The Best Minecraft Mods You Should Try Today

The Best Minecraft Mods You Should Try Today

One of the most popular games in recent history, Minecraft continues to grow with major updates, along with players revisiting the game after many years. Many players long for those beautiful memories of building their first house, or slaying the Ender Dragon for the first time. However, they may soon grow tired and bored of playing the same old game again and again. This is where modifications, or mods, come in. Ever since the game’s initial release, players have been modifying the game. These mods add items and mobs, change the biomes and terrain, and even overhaul the mechanics of the game.

Thousands of mods have been created for Minecraft in many different genres and categories. Here is a list of Minecraft mods to try today that will completely change the Minecraft experience. Note, there are many websites to browse for mods, such as Curseforge or PlanetMinecraft. When choosing the right mod or mod pack, make sure the version of the mod is compatible with the correct Minecraft version, such as 1.12.2 or 1.16.5, example. 


For fans of automation and technology, Mekanism adds a variety of machinery to make a Minecraft world more efficient. Tired of spending hours mining for diamonds, coal, or iron? Automate it with the digital miner that also assorts items collected. With Mekanism, players build a system of machines that will double, triple, or even quintuple their ore processing. This means that for every one ore item input, it outputs five ingots. However, it takes a lot of resources and time to get to 5 times ore processing. These machines also require energy, ranging from basic heat generators to multi-block nuclear fusion reactors. 

Mekanism adds smaller items that complement the game well and make playing more exciting. Fly around the world in a hydrogen-powered jetpack, or wield the all-in-one tool, the atomic disassembler. The mod developer, aidancbrady, created various add-ons which add many more machines as well as energy production methods. These add-ons make the experience even more dynamic. Mekanism is highly compatible with other tech mods, using a universal energy system. Players can link Mekansim machines and power generation with machines from other mods.

Thermal Expansion

Another tech mod, Thermal Expansion is one of the most enjoyable energy production mods for Minecraft. Thermal Expansion has been around Since Minecraft 1.2.5, released over a decade ago. This mod has laid the groundwork for almost all tech mods that have succeeded it. The mod adds ore processing machines, automation, wiring, and energy production. Thermal Expansion is essential in any mod library or mod pack, as it completely overhauls the game. Thermal Expansion is best enjoyed with other mods, particularly other tech mods. With other mods, Thermal Expansion can provide valuable and powerful machines, as well as automation. 

Tinker’s Construct

For players who love combat and weapons, consider installing Tinker’s Construct. Tinker’s Construct adds a variety of weaponry, items, and blocks useful for perfecting these weapons. The central structure of the mod is the smelter. In the smelter, the player adds various metals together in different quantities to make alloys. Players cast these alloys into different weapons, making the mod a blacksmith’s dream. Another valuable addition to the game is the ability to modify, upgrade, and repair weapons. This makes PvP on a server much more dynamic and entertaining. With add-ons, the mod also features defensive structures such as drawbridges, armor, and other gadgets.

Biomes O’ Plenty

With Biomes O’ Plenty added, the world suddenly becomes massive. Hundreds of new biomes can be explored, leading to new adventures for players. Biomes O’ Plenty adds hundreds of new types of blocks, which makes building and decorating even more creative and expansive. Explore far-off mountain ranges and glaciers, or run through fields of lavender under the sun. It is easy to spend hours simply exploring the various biomes, as you’re always running into something new. The mod is also highly compatible with other mods, which can help expand the game even more and make it feel like an entirely different game.

Twilight Forest

For players wanting to completely overhaul the game, Twilight Forest is the mod for them. This mod adds a new dimension named the Twilight Forest, which has its own biomes, items, mobs, weapons, and mechanics. Fight new mysterious creatures in dungeons and bosses for rare loot to conquer this strange new realm. The mod is perfect for players who like progression. It progresses through the different dungeons and bosses, getting harder with each one. The Twilight Forest mod is essentially a whole new world all within Minecraft to be explored. 

Ice and Fire: Dragons

With the Ice and Fire mod, players can now make their Minecraft world more mythical, a world with dragons, cyclops, and trolls. This mod allows players to battle, or even tame, dragons of all varieties. Do not take these creatures’ abilities lightly, however. Dragons are powerful creatures that can destroy entire biomes, villages, and players themselves. If a player can tame one, however, they can easily dominate the world. This is because a player can mount a dragon, control their fire breath, and even breed them. This mod’s updates continue to add more mythical creatures, items, and loot, making it a successful and popular mod to consider installing. 


Who says you can only generate power with machines in modded Minecraft? The Botania mod is all about flowers and their magical properties. Botania overhauls the flower and plant system in Minecraft. Bridging the gap between magic and technology, Botania succeeds in breaking the mold of traditional mods. Botania adds various new flowers which can generate power, or mana as the mod calls it. Mana and the properties of these flowers can unlock powerful abilities for the player, such as creative flight and other magical skills. Sounds complicated? No need to worry since Botania has its very own guidebook given at spawn named the Lexica Botanica. 

Pam’s HarvestCraft

While other mods attempt to automate and cast aside food and farming, Pam’s HarvestCraft embraces this essential part of the game. This mod adds food items, cooking supplies, and hundreds of different food products and seeds. No aspect of food is overlooked by this mod. Pam’s HarvestCraft encourages exploration since exotic food items and seeds are only found in specific biomes and climates that may be far from a player’s home base. While other mods encourage grinding and progression, Pam’s HarvestCraft does the opposite. With this mod, players can relax and appreciate the sunset behind their ever-expanding farm filled with hundreds of different crops and animals. This mod shows it’s the simple things in games that make them worth playing. 

Players will always be looking for new ways to adapt and change Minecraft in order to to make it more novel and exciting. Mods are essential to Minecraft, as they bring together community, creativity, and novelty to an already loved and popular game. Next time you are thinking of starting up a new Minecraft world, consider adding mods to it to make the game more exciting and new.

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