DoubleDown Casino Cheats & Cheat Codes for Mobile and PC

An in-game screenshot from DoubleDown Casino.

DoubleDown Casino Cheats & Cheat Codes for Mobile and PC

DoubleDown Casino is a 2012 casino game developed and published by DoubleDown Interactive. The game allows players to get the thrill of a Vegas casino, without the massive financial risk. While it remains primarily a mobile title, the game can also be played on desktop via Facebook.

DoubleDown Casino Premise

An in-game screenshot from DoubleDown Casino.
You’re given access to a full casino in DoubleDown Casino.

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The main premise of DoubleDown Casino is to give you a safe place to indulge your gambling urges, offering over 200 different casino games without any form of real financial risk involved. These games involve slot machines, blackjack, poker, roulette, and numerous choices that simulate a real casino experience.

In the absence of real currency, the game offers virtual chips to start with, and there are a variety of ways to earn more. Even just logging on daily will give you the funds you need to keep on playing! The game also puts a big focus on social interaction, encouraging you to share your experience with friends through social media integration. You can even send gifts to your friends!

If you do want to add some real stakes to the experience, you can purchase more chips using real money. However, unlike many mobile games, DoubleDown Casino doesn’t arbitrarily make the game more difficult if you don’t put down real cash. This is what separates it from the crowd of virtual casinos – you really can play for free here.

The game rewards longtime players with a steady stream of updates. This includes new games and themed events, keeping the entire experience interesting for players new and old.

DoubleDown Casino Main Characters

An in-game screenshot from DoubleDown Casino.

©Screenshot from DoubleDown Casino.

As a virtual casino, DoubleDown Casino‘s main focus is on individual games as opposed to characters. There are a couple of unnamed casino NPCs that point you in the right direction while you’re learning the ropes, but these are purely used for tutorial elements and don’t necessarily hang around.

If you’re looking for deep character work, you’re certainly not going to find it here.

DoubleDown Casino Titles in the Series

An in-game screenshot from DoubleDown Casino.
Incremental updates have allowed DoubleDown Casino to remain relevant alone.

©Screenshot from DoubleDown Casino.

DoubleDown Casino was first released back in 2012, but to this day it remains the only game in the series. Rather than focus on sequels, DoubleDown Interactive has instead chosen to update the game over a long period of time. This keeps it relevant, with a constant selection of new casino games to play for returning players.

  • DoubleDown Casino (2012)

DoubleDown Casino Cheat Codes

An in-game screenshot from DoubleDown Casino.
There are a few ways to get free chips in DoubleDown Casino.

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Let’s be honest. If you’re out there searching for DoubleDown Casino cheats, you’re probably looking for ways to get free chips. The good news is that there are a few ways to get free chips in-game. The bad news is that it’s not through cheat codes. That’s because there actually aren’t any official cheat codes for this game, but we can still show you how to get free chips regardless.

Welcome Offers

If you’re a new player, you can claim a welcome offer for 1,000,000 free chips to get you started. This is perfect, allowing you to experiment with a bunch of different games, and decide which ones you like best to continue playing.

If you’re someone who plays for the thrill, you can always make a new account using a different email address to gain access to the welcome offer.

Bonus Codes

Players can share bonus codes online, which when clicked by other players, gives both parties a bunch of free chips in DoubleDown Casino. You can find these on a variety of sites, and even upload your own in the hopes that another player chooses to click on it.

Some of the sites you can use include:

By clicking on these codes online, you can usually get around 200,000 free chips.

Log In Daily

Make sure that you’re jumping into the game on a daily basis. The game offers a bonus for players who return every day, and usually it’s enough to keep you going for the day if you spend it wisely.

DoubleDown Casino Cheat Code FAQs

An in-game screenshot from DoubleDown Casino.
These are the answers to your DoubleDown Casino cheat code questions.

©Screenshot from DoubleDown Casino.

Can You Win Real Money in DoubleDown Casino?

No, the game doesn’t offer the opportunity for players to play for real cash prizes. Despite the stakes being lower than some virtual casinos, the game unfortunately doesn’t allow for cheat codes to be used.

How Can I Get More Chips in DoubleDown Casino?

If none of the methods outlined above suit your playstyle, you can also connect your game to social media accounts for a free chip bonus. Sharing gifts with your Facebook friends can yield solid chip rewards in-game.

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