A Hat in Time Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More

A Hat in Time Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More

A Hat in Time is a delightful 3D platform game It was originally released on October 5, 2017, for macOS and Windows. Later that year it was released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on December 5 and December 6 respectively. It didn’t release on the Nintendo Switch until October 18, 2019. A Hat in Time was developed by the Danish game studio Gears for Breakfast and published by Humble Bundle.

This charming title won both critics and players over and received overwhelmingly positive reviews. A Hat in Time has been praised for its creative take on the platformer genre, its sound design, and its playful gameplay. Two weeks after its release, A Hat in Time had sold over 50,000 copies and then over 1 million within its first year. It is inspired by earlier iconic 3D platformers such as Super Mario 64Banjo-KazooieSpyro the Dragon, and Psychonauts

A Hat in Time Premise

This cute-as-heck platformer is set in an open world and is in a third-person perspective. Players will travel through four open levels, excluding additional levels from the DLCs. They must collect various items, solve unique puzzles, and combat enemies. Enemies drop currency that can be used to buy badges which give the player different abilities. Yarn Balls can be used to make new hats to wear. Stand up to the Mafia, outwit malevolent spirits, reset the timeline, and restore the planet to normal all before continuing your voyage home.

A Hat in Time Main Character

The main character of this adorable platformer is Hat Kid, a little alien girl who wears a stylish top hat and is trying to return to her home world via a spaceship. While on her journey, Hat Kid refuses to pay the Mafia’s toll and so they break into her spaceship. This causes her to lose all of her Time Pieces that power her ship and she falls to the planet below. With the help of Mustache Girl, Hat Kid is on a new journey to defeat the Mafia Boss and find her Time Pieces.

A Hat in Time Series

While A Hat in Time has no current sequels or prequels, it does have several equally delightful DLCs. They add tons of new content including challenge and multiplayer modes, a cruise ship, a cat gang in the underground metro, new weapons, and so much more!

A Hat in Time DLC

  • Seal the Deal (2018)
  • Nyakuza Metro (2019)
  • Vanessa’s Curse (2021)

A Hat in Time Cheat Codes

Players who have the PC version of A Hat in Time can access a number of cheats through console commands. In order to utilize these cheat codes, players will first need to enable the developer console. To do this, players will need to go into the Game Settings menu and checkmark the Developer Console setting at the bottom of the list.

Once the player has done this, they will need to reboot the game. Once back in the game, players can now open the console using either the TAB or tilde key. However, before inputting any cheat commands, players must first type in “enablecheats”. This command will allow the player to use any of the cheat codes listed below in the game.

PC Commands

General Commands

  • Summon HatinTimeGameContent.Hat_Collectible_RouletteToken – Creates a rift token (warning, be careful using this command if you haven’t done any time rifts; your game will softlock)
  • fly – Allows Hat Kid to fly, collision is still enabled.
  • ghost – Similar to the ‘fly’ command, however, Hat Kid can move through geometry.
  • walk – Disables both fly and ghost Mode
  • god – Toggles God Mode, Hat Kid loses no health when attacked
  • slomo [number] – Modifies the game speed
  • cammode – Toggles a free-cam similar to the camera badge
  • teleport – Teleports the player to the surface they are looking at
  • setspeed [number] – Modifies Hat Kid’s ground speed and water speed
  • setgravity [number] – Changes the gravity
  • open [mapname] – Loads the inputted map for maps.
  • startfire – Causes Hat Kid to attack with her umbrella or use the hookshot when available
  • stopfire – Equivalent of releasing the attack button
  • togglefirstperson – Toggles first person (you cannot move while in first person)
  • playercamerazoomin – Zooms the camera in
  • playercamerazoomout – Zooms the camera out
  • oncameraplayerfocus – Centers the camera
  • say [message] – Outputs the message on the screen
  • teamsay – Functions identically to the “say” command
  • setjumpz [number] – Changes your jump height
  • playersonly – Set the world to only update players, ignoring all other actors
  • killparticles – Deactivates particle systems and destroys all particles
  • FOV [number] – Changes FOV to given number
  • suicide – Kills Hat Kid
  • showdebug – Toggles the overall display of properties of the player’s current ViewTarget
  • restartlevel – Restarts the level
  • invertmouse – Inverts the mouse vertically
  • invertturn – Inverts the mouse horizontally
  • jump – Makes Hat Kid jump
  • duck – Makes Hat Kid duck
  • unduck – Makes Hat Kid un-duck
  • pause – Pauses the game
  • showmenu – Same as the ‘pause’ command
  • use – Makes Hat Kid interact
  • freezeframe [number] – Forces the game to pause for the specified delay time
  • stat fps – Toggles display of frames per second
  • stat unit – Toggles display of overall frame time as well as the game thread, rendering thread, and GPU times
  • stat levels – Toggles display of a list of currently active levels and display their status through color-coding
  • showhud – Toggles the visibility of all HUD items.
  • togglehud – Toggles the visibility of all HUD items.
  • show particles – Toggles display of particle geometry
  • show rigidbody – Toggles visibility of rigid bodies and their collision points.
  • show collision – Toggle display of collision primitives
  • show postprocess – Toggle display of post-process effects
  • show staticmeshes – Toggle display of static mesh geometry
  • show skelmeshes – Toggles skeletal mesh rendering
  • show paths – Toggles display of paths or navigation meshes
  • show volumes – Toggles display of volumes
  • show depthoffield – Toggles the depth of field
  • show fog – Toggles rendering of fog
  • viewmode unlit – Renders scene with flat shading, i.e., no lighting
  • viewmode wireframe – Renders scene in a wireframe view
  • viewmode brushwireframe – Renders scene in a wireframe view showing brush edges
  • viewmode lightingonly – Renders scene using only the lighting information on the geometry
  • viewmode lightcomplexity – Renders scene using a special shader that displays the complexity of the lighting on
  • viewmode texturedensity – Renders scene using a special shader that displays the density of texels
  • viewmode shadercomplexity – Renders scene using a special shader that displays the complexity of the material
  • viewmode litlightmapdensity – Renders scene fully lit using a special shader that displays the density of texels for the lightmap
  • viewmode – Returns render mode to normal
  • SCALE SET bAllowPostProcessing false – Disables all post-processing effects e.g. depth of field, motion blur, etc.
  • SCALE SET bAllowPostProcessing true – Enables all post-processing effects
  • listconsoleevents – Displays a list of all console events on the HUD
  • toggleui – Toggles updating and display of the UI
  • exit – Closes the game
  • disconnect – Takes you back to the main menu
  • quit – Same as the ‘exit’ command
  • openhud Hat_HUDMenuTimeRiftRoulette – Opens roulette

Hat Commands

  • changesize [number] – 1 is default, changes the size of Hat Kid
  • Ice hat: Summon HatinTimeGameContent.Hat_Collectible_BadgePart_StatueFall
  • Sprint hat: Summon HatinTimeGameContent.Hat_Collectible_BadgePart_Sprint
  • Dweller mask: Summon HatinTimeGameContent.Hat_Collectible_BadgePart_FoxMask
  • Time stop hat: Summon HatinTimeGameContent.Hat_Collectible_BadgePart_TimeStop
  • Brewing hat: Summon HatinTimeGameContent.Hat_Collectible_BadgePart_Chemical

Badge Commands

  • Mumble badge: Summon HatinTimeGameContent.Hat_Collectible_BadgePart_Mumble
  • No bonk badge: Summon HatinTimeGameContent.Hat_Collectible_BadgePart_NoBonk
  • Hover badge: Summon HatinTimeGameContent.Hat_Collectible_BadgePart_NoFallDamage
  • 1-hit hero badge: Summon HatinTimeGameContent.Hat_Collectible_BadgePart_OneHitHero
  • Projectile badge: Summon HatinTimeGameContent.Hat_Collectible_BadgePart_Projectile
  • Relic finder badge: Summon HatinTimeGameContent.Hat_Collectible_BadgePart_RelicFinder
  • Scooter badge: Summon HatinTimeGameContent.Hat_Collectible_BadgePart_Scooter
  • Item magnet badge: Summon HatinTimeGameContent.Hat_Collectible_BadgePart_SuckInOrbs
  • Fast hatter badge: Summon HatinTimeGameContent.Hat_Collectible_BadgePart_HatCooldownBonus
  • Hookshot badge Summon HatinTimeGameContent.Hat_Collectible_Hookshot

Unfortunately for players on the console version, no cheat codes are available at this time.

A Hat in Time Cheat Code F.A.Q.

Does A Hat in Time have any cheat codes?

Yes! A Hat in Time has a wide variety of cheat codes that can give players a range of advantages from being able to fly, taking no damage, and getting collectibles.

What are cheat codes for?
Cheat codes are exploits that can change the game’s behavior and give players an unearned advantage. They may teleport players, make the player immune to damage, or some other action that wouldn’t take place without them. They can also make the game more accessible and appealing to casual gamers or those who find the game’s current state inaccessible.

Are the cheat codes permanent?

No, especially if you don’t want them to be. Many of the console commands have a separate command to them. Also, it has been reported by players that after dying, the console commands are disabled and you will have to reenable the desired commands.

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