Baseball 9 Cheats & Cheat Codes for iOS and Android

Baseball 9 batter

Baseball 9 Cheats & Cheat Codes for iOS and Android

Baseball 9 Summary

Baseball 9 is an action-packed 3D baseball simulator. It was released in 2018 by developer playus soft, who has previous experience with baseball mobile gaming with Baseball Star. The name, Baseball 9 is in reference to the nine players on the field when fielding a game. Baseball 9 is available on iOS and Android and is free to download and play. The game has been going strong since its release and is possibly the best non-console baseball game. It combines all the detail and strategy of baseball with a bit of humor in a fast-paced and highly customizable format. 

Baseball 9 Premise

Baseball 9 is a realistic baseball simulation. Gameplay involves manual batting, which requires players to select their swing type, aim for the incoming ball quickly, and swing at the right moment. Manual pitching involves choosing a pitch and aiming the throw before releasing it. After a hit when the ball is on the field, players can dictate where to throw the ball to try and get the out. 

The strategy behind the game is as complex as baseball itself. There are many pieces to connect to make your players, teams, and actions more successful. For example, you can change your batting order before a game based on what you see in your upcoming opponent’s team and stats. The game starts with you having a preselected squad and starting a season of 50 games on Recruit, the lowest possible difficulty level. After a game, you receive Coins as a reward to spend on boosting your team or customizing it. You receive more Coins for manually playing a game, winning, and breaking records such as hitting a number of home runs.

Games take place at home and on the road at different stadiums. As you advance, you can recruit players, customize their attributes and equip them with gear to boost their abilities. To recruit a player, you must release a player, as there is a maximum roster allowed per team. Players will also be able to learn skills that can help them specialize in specific actions or areas of play. Players will rise up in quality tiers as they get better. 

Baseball 9 Details

You will improve player levels, gain skills, and elevate them to higher overall quality tiers. Play well, win games, and spend on your players to take them to the top of their game.

Player quality tiers:

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  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond

Every player has their own set of stats in the seven categories

Player attributes that can be adjusted:

  • Speed-running speed when fielding and base running 
  • Power-ability to hit the ball far
  • Agility-speed of reflexes when base running and fielding
  • Contact-batting accuracy and cursor size
  • Fielding-being able to cover the field and error tendency
  • Throwing-throwing speed and distance
  • B.Eye-ability to get walked and predict the pitch

The game’s goal is to make a great team, win games, and advance to the playoffs at the end of the season. Once you win a league, you get promoted to the next level and start the process over again. Each league has three divisions I, II, and III. 

The league levels are:

  • Rookie
  • Pro
  • Master
  • Champion
  • Legend
  • World 
Baseball 9 team

Customization is a major aspect of the game. You can customize multiple stats and aesthetics on every player on your team. You can turn your team of random players into an actual Major League Baseball team by boosting their stats and looks accordingly if you so choose. At the same time, the customization aspect is where much of the game’s humor comes in, as you can equip players in ridiculous outfits and give them absurd items to use as bats. Customization costs a lot of coins or Gems, though, and thus will require a lot of smart playtime or real-world money spending. 

Customizations include:

  • Team logo
  • Team name
  • Team jersey
  • Team colors

Player customizations include:

  • Name
  • Jersey number
  • Making players specialists
  • Left or right handed 
  • Body types
  • Pitching motions
  • Batting style
  • Cleats
  • Glasses
  • Accessories
  • Bats
  • Gloves
  • Guards
  • Hat style
  • Face
  • Eye black

Baseball 9 Main Characters

Baseball 9 autoplay promo screenshot

You have an entire team roster of 50 players. You can customize every player on your team in many ways. There are other whole teams in your league as well. Below is a list of the player positions your squad will be categorized into.

Player Positions:

  • Starting Pitcher
  • Reliever
  • closer
  • Center fielder
  • Right fielder
  • Left fielder
  • First baseman
  • Second baseman 
  • third baseman
  • Shortstop
  • Catcher

List of all teams in the first league, Recruit:

  • Reapers
  • Sharks
  • Kaisers
  • Braves
  • Fighters
  • Knights
  • Rangers
  • Monsters
  • Brothers
  • Sluggers
  • Hunters
  • Pirates 
  • Evergreen 
  • Rising star
  • Storms

Baseball 9 Titles of Video Games in the Series

  • Baseball Star (2016)

The mobile game, Baseball Star is the only other possible entry in the series, but it’s a bit more complicated than that. Baseball Star is a separate title. At the same time, though, Baseball Star is a 3D baseball game released by developer playus soft that’s almost the same. Since it debuted in 2016, it could count as a predecessor to Baseball 9. It’s a very similar game, though, and is still downloadable and fully playable, just as Baseball 9.

Baseball Star is also a strategy baseball simulator packed with customization options and the ability to upgrade players. The game also lets you play seasons and progress through Minor, Master, Champion, and Legend leagues.

One significant difference is regarding aesthetics, as each game has some unique options for jerseys and logos. Another important difference is that Baseball Star allows you to create a season and control the number of games and innings you will play throughout it. An option somewhat unique to Baseball Star is the Management mode, where you oversee your team rather than actually play as them. You theoretically could just sim through innings in Baseball 9 and have a similar experience.

These few options aren’t directly available in Baseball 9; otherwise, the gameplay, structure, and graphics are almost identical. The games could be interchangeable and are probably worth comparing to see which you prefer. Baseball 9 may be a little more refined as it is a second attempt by playus soft. The games aren’t exactly sequels, either, and they both stand strong alone. 

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Baseball 9 Cheat Codes

Baseball 9 pitcher

Unfortunately, there are no official legal cheat codes for Baseball 9. The available cheats involve downloading a mod and hacking the game. The mods are through a third party and violate the developer’s policies. For this reason, while they do exist, they aren’t legitimate. 

The cheats available through these mods are very generous, with options like unlimited Gems. The download process is dangerous, though; if you don’t properly prepare your mobile device, it could corrupt one of your apps. 

Baseball 9 Tips

Though there aren’t any official codes to input into your game, some tips and tricks can help you be more successful and save you some time. Try these tips below to improve your playthrough, especially when first starting Baseball 9.

Earn Early

Dominant lower leagues and finish at the top to earn more for your effort. Don’t just play through the league and hurry to advance to higher leagues. Rack up as many wins, records, and achievements as possible while competing in the easier leagues.


There are accessories you can purchase using in-game Gems or Coins . These each have specific listed boosts that the player wearing them will receive. Assign your players the best accessories you can afford to improve their abilities. Below are the categories of accessories and what areas they increase for players when worn.


  • Necklace: power, fielding
  • Band: contact, throwing, agility
  • Earring: speed, B.eye


  • Necklace: all pitches
  • Band: control
  • Earrings: stamina

Practice Makes…

You can practice whenever you want for free in Baseball 9. You can practice either pitching or batting by going to the “Settings” icon and then “Game” in your menu and selecting which area you want to work on. This process will make winning games easier as you can focus on strategy, not mastering the skill in a game that counts.

Daily Rewards

Play a match daily to earn daily rewards. Every day there are daily rewards that will change. Playing a little each day allows you to earn these as often as possible. Daily rewards are viewable under the Missions tab on the main menu.

Ads Ad Up

On the main menu screen, there is an option for “Free Gems”. Selecting this option will give you four rewards to choose from. When you select a reward a video ad will play. Once you watch the whole ad, which is usually around 30 seconds, you will receive the reward. After watching the ad, a timer will start to count down to few hours later when you can repeat the process. Doing this every day takes only a few minutes and earns you valuable resources like Gems and Energy.

Baseball 9 hitting promo screenshot
Baseball 9 hitting promo screenshot


On the main menu, once you select the “Missions” option, there is another tab you can slide to, “Achievements”. This tab is where all the possible Achievements for the game are. Playing the game will naturally complete many of these achievements over time. For example, when you get a strikeout during manual play, you will earn a reward such as Coins or a condition drink. You must select the reward besides the achievement listing to cash it in. Check on these achievements regularly, especially after playing games or upgrading players. There are 88 achievements in total, and while some will take serious playtime, others simply require you to do something simple, like change the team name.


Coins are a valuable asset that can boost players and customize your team. Initially, it is wise to save your Coins for leveling your recruited players up first. Wait to unlock Gear using Coins until after your players have leveled up. 


Use your early Gems to upgrade your stamina as much as you can first thing in the game. Stamina will improve your overall play. Stamina also allows you to get quick results and earn rewards when you sim through a game. 

Keep Them Happy

Baseball 9 even goes so far as to put Condition status’s on players. Players who are tired, injured, or worn out will have a not happy looking face on their stat card image. Rotate players for rest after games, and check players’ Conditions before entering a game. Condition drinks boost a player’s condition and help return them to happiness. 

Baseball 9 Cheat Code FAQs

Does Baseball 9 have multiplayer?

Unfortunately, Baseball 9 does not have any online matchmaking or multiplayer capabilities. It is a single-player game only.

Is Baseball 9 Free?

Baseball 9 is free to play. Plenty of opportunities exist to spend money in the game on customizations and to upgrade your players. You don’t need to pay any actual money, though, to fully enjoy and advance through the entire game. 

What is the max player level in Baseball 9?

Players in Baseball 9 max out at level 130. Additionally, they also can reach the top tier of a Diamond-quality player. Don’t worry though, even if all players on your team reach 130, you can still progress in the game. As you continue to play, you can focus on unlocking everything else, such as the best earrings players can wear or unique baseball gloves.

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