Harvest Moon: Friends Of Mineral Town Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes for Game Boy Advance (GBA)

Harvest Moon: Friends Of Mineral Town Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes for Game Boy Advance (GBA)

Harvest Moon: Friends Of Mineral Town

Harvest Goddess mini-game

At the beginning of the year while using your TV, if you press Right(2), Up or Down quickly, then Left, you will play a mini-game with the Harvest Goddess. In it, you must guess if the next question is higher or lower then the last number. The better you do, the better your prize. This is a somewhat difficult game, but can be played five times a day for the first five days of spring. Go to your TV and press Left until you see the Harvest Goddess. If you pass her up, just press Left until you see her again. The prizes for this game include the following:

    1 win: Nothing
    2 wins: A type of grass or herb
    3 to 9 wins: Unknown
    10 to 14 wins: Relaxation Tea Leaves
    15 to 19 wins: Hand Lotion
    20 to 24 wins: Water
    25 to 29 wins: Tissues
    30 to 39 wins: Perfume
    40 to 49 wins: Pre-wrapped Dress
    50 to 59 wins: Golden Log (put in shelf and never outside)
    60 to 69 wins: Fish Fossil (sell for 5,000)
    70 to 79 wins: Treasure Box (sell for 10,000 )
    80 to 89 wins: Ketchup Recipe
    90 to 99 wins: Fried Potato Recipe
    100 wins: A Book

Easy money

On the day of the Horse Racing Festival, get your Basket and proceed to Rose Square. Make a bet on a race and try to win 300 Medals. At the end of the Festival, talk to the Mayor and exchange your Medals for Truffles and place them all on your basket. Leave Rose Square, then place your Basket in the Shipment Box. Continue the game as normal afterwards. When Gotz picks it up the next day, you will earn 15000 G.

A good way to build up some profits is to take some Orichalc Ore found in the Spring Mine to the blacksmith with 1,000 G. Have him make any of the jewelry. Return when he is done and pick it up. Then, put it in the shipment box and sell it for 2,000 G. Repeat the process with more ore as many times as desired.

Start with 10,000 G and have the basket. On one of the horse racing days, take the basket to one of the entrances of the Rose Plaza. Save the game. Take the basket in with you and go to the Mayor. Have him start each race, but do not bet on them yet. Write down or remember who won which race. Reload from the saved game of just before you went in. Go to the mayor and bet on the winning horses. It should be the same winners unless there was an extreme change in the winners pay out multiplier, such as 5 or less jumping to 13, and another horse getting very low or close to the winner’s amount. Bet as much as desired. The pay outs are usually very close to what they were each time you reload the game. You should get lots of medals this way. Purchase the brooch for 18 medals. Fill up the basket if you can. Leave the horse races after all three are completed. Take the basket and dump it into your shipping bin. The next day when Zack picks up your things, he will comment on having so much there for him. The money will come from the brooches you just sold for 2,000 G each. If you do not win that many race medals, or want to try again, reload the saved game and start over.

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Go to the Fall horse race and bet an even amount on all contestants. You can get a necklace for 20 medals, then sell it for 2000 G. For example, with Hephestus, bet 10 medals (cost 500 G) and 60 medals. This is worth 6000 G; 500 G multiplied by four is only 2000 G, giving you a profit. Note: This will not work only if the winner is x2, but then you will break even. Having the large backpack is recommended.

Help from Harvest Sprites

To get help from the Harvest Sprites, give each of them a lot of bread, which you can buy in the supermarket. The gnomes love bread. After you feed them, their heart points should rise to 3. You can now ask them to do your work (watering, taking care of animals, harvesting), or you can play a game with them. Do not forget to give them some bread each week (one piece for each) to maintain their heart level. Note: Buy them flour instead of bread. It is cheaper and they like it more. You can get 18 flours or 9 bread for the same price.


Build a fence on your field and throw your chickens in there. Since they are trapped in there, they cannot run around your farm and be difficult to find. They will also find their own food in the same area everyday, so you do not need to feed them.


When you get your horse, always talk to and brush it. When it is an adult, ride it all the time. In two or three days Barley will appear. If you did not take good care of your horse, he will take it.

Golden Lumber

Sometime when you are Thomas’ friend, he will come to you with a problem. He will say that he got into an boasting match with the Mayor of the next town over and needs you to get him an item. You have until 7:00 p.m. if you want to help him. He will come to your home, so be outside. Your reward is a piece of Golden Lumber. Each time this happens, it is a different item. Try saving different of items, such as truffles and bracelets. To get Gold Lumber, have 999 Wood in your shed. Gotz will sell you Gold Lumber for 100,000 G each. This seems a lot, but it will not rot.

Kappa and the Power Berry

During any season except for Winter, throw two cucumbers in the lake near the mountain. A Kappa will appear and ask to be left alone. For the next ten days, go to the lake and drop one cucumber each day. On the tenth day, Kappa will give you a blue Power Berry that doubles the amount of fatigue that you can take.

Mystic Tools

Once you get the Town Cottage, there will be a Rock-Paper-Scissors game with the Harvest Goddess every Saturday on the left channel. If you defeat her 41 times, she will give you a Mystic Stone. It looks like a black branch. Take this to the Blacksmith with 50,000 gold and select the tool you want to be upgraded. Note: It is best to play this game before 2:00 p.m. or the Harvest Goddess may not want to play.


During the second year, sometime in Fall, you will get a letter in the mail from the store stating that they now have Spinach for sale. You may not get it until you ship enough crops or something similar.

Truffles and mushrooms

When you become Carter’s (the priest) friend, you will enter the church. He will be in front of the table. Zack will come in and say that he has found what he wants. Carter gets very happy, and they will keep talking. After you that, the door on the right will be unlocked. In the Fall, you can find two truffles, a poison mushroom and a normal mushroom.

White Flower

Some day in the summer, when you become friends with Ellen (Stu and Elle’s grandmother), and enter her home, she will say that Basil should be coming over. He enters and says that she was going to tell him about a rare flower. She says that the flower is the White Flower and that it only grows on a summer’s night on a mountain. She then says it would make her happy if she could see it again before she dies. The flower is located at the peak of Mother’s Hill.

Mountain Cottage

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Stay married for fifty happy years. Your wife will decide to get you a Mountain Cottage on Mothers Hill.


The stairs leading to the next level are never found next to the walls in the mines. They are also never found next to the previous stairs. If you give the Harvest Goddess (in the water to the right of the Spring Mine) gifts that she likes, you will be able to go deeper in the mines. Just throw it in the water. She likes anything that can be harvested off your farm, including the flowers that you find around the Mountain area.

Seaside House

Use a link cable to connect the game to Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life on the GameCube to get stars from the Goddess. Repeatedly link to that game until you get all 42 stars to unlock the Seaside House at the beach.

Teleport Stone

After three years on the farm a new item called the Teleport Stone can be found on the 255th floor of the Spring Mine. The Teleport Stone can be used to teleport to any area in the game, even to the Winter Mine when it is not Winter.


Do not build a fence outside on your soil to store your chickens. Your fence can be damaged. Instead, build a fence out of stones. Collect stones from your garden and build a stone fence the same way you would build a regular wooden fence. This will keep your chickens safe, and will not prevent a wild dog from breaking through the stone fence to scare your chickens.

Bed time

When you get married, your wife will go to bed at 8:00 p.m.


Elli loves milk. Ellie also likes Magic Grass that is found in the Fall.


The easiest girl in the town to befriend is Karen from the supermarket. To get her to like you, give her lots of wine. She also likes berries, but the wine works the best. When your friendship increases, there will be a sequence in which she gets a special wine from her father and gives you a bottle. Save it, and on her birthday (Fall 15), wrap the wine in the supermarket and give it to her. This will give you a large boost in the relationship.


To get Mary to like you, give her Blue Grass every day (at least two) and talk to her twice. This will give her at least a blue heart by Summer in the first year.


Use the following steps to get Popuri to like you in one year. First, go to your “Bee’s Nest” in the tree in your farm and get honey. .Take your honey and go to the Harvest Goddess Lake (the one with the waterfall) between 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. Popuri and Ann will be there. Give the honey to Popuri (it is one of her favorite things) then talk to her twice. Then, go to the Poultry Farm (where Popuri lives) between 11:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. and talk to her twice again. Giving her another gift is optional.

Getting a girlfriend

If you want a certain girl to be your girlfriend, make sure you bring her things she that likes at least once everyday. Find out what her schedule is, so that you know what she is doing at each time of the day. Always talk to her and bring her some of your crops that you grow. If she does not like something you give her, do not give it to her anymore.

Avoiding crop and animal problems

Save the game before you go to bed, just in case you forgot to feed your animals, water your crops, etc. You can just turn off your game, turn it back on, and re-do what was forgotten the first time.

Harvest the middle crop

Notice that if you plant seeds then water all nine spaces with a level 2 or higher watering can, you will not be able to reach the crop in the middle without cutting a stalk from the sides. However, if you recruit a Harvest Sprite to harvest crops for you, it can walk through the crops and harvest the middle one. This is only useful for crops that can be harvested more than once though.

Angry people

Buy a lot of Gold Lumber, then put it in your field. The next day, an event will occur in which almost every character will visit and yell at you. This includes the Mayor.

No fatigue with tools

On certain events, the clock on the bottom right will disappear. When you now use a tool, it will not take down your fatigue. This makes it easier to bless some cursed tools by just swinging a lot.

Winery sign

The sign on the Winery says that it is closed on Sundays only. However, it is actually closed on Saturdays.

Supermarket opening time

On the World Map, if you select the Supermarket it will say that it opens at 9:00 a.m., but it really opens at 8:00 a.m.

Gem Of Truth

There are three special gems that help with your fatigue and strength that you can get by gathering nine pieces of each one of them. The hardest one to obtain is the Gem Of Truth. The pieces are found at these locations:

    Look on your Dog House roof.
    Check the water trough in your Horse’s Barn.
    Exchange for 1,000 medals at the Horse Races.
    Buy from Won for 50,000 G.
    Check one of the lamppost between the Church and Rose Plaza.
    In Mary’s library, second floor, middle set of shelves, farthest one to the right.
    Play the New Year’s game show on the television inside of the Town Cottage.
    Drops from the calendar in the Mountain Cottage.
    Take all of them to Thomas’ house and check the refrigerator.

Recommended crops

    For Spring you should buy turnips. They are cheap, but they grow the fastest making them worth every dollar.

    For Summer, buy pineapples from Won.

    For Autumn, buy sweet potatoes. They re-grow in two days and have a high selling price.

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    Apple Jam: Apple Pot with Sugar
    Grape Jam: Apple Pot with Grape
    Salad: Carrot, Turnip, Lettuce, Tomato, Cucumber and Knife (Vinegar?)
    Moon Dumplings: Dumpling Powder and Milk
    Mayo: Egg Whisk and Vinegar
    Fries: Oil Potato Knife and Frying Pan (Karen loves this recipe)
    Boiled Egg: Egg and Pot
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