be able to catch that Pokémon with a unique move set and an increased chance at a shiny. Hundreds will flock to certain parks to play out the event.

How to Add Friends in Pokémon GO

Adding friends in Pokémon GO can significantly enhance your gaming experience. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it:


  1. Access Your Profile: To get started, open the Pokémon GO app and tap on your avatar’s icon. It’s located in the lower-left corner of the screen. This will take you to your Trainer profile.
  2. Find the “Friends” Icon: On your Trainer profile, you’ll find the “Friends” icon, typically represented by two smiling faces. Tap on this icon to access your Friends List.
  3. Discover Your Trainer Code: Your Trainer Code is your unique identifier in the game. It’s essential for others to add you as a friend. You can find it by tapping the “Add Friend” button within the Friends List section. Here, you’ll see your Trainer Code along with options to share it via social media, email, or messaging apps.
  4. Add Friends Using Trainer Codes: To add friends, you have two options: using Trainer Codes or scanning QR codes. Using Trainer Codes, simply enter the Trainer Code of the player you want to add and send them a friend request.
  5. Add Friends Using QR Codes: The second method is scanning QR codes. You can do this by selecting the camera icon next to your Trainer Code and scanning the QR code displayed on your friend’s device.
  6. Accept Friend Requests: When someone sends you a friend request, you’ll receive a notification. To accept the request, go to your Friends List and confirm it.
  7. Interaction and Benefits: Once you’ve added friends, you can engage with them by sending and receiving gifts, participating in Raid Battles together, and increasing your friendship level through consistent interactions. Higher friendship levels offer various in-game bonuses, making the collaborative experience even more rewarding.

Adding friends in Pokémon GO not only enhances your gameplay but also opens up exciting opportunities to engage with a broader community of Trainers.

Activities for Friends in Pokémon GO

But what do you do with all your new friends? Because the mobile game is built around companionship, most of the activities in the game are built around friends. Here’s how you can make the most of it:

Step-by-Step Guideline

  1. Sending Gifts: One of the easiest ways to interact with friends is by sending and receiving gifts—Spin PokéStops to collect donations and then send them to your friends. Gifts may hold valuable items and can also help you raise your friendship level.
  2. Raid Battles: Team up with friends to take on powerful Raid Bosses. Coordinate your efforts to defeat these formidable foes and earn rewards, including rare Pokémon and items.
  3. Trainer Battles: Challenge your friends to Trainer Battles. You can battle them remotely or in person if you’re physically close. Trainer Battles are a fun way to test your skills and win rewards.
  4. Remote Raids: Furthermore, even if your friends are far away, you can still join them in Raid Battles using Remote Raid Passes. This feature allows you to participate in Raids from anywhere, making it easier to team up with friends regardless of your location.
  5. Team GO Rocket Battles: Work with friends to take down Team GO Rocket Grunts and Leaders. These battles are challenging and offer a chance to rescue Shadow Pokémon.
  6. Special Research: Occasionally, special research tasks may require you to collaborate with friends to complete specific objectives. Completing these tasks can lead to exciting rewards.
  7. Friendship Bonuses: As your friendship level increases, you and your friends will enjoy various bonuses, such as increased damage in raids, reduced Stardust costs for trading, and extra Premier Balls in raids. Keep interacting to reach higher friendship levels and maximize these benefits.

Build a Community

Participating in these activities with friends not only adds a social dimension to the game but also unlocks numerous rewards and bonuses. Building a network of friends in Pokémon GO can make your journey through the Pokémon world even more enjoyable. So, team up with friends and embark on adventures together!

How to Find Friends in Pokémon GO

Finding friends in Pokémon GO is a key aspect of the game’s social experience. Here’s a detailed guide on how to do it:

  1. Utilize Social Media: Many players share their Trainer Codes on social media platforms, such as Twitter, Reddit, and Facebook. Look for Pokémon GO communities and groups where Trainers exchange codes.
  2. Attend Local Events: Participating in real-world Pokémon GO events, like Community Days or Pokémon GO Fest, is an excellent way to meet fellow Trainers. You can often find groups of players gathering at these events.
  3. Join Online Communities: Various online forums and Discord servers are dedicated to Pokémon GO. These platforms are perfect for connecting with other players, sharing Trainer Codes, and coordinating gameplay.
  4. Leverage Friend Code Sharing Websites: Several websites and apps are specifically designed for sharing Trainer Codes. You can easily find other players looking for friends and add them to your list.
  5. Ask Friends and Family: If you have friends or family members who play Pokémon GO, you can exchange Trainer Codes with them to add each other as friends in the game.
  6. Participate in Raids and Gyms: When you engage in Raids or interact with Gyms, you might encounter other Trainers. You can initiate friendships by sending friend requests to these players.
  7. Scan QR Codes: Some Trainers carry QR codes with them, making it simple to add them as friends. To add a friend via QR code, simply scan their code with your device’s camera.
  8. Local Pokémon GO Facebook Groups: Many regions have local Pokémon GO Facebook groups where Trainers share their Trainer Codes and organize raids and events.
  9. Visit Popular Pokémon GO Locations: Parks, landmarks, and popular Pokémon GO hotspots are great places to meet other players. Strike up conversations and exchange Trainer Codes with those you meet.
  10. Be Active in Your Neighborhood: Sometimes, your neighbors might be fellow Pokémon GO players. Keep an eye out for players walking around with their smartphones or ask around.

At the end of the day, it’s about networking.

Communities thrive within the game, and it’s your responsibility to discover and engage with them. With the popularity of the game, there are so many avenues to find different groups. Most towns and cities will have local gatherings, and you can even build friendships from across the globe.

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