Harvest Moon 64 Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes for Nintendo 64 (N64)

Harvest Moon 64 Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes for Nintendo 64 (N64)

Harvest Moon 64


    Faster dialogue

    Press A or B to scroll the dialogue faster.

    Get on Moon Mountain without a bridge

    Use the following steps to get on top of Moon Mountain without building the bridge. Go to the tree behind the construction builder’s house (where you get home extensions). Press A on the side of the tree that is closest, or faces, the river. Your character should climb the tree and hop off on the mountain. To get down simply press A where you climbed up the tree and he will hop down.

    Forest spirit

    Throw a vegetable in the pond in the forest by standing on the bridge and pressing A. A spirit should appear and ask what you wish for.

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    Easy money

    Look for wild fruit or herbs around the land then take them to the Shipping Bin. -From: [email protected]

    Upgraded tools in a single night

    Go to the Bar at night and start using a tool (Hammer, Axe, Sickle, Hoe, Watering Can) on nothing. When you get tired, just get about ten drinks of water from the bartender, then start doing it again. Note: This is a very slow process that requires patience.

    Free eggs

    You can get free eggs by leaving your chickens out side. They will find their own food, and also give you eggs. Just make sure that you put them inside during the winter, and also when it rains.

    Grow strawberries

    Build a greenhouse and go to the Flower Shop to find every season’s crop. There will be strawberry seeds that you can get for $120.

    Gold milk

    Win first place in the cow festival to get gold milk from the winning cow.


    Buy some flower seeds and plant a Moon Drop Flower and a Pink Cat Flower. When they have grown, a boy (Stu) will come to the farm and tell you to plant more. Plant four more Moon Drop Flowers and four more Pink Cat Flowers. When they have grown, the boy will come back and ask to trade with you. Answer “Yes” to get a marble. Note: You can find Pink Cat Flowers at the Flower Festival, and remember to buy at least five of them.

    Music Box

    During the Summer, go to the dog house. Line yourself with it, facing your field. When positioned right, you will be in between the dog house and the crate that you put your vegetables in. From there, walk towards the end of the field. You will have to go around the crate. Walk until (as it says in the map) the same tree you found the map in is to your left. Dig in the spot where the two (dog house and tree) are lined up. You will have to strike the ground with the hoe approximately ten times. You will discover a rusty music box. Take it to the Tool Shop and Rick the shop keeper will fix it. It should be given to the girl of your choice, because it plays a love song.

    Blue Vase

    Go to the mine in Winter and dig for a Blue Rock. Give the Blue Rock to the Antique Shop owner to get a Blue Vase. It will make your house and family life better.

    Weather Vane

    This item can be obtained by digging in the mine.


    The Artisan will give you a book in year three. Give it to the woman you like.

    Feeding your dog

    To feed your dog, simply put food in his bowl. Additionally, keep him inside during winter to make him happier.


    Sometime in the game, Taro (the dog by the potion shop), will have puppies. They will say that your dog got her pregnant. You will know it is true because the puppies will look like your dog.

    Saving time

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    When something is bought, buy as much as you can afford so you do not have to buy the same item again when it runs out. Only ship crops during the day, and feed and water everything at night.


    Watch the weather forecast and talk to your wife everyday. One day they will warn you about a hurricane. Keep your animals inside on that day. Your horse and dog, however, will be safe.

    Getting your girl happy

    Give your girl things she that loves. Ann loves wool and corn. Karen loves tomatoes and berries, which you can find in the forest. Elli loves strawberries. Maria loves spring cabbage.

    Getting married

    Select a young lady of your choice. Dance with her at festivals, give her presents every day, and be very nice to her. When the heart at lower right corner of the screen turns red or pink, buy a blue feather from Rick’s Tool Shop. If he does not have it, he will get it. Give the feather to her. If she accepts, you will be married on the following Sunday. -From: [email protected]

    Having a child

    After getting married, be extremely nice to your wife. Do not stay out late or talk to another girls, and bring her gifts. After thirty days, she will begin to act strangely. In another sixty days, you should have a child. -From: [email protected]

    Cliff and Ann

    You are not the only person in the town that can get married and have children. Save a vegetable from a harvest in spring the first year for the 18th. A young man will be in front of your house. He will say that he is hungry. Give him the vegetable, and he will get up and introduce himself as Cliff (you can find him in the forest even if you do not cure his hunger). Give him gifts everyday, talk to him, and do not date Ann. If he likes you enough, he will come to your house one day and invite you to his wedding. After he and Ann get married, they will live on Ann’s father’s ranch. You can find them both wandering around the pasture. Many times Cliff will have a black eye and say he and his wife got into a fight, but they made up in the morning. Even though it seems they do not get along, a little while later, if you continue to talk to them, Cliff will make a comment about how Ann is not supposed to move around much because she is pregnant.

    Harris and Maria

    You can make Harris and Maria marry by giving Harris daily presents. He likes potatoes the most, and will also reward you with a recipe for giving him one. Keep giving Harris potatoes and other gifts, and you will eventually view mini-scenes with Maria giving a letter to Harris and Harris saving Maria from an evil salesman. Soon, Harris will stop by your house and invite you to their wedding.

    Kai and Karen

    If you are nice to Karen, she will not leave. Then, be nice to Kai by bringing him gifts. Go to the bar. He will start talking about her. Soon he will visit your house and invite you to his wedding. Note: If you are not nice to them, both will leave.

    Popuri and Gray

    Give eggs and other things to Gray to become friends. Then, go by the Green Ranch and you will see Popuri and Gray talk after the flowers are grown one night. That Sunday, they will get married.

    Swimming Festival prize

    The prize is an invincible Katori.

    Egg Festival prizes

      Win 1: Power Nut
      Win 2: Turtle Figurine
      Win 3: One month of free wood

    Town members

      Gourmet Judge: Judges items at festivals.
      Mayor: Runs the town and tells you about upcoming events.
      Mailman: Delivers mail.
      Carpenters: Build annex and extensions.
      Duke: Owner of the local Bar.
      Gray: Ann’s surly brother.
      Karen’s Dad: Owner of the local Vinyard.
      Kai: Worker at the Vinyard.
      Ann: Lives on Green Ranch, loves animals.
      Karen: Lives at the Vineyard.
      Elli: Works at the Bakery.
      Maria: Mayor’s daughter, works at the Library.
      Pourpi: Lives at the Flower Shop, loves plants.
      Rick: Owns Tool shop.
      May: Mid-wife’s daughter.
      Mid-wife: Friend of yours.


      You get a photo at the beginning of the game. It is of you and you grandpa.
      Plant a Blue Mist flower. Once it is fully grown, you and Pourpri will have a picture taken.
      Once you have all of the Home Extensions you will get a photo.
      Once married, you will receive a Souvenir Photo of your wedding.


      Use the Hoe to plant crops on hoed 3×3 squares.
      The Hammer is used to break rocks.
      The Ax is used to chop wood.
      The Sickle is used to cut weeds.
      The Watering Can is used to water your crops.
      The Shears are used to cut wool.
      The Milker is used to get milk.
      The Jar holds liquids.
      The Fishing Pole is used to catch fish.

    Add-ons to the house

    Add-ons make your house look better and easier to live in.

      The Bathroom has a restroom and a tub. The tub is for restoring your energy instead of the spa up in the mountains, which is built after the earthquake.

      The Kitchen has a table, a refrigerator, a recipe book, and a record of Power Nuts. The table can be adorned with a tablecloth and a mug if you win them in the lottery held at the Bakery. The fridge is used to store food and vegetables. You can get different recipes from people and find the Power Nuts.

      The Log-Terrace, or the Deck, is built behind your house and has a little table on it. It is a nice place to eat with your wife.

      The Baby-bed is used for your baby.

      The Greenhouse is used to grow crops in during the Winter and other seasons. Strawberries can only be grown in the Greenhouse. This is one of the best things you can buy.

      Also in your house, you can win and buy a few extras. The cabinets can be bought at Rick’s Tool Shop for 2000Gs (?). A very nice rug can be bought there also for 3000Gs. If you win the Swim Race, then you will receive an Invincible Katori. If you win the Egg Festival, one of the prizes is also a mysterious turtle that sits on your TV.


    Use the following steps to get various recipes. Note: You must have a kitchen to get recipes.

      Bread Pudding: Give either eggs or milk to Elli in the Bakery.
      Char Stuffed With Mushrooms: Give the carpenter’s apprentice (the one who is not on the mountain, but often hangs around the carpenter’s house) a mushroom.
      Cinnamon Milk Tea: Give Elli’s father (the man behind the counter in the Bakery) milk from your cows. If this does not get him to hand over the recipe, also give him a few eggs.
      Corn Fritter: Give corn to Ann’s father.
      Corn Pasta: Give corn to Popuri’s father.
      Cream Of Turnip Stew: Give a turnip to Maria’s mother (the Mayor’s wife).
      Easy Tomato Soup: Go to the Inn, which is open from 6 p.m. to 12 a.m., and find the man who picks up your shipments of crops and animal items out of your box or bin. Give him a tomato. Note: He is not always there, so this may require a few attempts. He sits in the bottom most corner.
      Eggplant With Miso Paste: Give an eggplant to the midwife.
      Fried Char: Give a fish to the fisherman.
      Fried Mushroom Pie: Become good friends with the town priest, then give him a mushroom.
      Fried Potatoes And Bacon: Give the mayor a potato.
      Garlic Potato Beef: Give a potato to the mailman.
      Grilled Trout With Cheese: Give a fish to the carpenter who hangs around on the cliff with three stumps, located above the fisherman’s tent. He can usually be found there in the evening, after 4:00 p.m. Handmade Butter: Give milk from your cows to Rick, the tool man.
      Herb Rice Cake: Give edible grass to the old lady who lives in the restaurant at the top of the mountain. Herbal Tea: Give milk and an egg to Cliff, the man in the brown hood who travels around in the first section of the woods, and has a bird friend named Cain. Become friends with him to get the recipie.
      Hot Spicy Wine: Find the red berries (like a grapefruit) in the forest in the fall and give it to the owner of the bar (the man who works behind the counter at the Inn).
      Mashed Potato: Give a potato to Ann.
      Milk Recipe: Give milk from your cows to Rick, the tool man.
      Miso Soup With Sprouts: Find edible grass (herb) in the forest, Give one to the potion shop owner in the Drugstore.
      Mushroom Rice: Give the master carpenter (the man who leads the other carpenters, dressed mostly in white) a mushroom.
      Mushroom Salsa: Give mushrooms to the Harvest Elves frequently. Eventually they will reward you with the recipe.
      Pickled Turnip And Cabbage: At the top of the mountain, locate the old folks living in the old house. Give a turnip to the old man living there.
      Potato Pancakes: Give a potato to May, the midwife’s young daughter. She can be found most often walking outside the midwife’s hut.
      Rolled Cabbage: Give a cabbage to Maria.
      Sesame Dandelion Greens: Give a medicinal herb to Saibara, the Craft/Ceramic shop owner.
      Simple Tomato Soup: Give the town priest several tomatoes.
      Spa-Poached Eggs: Give eggs to Kent, the older grandson (with the blond hair) of the Potion Shop owner. He can be often found outside the bakery, or in church on weekdays.
      Steamed Clams with Wine: Become good friends with Karen’s father. In the fall, collect as many red berries as possible and try to give him a berry each day. After a while, he will reveal the recipe.
      Strawberry Champagne: Give a strawberry to Karen.
      Strawberry Dog: Give a strawberry to Stu, the younger grandson (with the black hair) of the Potion Shop owner. He can often be found outside the bakery, or in church on weekdays.
      Strawberry Jam: Give Popuri a strawberry.
      Strawberry Wine: Grow a strawberry in your greenhouse. Once it has matured, pick it, and deliver it to Karen.
      Stuffed Omelet: Give an egg to Gray (Ann’s surly brother).
      Tomato Rice: Give a tomato to Karen’s mother.
      Twice Cooked Tomatoes And Greens: Give a tomato to Popuri’s mother.
      Very Berry Wine: Give Kai, the worker at the vineyard, a fruit or berry.
      Walnut Cake: Give Elli’s grandma (the old lady that sits in a rocking chair either inside or right outside the Bakery) a walnut (only found in summer).

    Power Nut locations

    Power Nuts permanently increase your stamina. They can be obtained at the following locations:

      One of the Power Nuts is located beneath the earth on your farm. Plow many different spots with your hoe to find it.

      Travel to the pond next to the fisherman’s tent in the winter. Hit the large rock nearby with a level 3 golden hammer to reveal a Power Nut. The rock must be broken in a single swing.

      First, obtain a marble by planting a Moon Drop Flower and a Pink Cat Flower. When they have grown, a boy (Stu) will come to the farm and tell you to plant more. Plant four more Moon Drop Flowers and four more Pink Cat Flowers. When they have grown, the boy will come back and ask to trade with you. Answer “Yes” to get a marble. Treat the harvest sprites nicely; visit them frequently and bring them gifts. Go see the sprites. Trade the marble for the Power Nut.

      A Power Nut can be found in the mine with the precious rocks and minerals during winter. Travel four levels down. You have to find the holes in the floor and go into it to drop to the next level. The holes are hard to find. Finding this Power Nut takes luck and patience.

      You can purchase a Power Nut from the peddler at the Flower Festival during the first year for 1000G. If you do not have enough money to buy it at this time, the peddler may stop at your house during the year.

      Win a Power Nut at the Egg Festival by matching the most colored eggs.

      Catch a large fish during the spring. Throw the fish into the exact center of the pond that is at the base of Moon Mountain by the fisherman’s tent. This may have to be done multiple times to find the correct location. A Harvest Goddess will appear and reward you with a blue Power Nut. This will prevent you from becoming too tired or sick in the rain.

      Before doing any physical activity, throw any vegetable grown on your farm into the pond located next to the Carpenters’ house, between the hours of 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Make sure you do not press B while on route. A beautiful goddess will appear and give you a wish to use for one of three choices: “Weather”, “Strength”, or “Love”. Choose “Strength”, and she will give you a Power Nut.

      During the Spring, fish off the dock by the beach. Eventually you will earn a Power Nut instead of a fish.

      Befriend Basil, Popuri’s traveling father. After a while, he will reward your friendship with a Power Nut.

Game Shark Codes

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Infinite Health 80189060 FFFF
Infinite Money 811FD60E FFFF

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