A Short Hike Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More

A Short Hike Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More

A Short Hike is an adventure game developed by Adam Robinson-Yu. The game was released in 2019 and praised by fans for its open-world and relaxing atmosphere. However, some fans felt the game was too short but overall enjoyed the exploration and flying mechanics. It received nominations for multiple industry awards and won two during the Independent Games Festival Awards.

A Short Hike Premise

The game follows Claire, a bird who travels to Hawk Peak Provincial Park during her day off. Expecting an important call, Claire must travel up to the mountain’s peak to get a reception. From there, the game opens up, and players can choose how they want to progress. Do you want to travel the mountain trail or help strangers along the way?  

A Short Hike

A Short Hike Main Characters 

As players follow Claire’s journey, they will meet various NPCs. These characters can be ignored or interacted with. Some will offer side quests or short activities to pass the time. 

  • Claire
  • Aunt May
  • Glide Kid
  • Jen
  • Compass Guy
  • Shovel Kid   

A Short Hike Video Games in the Series

A Short Hike is a standalone title, with no other games being developed by the creator. However, due to its reception and success, fans hope that another game is just around the corner. As a solo developer, games can take much longer, so it will be a while before we see more from Adam Robinson-Yu.

A Short Hike Cheat Codes

A Short Hike has cheat codes in the form of console commands. These commands wont alter gameplay a lot, with some offering rewards while others change locations or gameplay settings. Follow the inputs below to enter the commands. 

A Short Hike

PlayStation and Switch

Press R, ZR, L, ZL, Left Stick Down, Right Stick Down, and Minus simultaneously. This will activate the Cheats menu, which will appear within the Options menu.

Gives a shovel, a fishing rod, a bucket, a pickaxe, 300 coins, the running shoes, and 5 feathersstuffplz
Graphic settingsshowtimeplz
Hide the user interfacenouiplz
Loads the game’s most recent saved stateloadgameplz
Remove a feathernopeplz
Saves the game in its current statesaveplz
Starts a new gamenewgameplz
Teleports the player in front of the starting houseimstuckplz


Enable cheat codes by typing in the following: “cheatsplz

featherplzget a golden feather
nopeplzremove one golden feather
sunhatplzget a sun hat
coinsplzget 50 coins
shellsplzget 14 shells
shovelplzget a shovel
shoesplzget running shoes
greedyplzget all items once 
allfishplzget a fish of each species
fpsplztoggle fps counter display
speedrunplztoggle speed run clock display
hideuiplzhide user interface
showuiplzshow user interface
15fpsplzset maximum fps to 15 and disable vsync
45fpsplzset maximum fps to 45 and disable vsync
lowresplzrender with a width of 480
midresplzrender with a width of 622
highresplzrender with the width of the current display
omgresplzsets the resolution 5000*1700. Adapts to smaller ultrawide resolutions
cinemaplzenable cinema camera

A Short Hike Cheat Code FAQ

Are there cheat codes for A Short Hike?

Yes, there are some cheat codes/console commands for A Short Hike. While most of these commands won’t alter the gameplay too much, some do offer nice rewards. 

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