The Complete Rules for the 100 Baby Challenge in Sims 4

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The Complete Rules for the 100 Baby Challenge in Sims 4

The 100 Baby Challenge was originally a Sims 2 challenge created by AndreaCat and set the foundation for future alterations. The earlier version of the challenge was called “The Cheesecake Challenge” and required female Sims to eat a cheesecake every time they got pregnant. The goal was to have 100 children in less than 50 births.    

With the release of The Sims 3, the challenge was changed by Amiisay, who renamed it the “100 Baby Challenge”. The goal of having 100 children remained the same, but altered the rules to as few generations as possible. There were additional rules added to fit around the Sims 3 and expansion packs.  

The Sims 4 100 Baby Challenge  

The Sims 4 challenge had its original rules posted by the user Snarky Witch, who updates the challenge with rules for new expansion packs. The challenge remains the same, with the goal of having 100 children in as few generations as possible. The challenge is over once the 100th child is born, or you break any rule along the way. 

When beginning the challenge, you must start with a young adult who can get pregnant, move into a house, find a Sim to impregnate her, and follow the rules.    


Aging and Normal lifespan must be on.
No mods or cheats (except for ones to fix glitches).
When moving, existing lot traits must be kept. If there are none, you can pick three, but cannot change them once picked.
Rewards from complete aspiration or social events can be used, except ones that prolong life. 
When moving, existing lot traits must be kept. If there are none, you can pick three but cannot change them once picked.
Infants can be aged after trying every baby food. When aging, they must be aged up with Happy Infant or Top-Notch traits.
Once they reach level 3 in all toddler skills, toddlers can be aged up.
Children and teens can age up once they get an A in school. 
Young adults can move out to make room for new kids but cannot move back in. 
When your Sim cannot have any more kids, you will control the youngest daughter. The original elder Sim can move out once the youngest daughter becomes a young adult.
Children must be raised to adulthood. Killing them off or having CPS take them is a failure. 
Your Sim cannot have a part-time job. She may be self-employed or work from home. Any jobs that require her to travel Rabbit holes are forbidden. 
Teens can get part-time jobs to help the family with income. 
Your Sim cannot get married while she can still have children. When she is an elder, she can, but must move out of the house.
Your Sim cannot get pregnant by the same person twice.
Anyone who has impregnated your Sim cannot help out in any way. They cannot move in, provide money, or look after the children. Only your Sim can raise and look after the kids.  
You cannot influence the gender of the child. Staying away from strawberries, carrots, pop music, and alternative music will prevent this. 
You cannot choose your children’s traits, they must be picked using an in-game randomizer. 
You cannot hire a nanny to help take care of the children. However, if you want to hire maids, gardeners, technicians, etc., you may. But no one can raise your children except you.  

Additional Rules for Add-on Packs

Your Sim is allowed to run retail businesses, restaurants, or vet clinics. Teens can work at these businesses instead of hiring help. 
Your Sim can have a work-from-home job but must always choose a work-from-home job. 
As long as no rules are violated, your Sim is allowed to start or join clubs.
You may have pets (however, they add no benefits and take up space).
If they do not break any rules, your Sim can celebrate and participate in holidays.
Your Sim can become famous but cannot build a reputation through her career or job.
Your Sim can go on vacation if she is not pregnant or has a newborn. If you choose to go, the entire household must come with.  
Your Sim cannot be a vampire. She is allowed to be impregnated by one, but no vampire children can take over once she becomes an elder. 
If you have the Parenthood expansion, teens cannot age until they have an A in school and at least one character trait within trait range. If they misbehave, your Sim must stop what she is doing and punish them. 
Your Sim can use the wishing well but cannot wish for children. 
Your Sim can have a butler so long as the butler doesn’t help raise the children. 
If you have the Growing Together expansion, infants only need to try three mashed foods and one finger food. But they must have the crawling and pincer grasp milestone before aging. 
If you have the Growing Together expansion, children need an A in school and high confidence before they can age up. 
Your Sim can accept trait changes or swaps if you have the Growing Together expansion. She can also have Sims stay over but must encourage them to relax. She cannot encourage them to help or have them move in. She is also allowed to have baby showers, reunions, and sleepovers. 
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