The Best Sims 4 Expansion Packs, Ranked

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The Best Sims 4 Expansion Packs, Ranked

It can be daunting to try and figure out which Sims 4 pack is the right choice for you. With dozens of DLC packs, players can expect to pay hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars if they want each one. However, not all expansions are created equally. While some offer game-changing features and additions, others leave you with a buggy mess. So, today, we will give you the best Sims 4 expansion packs and rank them. By the end, you’ll know which packs are right for you and offer the most bang for your Simoleons.

Honorable Mentions 

While these didn’t make the final list, they are great expansion packs and should be considered next time you shop around.

Toddler Stuff

Add new and exciting customization options for your children in Toddler Stuff.

Released in 2017, Toddler Stuff is a niche expansion that doesn’t fit everyone’s needs despite having exciting features. The drawing point of the DLC is the inclusion of playdates that Sims can set up for their children. Toddlers can run around and play in the park or the backyard while parents socialize. These experiences will help form memories for the kids and create lasting friendships as they grow up. Everyone benefits from the expansion: parents talking, playing with the kids, or making food. 

It includes more hairstyles, clothes, accessories, etc., for players to customize their toddlers. Also, the DLC adds playground equipment like ballpits and slides. While the expansion is excellent and offers a lot for players who enjoy toddler activities and bonding, it can be a letdown for others. So, while it doesn’t rank as one of the best, it certainly is a must-have for family-centric players.  

Horse Ranch

As the newest expansion to Sims 4, Horse Ranch allows players to care for their own majestic beasts.

Horse Ranch is the latest Sims 4 expansion pack that allows players to live out their dreams in the countryside. Rural life has perks, such as raising goats or sheep, living off the land, and personal connections in small towns. These are all things Sims can experience in Horse Ranch as they move out to a ranch home.

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The main attraction, as the title would suggest, is the inclusion of horses. These majestic creatures can be customized, ridden, and win awards at competitions. They are a part of the family, needing extra care and attention to be their best.

Horse Ranch doesn’t make the list because of the bugs that come along with Sims 4 expansion packs. While EA has been attempting to fix the DLC issues, releasing an expansion that doesn’t work as intended is unacceptable. This is a shame, considering the game underneath is packed with content and a great addition to the base game. So, while getting new updates and packs is great, it doesn’t rank as one of the best.   

10. Seasons 

Adding holidays to Sims 4 is a fun way to keep each month exciting.

The Seasons expansion pack gives players a more realistic world cycle, complete with four seasons. Players can experience Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter, along with each seasonal holiday.

Leisure Day allows Sims to relax in the summer heat, go to the pool or beach, and kick back with a BBQ. Spooky Day allows players to get their scary on. Dress your Sims in costumes for parties while the children go around the neighborhood trick-or-treating. Snowflake Day is a gift-giving holiday that will make players excited to decorate their houses in festivities. Lastly, Love Day is the romantic time of year when love letters and small gifts will be exchanged.   

Another impactful feature is the inclusion of dynamic temperatures and weather, like snow and rain. The more options given to players, the more realistic the world seems since choice starts to matter. When it snows, Sims will be cold and need to dress accordingly. The same goes for rain or hail. The world doesn’t feel as static, as choices will be made for players in which they have to adapt.   

Overall, Seasons allows players to fulfill their holiday and seasonal itch. While other larger and more expansive DLCs beat it out, don’t be fooled; Seasons is a fantastic pack. 

9. Dream Home Decorator 

Live out the interior designer dream with Dream Home Decorator.

If you are a fan of The Sims 4, there’s a high probability that you enjoy the game’s customization. From characters to clothing, there are hundreds of options and possibilities, but nothing beats creating a home. Players can spend hours making sure the layout of their Sims homes is perfect, creating multiple levels and rooms. And that’s before starting to decorate.    

Dream Home Decorator allows players to make money for their Sims by turning their hobby into a career. In this expansion, Sims can now become interior designers, creating the perfect home for their clients.

Each client will have their likes and dislikes, and it’s up to the player to cater to their every need. Some clients want their bedrooms redone, while others want entire buildings and lots finished. Players will reveal their final project to their clients at the end of the renovations. The more you stick to their wants and needs, the happier the client will be, but be aware some results will not always make your clients happy.        

With the addition of new furniture and appliances, this is one of the best DLCs for the game. It also only runs for $20, making it one of the cheaper options on the list. 

8. Tiny Living

Are you up to the challenge of living in the tiniest home possible?

Tiny Living is one of the most creative and unique expansions in The Sims 4. The tiny-house movement has increasingly become more popular over the years, with people downsizing to live a simple life. 

In Tiny Living, players can create customizable tiny houses less than 100 tiles big (or small). This is possible with the new all-in-one furniture options available. The Murphy Bed is a bed, couch, and storage area all in one compacted package. Be warned, the folding bed might cause your Sims a bad night if it feels like closing in on itself. Or players can check out the new TV, stereo, and bookshelf option to open up more room. 

While the expansion only includes making smaller houses, it has a large impact. Usually, in video games or The Sims, the goal is to get bigger and better. The more money you get, the more you can expand and add. This DLC flips the script to get players to downsize their lives, adding a refreshing experience. So, if you ever dreamed or wondered what tiny-house life would be like, consider the Tiny Living expansion; you won’t regret it.    

7. Cats and Dogs

This expansion adds furry friends players cannot get enough of.

Cats and Dogs DLC offers a new way to experience Sims 4. If you aren’t a player who enjoys raising a family or dealing with drama in the household, consider this expansion. Cats and Dogs add, you guessed it, cats and dogs to the game. It also offers raccoons and foxes for players who enjoy the spicier side of life. The Create-A-Pet tool allows you to customize the perfect pet for your Sim, complete with breeds and personalities. Customize their coats, play with them in the park, or enjoy snuggling up with them. 

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The expansion pack also allows players to become Vets, running and customizing their clinic. Hire staff, customize services and costs, and cure pets of any illnesses. While the DLC may be lacking in pet options, it more than makes up for it with the ways players can bond and interact with the available animals. Also, the pack features a new world, Brindleton Bay, a coastal town with beaches and activities for pets.        

The common trend as the list progresses is getting more significant content that changes the gameplay and day-to-day activities. Cats and Dogs add more life to the game, similar to Seasons, as animals will have their own actions. A house seems more alive when a dog roams around or begs for a treat. 

6. Get Together

The largest world in Sims 4 blends tropical life with high-class society.

Do you ever get tired of having to go to work every day? Waking up at dawn to drive in the same boring city as always. Have you ever wanted to escape it all and live every day like a party? The Get Together expansion pack does just that, as Sims can live the millionaire’s lifestyle with friends and family. The DLC adds Windenburg, a world inspired by Gothic European architecture. 

Exploring the town shows off its age, class, and culture. While it has all the usual suspects, such as a pub, cafe, and pool, the city also features more unique aspects. The Bluffs is one of these features. As an island neighborhood, Sims can enjoy natural pools and bonfires that overlook the ocean.  This island is fit for special occasions and includes a DJ booth and bar. 

As for the main attraction, Windenbug also features the Von Haunt Estate, located in the north. The Estate includes a hedge maze and has been preserved as a tourist museum. You’ll also find some ghastly inhabitants who don’t mind toying with the Estate’s artifacts and decor.    

The beauty of Windenburg solidifies this as one of the best DLCs and ranks among the best worlds in the game. It’s also the largest world, allowing endless possibilities and stories to be told.      

5. Parenthood

Being a child is hard but being a parent can be enough harder.

With Toddler Stuff on our honorable mentions list, it’s time to look at the realities of being a parent. Because parenthood is stressful, looking after babies all day and hoping they turn out okay. The Parenthood DLC offers more in-depth gameplay for raising a child as they grow into teens and adults.  

Parenthood allows players to gain parenting skills, shape their children’s lives, and enjoy activities for the whole family. How you parent matters, and the choices you make have a direct impact on your Sims children.

Do they discipline their child enough or encourage good behavior? How much freedom are their children given? Do they help work on homework or spend time with their child? These questions are what players need to think about as they play. The less time you spend making decisions and interacting, the lower your Sims parenting skills will be. 

Indeed, having children is already in the base game, but players will not get as many choices. The base game is a lot more one-dimensional compared to its DLC counterparts. So, Parenthood is a must-have for players looking for the traditional lifestyle of raising a family.  

4. Growing Together

Grow together with your family through the ups and downs.

Speaking of family life and raising children, Growing Together adds even more features. Parenthood focuses on the ups and downs of children but doesn’t go further than that. On the other hand, Growing Together involves the entire family. Children, relatives, grandparents, etc., are all focused on in this DLC.

Drama can spark at any moment within family dynamics, causing issues that must be resolved. Sims may experience a midlife crisis and must figure out how to cope. Grandparents may ask to come to live in your Sims house, adding to even more drama and chaos.     

While this may sound like many negatives and headaches, it’s not all bad. The DLC includes a lot of heart-warming moments and positive reinforcement. Sims might connect on a deeper level with each other or figure out their passion in life. Visiting new locations like Anchorpoint Wharf or Gilbert Gardens can be the perfect family outing for the day. As the day ends, families can throw sleepovers to create the perfect lasting memory.  

The expansion adds San Sequoia, a fictionalized San Francisco, for players to explore. It is one of the more recent expansions, released in March 2023. Combining expansions like Parenthood and Growing Together will create the best family experience. 

3. City Living 

Sims 4 City Living
City life is packed full of activities that will keep you entertained for hours.

Pack your bags and move out of the boring suburbs for rich city life in City Living. Why live in a large house with an open floor plan and a yard when Sims can live in a small, compact apartment with hundreds of neighbors? City Living adds the new world of San Myshuno, inspired by multiple Asian countries. There are four districts to explore and live in, each with its own personality. 

The Spice Market, Arts Quarter, Fashion District, and Uptown all offer new play styles. Feel like living lavishly? Consider the Spire Apartments in Uptown. Want karaoke nights and festivals? The fashion district is for you. 

As mentioned, Sims can move into apartments, offering a new and realistic way to play the game. Some players have criticized the game in the past for its unobtainable standards. It’s not often a new couple or a single person can afford a large home in the suburbs. Regardless, San Myshuno is packed with diversity and engaging city life. Outside your Sims doorstep will be vendors, festivals, exotic foods, and a large central park.

2. Snowy Escape 

Sims 4 Snowy Escape
Test out Sims’ snowboarding skills as they shred down Mt. Komoredi.

Snowy Escape adds the thrills of winter and vacationing in the mountains. The expansion adds Mt. Komorebi, a Japanese-inspired mountain biome filled with new activities. This DLC is all about relaxing and socializing with friends and family. Sims can enjoy soaking hot springs, gather around a hot pot, go on nature walks, or ski down the mountainside.   

The expansion also offers new furniture and decor for those who enjoy Asian styles. Shoji doors, tatami mats, and window screens are all included. Along with a special place at the front door to place your shoes in before entering. Mt. Komorebi can be seen as a sanctuary that can create lasting relationships and interactions within social dynamics.          

This is one of the largest DLC The Sims 4 offers and will keep you hooked for hours. There are many activities, festivals, and places to explore that you won’t know where to start. Many fans enjoy it for its Japanese themes, which complement the snowy environment perfectly. Because of its social element, playing this with other expansions like Parenthood or Growing Together will offer richer gameplay. 

1. Cottage Living

Cottage Living is the best Sims 4 expansion due to adding a little bit of everything for players.

For the number one pick, Cottage Living is the best expansion players can get in The Sims 4. There is no contest that it perfectly balances gameplay, environment, decorations, and more. There’s a little bit of everything for players to enjoy.

Cottage Living is the opposite of City Living, moving Sims to rural communities with farm animals, gardening, and friendly locals. The new world, Henford-on-Bagley, is English-inspired in everything from architecture to landscapes. Around town, players can enjoy pubs, markets, parks, and neighbors who would love to get to know your Sims better. This is the best expansion if you aren’t sure which DLC pack is for you.

For players who want pets but aren’t fans of Cats and Dogs, Cottage Living adds chickens, cows, and even llamas. These animals will need care and attention to make your rural life successful. Players also get the choice of growing their crops and ingredients to live off the land. However, be aware that mischievous animals will come by to steal your crops or chicken eggs.

Cottage Living combines every other DLC into one, adding only the small parts that make them great. However, this can also be a downfall as it never gets depth in one specific area, only being surface level on multiple features. But don’t let that impact your decision, as fans of The Sims 4 often see this as one of the best expansions.  


While we had to leave out some great expansions, these are by far the best and offer the most content. The best way to decide which is right for you is by examining your goals and playstyle. If you enjoy the base game features and don’t want something new like City Living, perhaps Seasons will be the right choice.

 It all comes down to personal needs and wants. Consider waiting for a sale if you want multiple packs to combine the best elements. They usually appear around major events and holidays and significantly reduce the cost.         

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