Satisfactory Cheats & Cheat Codes

Satisfactory players can eventually create a bustling metropolis out of nothing.

Satisfactory Cheats & Cheat Codes

Satisfactory is a first-person factory simulation game developed by Coffee Stain Studios. It entered early access on the Epic Games Store in March 2019 and reached Steam in a similar state the following year. Despite its unfinished status, the game maintains a loyal player base. There is no official full release date yet, but the developers regularly add new content.

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Satisfactory Premise

In Satisfactory, you control an engineer who has been sent to an alien planet by FICSIT Inc. Upon arrival, you must establish a factory complex and colonize the planet by harvesting local resources. You can freely explore and build throughout the game’s open world, like in Minecraft, another popular crafting game. The game also offers co-op multiplayer for up to four people. Satisfactory does not support PvP, but players can damage each other.

Satisfactory Main Characters

A Satisfactory player surveys a bustling factory.
A Satisfactory player surveys a bustling factory.

In its current state, Satisfactory is purely a sandbox game, so it is devoid of a traditional narrative. A storyline is planned for the title when it gets its full release, but there aren’t many details. In the absence of a proper story, the game is rather light on characters. On that note, here are some of the few characters who are present in the game right now.

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  • The Pioneer: The player character of Satisfactory is an explorer in a jumpsuit and face-obscuring helmet who is legally the property of FICSIT Inc. Coffee Stain Studios confirmed the Pioneer is a woman.
  • ADA: ADA (Artificial Directory and Assistant) is your primary companion during your work for FICSIT Inc. This AI serves as a narrator and assistant throughout the game, instructing you on how to complete certain tasks.
  • Caterina Parks: This influential woman is the CEO of FICSIT Inc. and is thus responsible for your work on this alien world.
  • Steve: Caterina Parks’ assistant is an overworked young man. The original website for the game featured an introduction written by him.
  • Lizard Doggo: This adorable reptilian creature can be tamed by the Pioneer. It has earned a spot as Satisfactory‘s unofficial mascot due to its undeniable charm.

Satisfactory Cheat Codes

A factory in Satisfactory's desert region pumps out smoke.
A factory in Satisfactory‘s desert region pumps out smoke.

While Satisfactory doesn’t feature cheat codes in the traditional sense, there is a system for modifying the mechanics of the game to your favor. Like other PC games, Satisfactory features console commands which you can access in-game. To use the console menu, just press the tilde key. You can press the key again afterward to open a larger console window. These commands are primarily used for debugging, and therefore they’re not quite as varied as the console commands found in games like Skyrim. Here is a list of all the console commands you can use in Satisfactory:

  • ?: Hitting the question mark key will show a complete list of console commands, as well as information about them.
  • materialFlowAnalysis (Item name): This command will find all the items required per second for any craftable item in the game.
  • Gamma (number): You can use this command to set the brightness level.
  • Pause: This command pauses the game.
  • r.atmosphere (0 or 1): This command activates or deactivates the game’s atmosphere.
  • r.fog (0 or 1): This command activates or deactivates fog in the game.
  • r.ViewDistanceScale (number): This command will set the game’s render distance for foliage and rocks. The value is multiplicative; if you enter a value of 2, for instance, you will double the current setting.
  • foliage.LODDistanceScale (number): This command sets the visual quality of objects loaded at a distance.
  • r.Shadow.DistanceScale (number): This sets the render distance of shadows. As described earlier, the value you enter is multiplicative.
  • r.ScreenPercentage (number): Using this command you can set the game’s resolution scale, correspondingly improving performance if necessary.
  • r.TemporalAACurrentFrameWeight (number): This command sets the impact of the current internal frame on the final image in-game. A lower value, on a scale from 0 to 1, will result in better anti-aliasing.
  • r.TemporalAAFilterSize (number): This command sets the spread of TAA samples and will sharpen the image if you insert values below 1.
  • r.TemporalAASamples (number): This sets the number of samples to use for anti-aliasing. A value of 2-5 is useful to reduce jitter.
  • r.Tonemapper.Sharpen (value): You can use this command to apply a simple sharpness filter.
  • r.StaticMeshLODDistanceScale (number): You can use this command to control the level of detail for static meshes in-game. A value of 0 will improve graphics, while a value higher than 1 will make the graphics significantly worse.
  • r.LandscapeLODBias (number): This command fixes terrain geometry in the far distance, consequently impacting performance.
  • Grass.densityscale (number): You can change the density of grass in the game with this code. 1 is the default, while 0 will remove grass entirely.
  • pool.light.count (number): This command sets how many lights the game will render.
  • pool.light.lightshaft.count (number): This command sets how many light shafts the game will render.
  • ShowDebug (type): By using this command you can display information about the various systems and mechanics in-game. All ShowDebug codes will display player name, coordinates in the world, current rotation, instigator, owner, and base eye height, in addition to other info. A list of the known ShowDebug Codes is shown below. Some of these codes have unknown uses, so you should use them carefully.
  • ShowDebug AI: This code’s use is unknown.
  • ShowDebug AKAUDIOSOURCES: This code shows the number of active audio sources in-game.
  • ShowDebug ANIMATION: This code’s use is unknown.
  • ShowDebug BONES: This code’s use is unknown.
  • ShowDebug CAMERA: This code shows information about the camera.
  • ShowDebug CIRCUITS: This code shows information about power circuits in the world.
  • ShowDebug COLLISION: This code’s use is unknown.
  • ShowDebug FACTORY: Displays the number of player-built structures in the world.
  • ShowDebug FACTORYCONNECTIONS: This code’s use is unknown.
  • ShowDebug FORCEFEEDBACK: This code shows info about current force feedback values.
  • ShowDebug INPUT: You can use this code to display information about the input method you’re currently using.
  • ShowDebug NET: This code’s use is unknown.
  • ShowDebug NONE: This code will only display the default debug info, while omitting any other information.
  • ShowDebug PHYSICS: Displays information about player speed and velocity.
  • ShowDebug POWER: This code’s use is unknown, but it reportedly causes extreme lag.
  • ShowDebug RADIATION: This code displays information about the sources of radiation in the game.
  • ShowDebug RADIATIONSPHERES: This code’s use is unknown.
  • ShowDebug Reset: You can use this code to disable all debug information.
  • ShowDebug SIGNIFICANCEMANAGER: This code displays info on the significance of sounds currently being played.
  • ShowDebug TRACKS: This code will display information about train tracks in the world.
  • ShowDebug TRAINSCHEDULER: You can view the train schedules with this code.
  • ShowDebug TRAINSIGNALS: This code displays information on train signals and blocks.
  • ShowDebug TRAINS: This code shows info on existing trains in the world.
  • ShowDebug VEHICLE: While you’re inside a vehicle, this code will give you information about it.
  • ShowDebug WEAPON: This code’s use is unknown.
  • Stat FPS: This code will display an FPS counter.
  • Stat Levels: You can use this code to display level streaming info.
  • Stat Unit: This command displays a variety of basic info including frame time and game time.
  • Suicide: You can use this to kill the player character and force a respawn. It functions identically to the Respawn option in the pause menu.
  • t.MaxFPS (Number): This game caps the frame rate at a specific value. You can use a value of 0 to make it unlimited.
  • FOV (Number): As the name suggests, this command sets the field of view in the game.
  • ToggleDebugOverlay (0 or 1): This code causes an array of debug information to appear on the screen, similarly to the ShowDebug command above.
  • SaveWithNewSession (name): You can use this to save a new game, distinct from the save file you’re already using.

Satisfactory Cheat Code FAQ

Satisfactory players can build trains and other vehicles.
Satisfactory players can build trains and other vehicles.

Can you spawn items in Satisfactory? Many PC games with console commands provide the ability to spawn items and even creatures out of thin air. Meanwhile, Minecraft has a creative mode where you can produce new blocks, items, and monsters at will. Satisfactory, however, does not have this feature. A creative mode is planned for the full release of the game, but this is still a ways off. At the time of this writing, there is no way to spawn items in Satisfactory.

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