Microsoft FreeCell Cheats & Cheat Codes Windows and More

Microsoft FreeCell Cheats & Cheat Codes Windows and More

Microsoft FreeCell is a free card game on Microsoft Windows PCs. It was first released over three decades ago in 1991. It was first released in the Microsoft Entertainment Pack Bundle 2. Over the years it has been included in other Microsoft bundles such as the Best of Microsoft Entertainment Pack and the modern Microsoft Solitaire Collection.

For years, Microsoft FreeCell was automatically included in Windows systems. It was even once one of the most used Microsoft applications, surpassing Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.

Microsoft FreeCell Series

While Microsoft FreeCell is not a narrative game, it is considered part of the larger Microsoft games collection. So if you’re interested in more quirky, classic computer games, check out the other Microsoft games below. And make sure to look at the other games included in the Microsoft Solitaire Collection.

Microsoft Windows Titles:

  • Solitaire (1990)
  • Minesweeper (1992)
  • Microsoft FreeCell (1991)
  • Hover! (1995)
  • 3D Pinball for Windows – Space Cadet (1995)
  • Hearts (1992)
  • Spider Solitaire (1998)
  • Internet Hearts (1992)
  • Inkball (2004)
  • Purble Place (2007)
  • Mahjong Titans (2012)
  • Chess Titans (2006)
  • Tinker (2008)
  • Hold ‘Em (2007)
  • Solitaire Collection (2012)
  • Surf (2020)

Here is what is included in the modern Microsoft Solitaire Collection.

Microsoft Solitaire Collection:

  • Solitaire/Klondike
  • Spider Solitaire
  • FreeCell
  • Pyramid
  • TriPeaks

Microsoft FreeCell Cheat Codes

This solitaire game has a handful of cheats that players who want to keep their win-streak may want to check out.

Instant WinPress Ctrl + Shift + F10 then click “Abort
Cards Are Shuffled for an Easy WinGo to the “Select Game” menu and type in either -3 or -4
Secret GamesGo to the “Select Game” menu and type in -1 or -2


  • Penalty-Free Quit: If you force close a game in the Task Manager, it does not count as a loss against you.

Microsoft FreeCell Cheat Code FAQ

Does Microsoft FreeCell have any cheat codes?

Surprisingly, yes! While there are only three, there are cheat codes for this iconic card game. They help players instantly win, quit a gaming without losing, and find secret games.

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