Sims 4 Glitches That Create Unusual Scenarios

Sims 4 Glitches That Create Unusual Scenarios

The Sims franchise is known for its sense of freedom. If you can think it, you certainly can do it with all of the awesome base mechanics of The Sims and a plethora of DLC. Since it arrived in 2014, The Sims 4 has been a staple for fans of the virtual simulation genre. For those unaware, The Sims series primarily focuses on creating and controlling virtual people called “Sims”. The series has spanned many titles across 20 years but these titles are not perfect. Sometimes glitches and bugs make their way into the finished product. Most of the time, these glitches are frustrating and game-breaking, but some can be unusually entertaining. Here are some of The Sims 4‘s most unusual glitches.

The Tall Baby Glitch

Specific to The Sims 4’s Growing Together expansion, there is a glitch that causes your infant’s legs to stretch to adult height. The funny thing about this bug is that it has a history with Sims fans as it is present in The Sims 3. Not in the same way but it still involves the elongation of baby bodies. It seems like this bug happens when babies try to do something they don’t have animations for, which seems to be the catalyst for a lot of bugs.

Pets Freaking Out Glitch

Similar to the previous glitch, this one has the same trigger. This glitch causes pets to morph into a horrifying anthropomorphic version of itself as it joins the human sims in freaking out about something in the environment such as a fire. Sometimes the pet can even attempt to put out the fire itself as pictured below.

Sparkling Sims Glitch

Another Sims glitch that could provide some wacky scenarios for players is the sparkling Sims glitch. It causes your sim to glisten and show these little window-like texture glitches on their model. The glitch can happen to any sim in any outfit but it’s especially visible on the scout uniforms. It seems the issue occurs if the graphics setting for Sims in the options is set to high or lower.

Horsing Around Glitch

In The Sims 4 Horse Ranch expansion pack, there’s a bug that just causes the horse to do whatever this is pictured below:

This glitch is caused by aging up a foal as soon as they’re born and it deforms them into this amalgamation of horse limbs and human mannerisms. Some Sims players have even reported this glitch causing their horse to grow extra sets of hooves. Terrifying.

Autonomous Insulting Glitch

The Sims 4 has a bug that caused households to just start arguing with each other for no reason. It didn’t matter if the Sims had mean or evil traits, and it even caused Sims to argue with their good friends. This bug could be triggered by just letting Sims talk to each other autonomously. While it’s amusing to watch these relationships rapidly deteriorate, it is annoying having to micromanage all of your Sims and make sure things aren’t spiraling out of control in their relationships.

Limited Holiday Glitch

There’s a glitch that messes with players’ games during the holiday season. If you have a household of at least four Sims, schedule a holiday, and then fast forward to 6 am. Only three Sims in the household will have the holiday popup. Any other Sims will see the day as if it was any other day. For players who find great pride in creating holidays for their sims to celebrate, this glitch is very frustrating.

A screenshot of The Sims 4: Seasons showing a family celebrating around a Christmas tree.

Teleportation Glitch

A few years ago, there was a glitch that caused Sims to teleport when completing actions. Instead of walking to a location to complete a task, they would instead teleport randomly. The glitch is very similar to the teleport cheat and happens everywhere. All lots, apartments, community, and residential. While this glitch doesn’t have any game-breaking qualities, it’s still pretty annoying to never know if your Sim is going to warp across a lot.

Dirt Pile Glitch

It seems plants and dirt piles have been glitched for a while. Instead of it being one bug or glitch, it’s a series of bugs causing plants to revert into dirt piles on their own. Also, This bug can be caused by any and everything. Traveling causes it, events cause it, fertilizing plants causes it, and sometimes the plant won’t even grow from the dirt pile. This glitch is probably the most unusual of the article. It’s almost like Maxis is actively gaslighting The Sims 4 player base.

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