Solitaire Grand Harvest Cheats & Cheat Codes for iOS and Android

Grand Harvest

Solitaire Grand Harvest Cheats & Cheat Codes for iOS and Android

Solitaire Grand Harvest is a mobile card game developed by Supertreat – A Playtika Studio and released in 2017. The game has over 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store and a 4.7-star rating on the App Store. It is also ranked in the App Store as one of the most popular games in the Card genre. Solitaire Grand Harvest is one of the most successful and popular apps on the market, generating millions in revenue for Playtika.     

Solitaire Grand Harvest Premise

The unique aspect of Solitaire Grand Harvest is that it combines traditional solitaire and a farming simulator. Each level will have the same goal of completing the solitaire game and getting rid of all the cards. The reward for doing so is coins, harvested crops, etc. There will be unique challenges along the way to keep players engaged as they plant crops and raise livestock. The game works on a freemium model, meaning that it is free to play, but players can buy in-game items. These items will help you along the way and grant you power-ups to help complete levels.  

Grand Harvest

Solitaire Grand Harvest Titles in the Series

While Solitaire Grand Harvest does not have any sequels, the developer has a variety of games to choose from. These range from casino games to puzzles. Each game receives high ratings and is a great way to sit back and relax. 

  • Slotomania™ Slots Casino Games (2012)
  • Poker Heat™ Texas Holdem Poker (2012)
  • WSOP Poker: Texas Holdem Game (2013)
  • Caesars Slots: Casino Games (2013)
  • Cat Force – PvP Match 3 Game (2020)

Solitaire Grand Harvest Cheat Codes

Solitaire Grand Harvest does not feature any cheat codes. Cheats would take away from the puzzle aspect of the game and make the challenge obsolete. Also, since the game features in-game purchases having cheat codes would hurt the dev’s revenue stream, which affects future updates or titles. Players can receive daily rewards or use promo codes that the devs put out themselves for discounts on ship items.   

Solitaire Grand Harvest Cheat Code FAQ

How to get free money on Grand Harvest solitaire?

Players can harvest their crops hourly for extra coins, receive daily rewards, invite friends to play, or complete levels for coins. For those who are looking for extra, you can buy coins from the in-game shop. Any site that claims to give free coins should be avoided. 

Are there cheat codes in Solitaire Grand Harvest? 

No, Solitaire Grand Harvest does not have any cheat codes for players to use. The devs will not add cheat codes to a game if it affects their revenue and the purpose of the gameplay.   

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