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Cobra Command Cheats & Cheat Codes

Cobra Command is a military shooter developed by Data East. There are actually two games known as Cobra Command that were both developed by Data East four years apart. The Cobra Command game that was released in 1984 is a live-action interactive movie. The version of the game that was released in 1988 is a side-scrolling shooter.

Both versions of the game were incredibly successful upon their release. They each sold tens of thousands of copies. Each game also managed to be one of the most successful arcade games in the year they came out. The unique gameplay found in both versions makes them stand-out games that must be played.

Cobra Command (1984) was released on arcade machines but was ported to Mega-CD, PlayStation, Saturn, MSX VHD, Sharp X1, Windows, and Sharp X68030. Cobra Command (1988) was originally released on arcade machines but was ported to NES and PC.

Cobra Command Premise

Screenshot of Cobra Command

©Screenshot of Cobra Command – Original

The 1984 Cobra Command follows the story of a pilot of the fictional LX-3 Super Cobra helicopter. A terrorist organization has formed a large army that threatens the free world. It is up to the helicopter pilot to destroy these terrorists and save the world. The closest thing to a character in the game is the voice of the pilot’s commanding officer. He instructs the players and aids them by firing at the terrorists.

The 1988 Cobra Command still has players control a helicopter pilot. This time instead of terrorists players will destroy enemy vehicles like tanks, cannons, submarines, and gunboats. There are a total of six stages in the game that take players all across the world.

Cobra Command Series

The original Cobra Command is known as Thunder Storm in Japan. The 1988 version of Cobra Command is technically the sequel to the first game. Besides these two titles, there are no other entries in the series. Data East did go on to develop a massive number of other arcade games later on. Below is a list of every arcade game developed by Data East.

  • Super Break (1978)
  • Space Fighter (1978)
  • Super Break 2 (1978)
  • Astro Fighter (1979)
  • Mad Alien (1980, a.k.a. Mad Rider and Highway Chase)
  • Sengoku Ninja Tai (1980)
  • Terranean (1980)
  • Astro Fantasia (1981)
  • Manhattan (1981)
  • Tournament Pro Golf (1981, a.k.a. Pro Golf and 18 Hole Pro Golf)
  • Treasure Island (1981)
  • BurgerTime (1982)
  • Bump ‘n’ Jump (1982)
  • Disco No. 1 (1982)
  • Lock ‘n’ Chase (1982)
  • Zoar (1982, a.k.a. Mission X)
  • Pro Tennis (1982)
  • Boomer Rang’r (1983)
  • Tag Team Wrestling (1983)
  • Pro Bowling (1983)
  • Pro Soccer (1983)
  • Rootin’ Tootin’ (1983, a.k.a. La-Pa-Pa)
  • Super Doubles Tennis (1983)
  • B-Wings (1984)
  • Cobra Command (1984)
  • Kamikaze Cabbie (1984, a.k.a. Yellow Cab)
  • Karate Champ (1984)
  • Kung-Fu Master (1984)
  • Liberation (1984, a.k.a. Dual Assault)
  • Mysterious Stones (1984)
  • Peter Pepper’s Ice Cream Factory (1984)
  • Scrum Try (1984)
  • Zaviga (1984)
  • Metal Clash (1985)
  • Performan (1985)
  • Ring King (1985)
  • Road Blaster (1985)
  • Shootout (1985)
  • BreakThru (1986)
  • Darwin 4078 (1986)
  • Express Raider (1986, a.k.a. Western Express)
  • Fire Trap (1986)
  • Last Mission (1986)
  • Lock-On (1986)
  • Shackled (1986)
  • Side Pocket (1986)
  • Zippy Bug (1986)
  • Captain Silver (1987)
  • Garyo Retsuden (1987)
  • Gondomania (1987)
  • Heavy Barrel (1987)
  • Karnov (1987)
  • Oscar: Psycho-Nics (1987)
  • The Real Ghostbusters (1987)
  • SRD: Super Real Darwin (1987)
  • Wonder Planet (1987)
  • Bad Dudes Vs. DragonNinja (1988)
  • Bloody Wolf (1988)
  • Chelnov (1988)
  • Cobra Command (1988)
  • Hippodrome (1988, a.k.a. Fighting Fantasy)
  • RoboCop (1988)
  • Stadium Hero (1988)
  • Act-Fancer: Cybernetick Hyper Weapon (1989)
  • Midnight Resistance (1989)
  • Sly Spy (1989)
  • Vapor Trail: Hyper Offence Formation (1989)
  • The Cliffhanger: Edward Randy (1990)
  • Gate of Doom (1990)
  • Super BurgerTime (1990)
  • Trio The Punch – Never Forget Me… (1990)
  • Batman (1990)
  • Captain America and the Avengers (1991)
  • China Town (1991)
  • Desert Assault (1991)
  • Hop A Tic Tac Toe (1991)
  • Joe & Mac (1991)
  • Lemmings (1991)
  • Mutant Fighter (1991)
  • RoboCop 2 (1991)
  • Rohga: Armor Force (1991)
  • Tumblepop (1991)
  • Two Crude (1991)
  • Boogie Wings (1992)
  • Diet Go! Go! (1992)
  • Dragon Gun (1992)
  • Nitro Ball (1992)
  • Wizard Fire (1992)
  • Fighter’s History (1993)
  • Heavy Smash (1993)
  • High Seas Havoc (1993)
  • Night Slashers (1993)
  • Spinmaster (1993)
  • Karnov’s Revenge (1994)
  • Joe & Mac Returns (1994)
  • Locked ‘n Loaded (1994)
  • Street Slam (1994)
  • Tattoo Assassins (1994)(Cancelled)
  • Windjammers (1994)
  • Avengers in Galactic Storm (1995)
  • Backfire! (1995)
  • Dunk Dream 95 (1995, a.k.a. Hoops 96)
  • Magical Drop (video game) (1995)
  • Outlaws of the Lost Dynasty (1995)
  • Ghostlop (1996)
  • Magical Drop II (1996)
  • Mausuke no Ojama the World (1996)
  • Skull Fang Ku-u-ga Gaiden (1996)
  • Stadium Hero ’96 (1996)
  • Air Walkers (1996)
  • Magical Drop III (1997)

Besides arcade games, Data East also developed a ton of games for home consoles. These games were for the NES, Amiga, Sega Saturn, PlayStation, and much more. Sadly, Data East went defunct on June 25, 2003.

Cobra Command Cheat Codes

Screenshot of Cobra Command

©Screenshot of Cobra Command – Original

The 1984 version of Cobra Command has multiple cheat codes that grant players advantages in the game. These cheat codes can make players immune to damage, allow them to select levels, or lower the game’s difficulty. We’ve broken down each of these cheat codes in the table below.

Debug MenuAt the main menu, press Down, Down, Up, Right, Right, Up, Left, Down. An explosion will be heard and the Debug Menu will appear.
InvincibilityAt the main menu, first enter the Stage Select code (Up, Left, Right, Right, Up). An explosion will be heard. Then enter the following code and another explosion will be heard. Up, Up, Up, Right, Right, Left, Left, Left, Down, Down, Up, Up, Up, Right, Right, Left, Left, Left, Down, Down. You’ll now be invincible while playing.
Screen CodeWith the stage select code, press A + B + C to see the game’s hex code on the screen.
Stage SelectAt the main menu, press the following buttons. Up, Left, Right, Right, Up. An explosion sound will be heard if entered correctly. Now, start the game and you’ll be able to select the starting level. Also, if you press Start while playing, you’ll automatically complete the stage.
Training DifficultyAt the main menu, when you see the words Game Start and Config Mode, press the following buttons. Up, Down, Left, Right. An explosion sound will be heard and you’ll be able to select the Training difficulty in the option menu.

Unfortunately, the 1988 version of Cobra Command does not have any known cheat codes.

Cobra Command Cheat Code FAQ

Does Cobra Command have any cheat codes?

Yes, the 1984 version of Cobra Command does have a fair amount of cheat codes. These cheat codes will turn you into a monster on the battlefield. Nothing will be able to stop you. Sadly, Cobra Command (1988) doesn’t have any available cheat codes.

How long does it take to beat Cobra Command?

The 1988 version of Cobra Command is a very short game that players will be able to finish in one sitting. In just forty minutes the players will be able to complete the entire game. The short length of Cobra Command is probably why this version of the game doesn’t have cheat codes.

The 1984 version of the game isn’t much longer. With the cheat codes active players will breeze straight through the game without an issue.

Are these cheat codes permanent?

Luckily, the cheat codes in Cobra Command are not permanent. If you no longer want them active, you can just turn them off from the debug menu. You can also reset the game in order to deactivate the cheat codes.

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