King of the Monsters 2 Cheats & Cheat Codes for Super NES, Sega Genesis, and More

King of the Monsters 2 Cheats & Cheat Codes for Super NES, Sega Genesis, and More

King of the Monsters 2 is a fighting/wrestling arcade game that was later ported to multiple consoles. It was first ported in 1992 by developer and publisher SNK for the Neo Geo AES. In 1994, it was ported to the Super NES, Neo Geo CD, and Sega Genesis.

In Japan, King of the Monsters 2 was considered widely successful. It has been praised for its unique special attacks, improved graphics, and overall monster mayhem.

King of the Monsters 2 Premise

Three years after the great event, the King of Monsters massacre, three monsters have survived and mutated. Now a new threat has arisen, a powerful alien monster called King Famardy who wants to be the King of Monsters. Players must travel the seven levels to defeat the seven bosses, including King Famardy. Depending on how fast players defeat King Famardy’s remnants, there is a good ending and a bad ending.

There are 7 bosses in the game, one for each level. They are:

  • Huge Keal or Huge Frogger
  • Horn du Out or Eifflelyte 
  • Yam a Mordon or Clawhead 
  • Kili-Kili or Beetle Master 
  • Sack Eyes or Aqua Slug
  • Eat Wow or Lavicus
  • King Famardy or Famardy

King of the Monsters 2 Main Characters

Players have three different playable monsters to choose from. Each one is from the original game, King of the Monsters, but with modified bodies, powers, and names.

  • Super Geon: Geon returns from the first game, now mutated and appearing more dragon-like after consuming the radiated meat of defeated monsters. Super Geon has Sonic Jump, Rapid Growth, and Fire Breathing.
  • Cyber Woo: This cyborg was originally a gorilla, known as Woo, that fought in 1996 to save Japan from rogue monsters. The government later took his brain and put it into a giant cybernetic monkey body to turn him into a living weapon. His three abilities are Woocopter, Transformation where he turns into a gatling gun, and Rocket Arms.
  • Atomic Guy: Astro Guy returns from the first game now more powered up and with a new costume. He is likely the one who has gone through the most amount of changes, going from old scientist to wrestler to an irradiated with almost no intelligence or humanity. His powers are Megaton Thunder and Ki, but he also has several wrestler-fighting moves like dropkicks and backbreakers.

Players can also have two friends join them with other controllers to help fight.

King of the Monsters 2 Series

King of the Monsters 2 is the second game in the King of the Monsters beat-em-up franchise. This game takes place three years after the original. The playable characters in this game are also in the SNK Playmore game NeoGeo Battle Coliseum.

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King of the Monsters 2 Cheat Codes

King of the Monsters 2 has a few cheat codes players can utilize, but all of them are either extremely helpful or entertaining.

Debug ScreenPress Right, Right, Right, Left, Left, Left, Left, Right, Right, Right, Left, Left, Left, Left, then select+Y on Controller 2 and START on Controller 1
Extra continuesPress START on Controller 2 just as you lose your last life.
Spectate a Com VS Com BattlePress Up, Right, Down, Left, Up, Left, Down, Right on Controller 1

Accessing the Debug Screen can allow players to do the following:

  • Up / Down — Press to choose move.
  • Left / Right — Press to choose direction facing.
  • A — Hold and use the D-Pad to select a monster.
  • B — Press to switch between powerup states and status effects.
  • C — Hold and use the D-Pad to move around.
  • X — Press to replay the animation.
  • Y — Press to change “F-Mode”, which is used to display each frame of the animations individually and display the hitbox of the character animation frames; press B or Z to increment the animation frames, press X to reset the animation sequence, press C to change hitbox type (if the current frame has it), hold A and use D-Pad to move the hitbox around, press Y to exit this mode.
  • Start — Pause.
  • Mode — Reset to Sega screen; entering the code here again will play a different sound effect, disabling the debug mode.

Don’t feel disappointed by the small amount of cheat codes, extra continues is extremely useful in retro games that don’t have a modern save mechanic.

King of the Monsters 2 Cheat Code FAQ

Does King of the Monsters 2 have any cheat codes?

Yes! King of the Monsters 2 has several useful cheat codes players can use. While there are only a few, they are definitely useful.

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