5 Things We Love About the Sims 4 Infant Update

A screenshot of toddlers using the Head Start Playpen in The Sims 3.

5 Things We Love About the Sims 4 Infant Update

The Sims is a long running computer game franchise based upon the PC/Mac platform. It mostly involves creating and managing virtual persons called Sims in their day-to-day lives. You control what they do, and where they work while managing their likes and dislikes. All the while playing as either kids or adults to the twilight stages of a person’s life.

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However, there is one part of the life cycle that is missing from most Sim games, and that is the infant stage. Sure, babies have been around in many Sims games for a while, but they’ve mostly been just objects to interact with, not actual Sims. But the Infant Update in The Sims 4 revitalizes the concept, and introduces new changes to the formula. Here, you can care for a child, but thankfully, unlike the real-world equivalent, they do not require 24/7 maintenance. Instead, all they need is the player’s attention!

And quite possibly some cheat codes….

Anyway, here are 5 things we love about the Infant Update! Keep in mind, that this list is this writer’s opinion only, do not take them as fact.

5. Infant Traits

Much like the adult Sims, the infants all have their traits, ranging from calm to intense, sensitive to wiggly. Each baby is unique, with a combo of traits that makes them either easier or more difficult to manage. Thankfully, they aren’t random, and the 6 total traits that are available are up for the player to choose. So don’t worry about them being selected at random, it’s all in your hands.

4. Cribs

Much like any newborn babe, they require a sleeping area. But, you cannot put them in a bed, and you cannot put them in a toddler bed. Thankfully, there is a compromise. The crib is the infant’s bed, sized in between a toddler’s bed and a bassinet. They keep the infant safe and sound while the rest of the family relaxes for five minutes. 

Infants need more sleep than the other stages of youth, so having a crib is extremely important. What’s more, infants with certain traits, such as intense, are harder to put to sleep. Thankfully, a crib can be upgraded to be mobile, and the Sims can sing a lullaby or read them a story to assist them into dreamland.

3. Interactions

As they are stuck between “newborn” and “toddler” infants are more mobile than the former, but less so than the latter. And like most infants, they love to tear things up, and cause mischief. But even so, the simple fact of the matter is, they are cute, and they can be interacted with in a variety of ways. Ranging from the family dog playing with them, playing with toys, or just playing peekaboo with the infant. 

2. Milestones

Just like any adult Sim, the Infants have their milestones to achieve. Each one is listed here:

  • Fine Motor
  • Gross Motor
  •  Firsts
  •  Life
  •  Social

I.E: the process of growing up. Achieving more and more of these milestones will teach the children more about themselves. To reach said milestones, an adult Sim will teach the infant. For example, Motor skills involve things like climbing, sitting, crawling, or reaching for items.

Keeping a toy around is the best way to increase their milestone experience, and the more they get done, the better off the infant will be as a toddler.

1. Activities

And finally, there’s nothing more special than spending bonding time with an infant, and activities offer a range of choices for the player to take. These choices include playing on a play mat, changing tables (as in, where you change their diapers), and, of all things, a backpack carrier. 

The play mat is also vital to achieving milestones. As on the play mat, they can interact with toys, and refill social and fun needs. They provide a safe space for the infants to play around in, and may even stay there. Meaning it is a good place to keep a child if the Adults are busy with other projects or emergencies.

The backpack carrier, on the other hand, is all about bringing the infant with the adult wherever they go. With the backpack carrier, the adult can bring the infant along for a variety of activities, such as jogging on the street, going for a walk in the park, or even doing household chores. It let’s the adult keep an eye on the kid, or rather, strap them to their back.

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