Madden 23 Glitches: Elevate Your Game and Stun Your Opponents

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Madden 23 Glitches: Elevate Your Game and Stun Your Opponents

It’s football season, and that means it’s Madden season. The annually released game named after the legendary coach loved by football fans and even many who are not has cut out its piece of the gaming world. Many buy the game every year and play as their favorite team now and then, but the game and fandom have evolved into a lot more than that. There are highly intense competitions, real money lost and made on games, and many unofficial but-for-sale strategy guides written by players of the game. 

Madden from devel started in 1988 as John Madden Football and eventually became Madden, though the general idea remained the same. It’s a football simulator that lets the player control and interact with almost every aspect of the game, from catching passes to calling audible plays. With every release, fans dive in and find out and exploit the nuances of the latest game. Some of these exploits come in the form of glitches.

New Game, New Glitches

Since there is a yearly release, it makes sense that there are mistakes or workarounds here and there in almost every Madden title. Often, these are patched by the developer so that the experience and gameplay aren’t affected. While using these glitches may be frowned upon, they are pretty fascinating regardless. While they may be fun to try for a laugh, most of them will also result in jaw-dropping or head-turning as you stun the defense and often score an easy or even one-play touchdown. 

Madden 23 is over a year old, and the latest game, Madden 24, is available. Since it’s been a year, it’s safe to say the game’s glitches probably won’t ever be patched. Though I’m not suggesting you try these in any sort of competitive play, below are eight impressive glitches in Madden 23

Streak to the Endzone

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This glitch is a passing play that will leave a receiver wide open down the side of the field. The defense will be confused and won’t react appropriately, leaving you available for a big pass and, most likely, a touchdown every time. The faster the receiver you choose, the bigger the gap this play will create, with a higher likelihood of a touchdown. The Streak glitch works best when you are in the center of the field rather than too far right or left. 

For this glitch while on offense, you must go into the Steeler’s playbook when selecting a play. Under the Formation tab, choose Gun Tight Doubles and then pick the play Shot Fade Cross.

Manually send your Y or △ receiver on a streak run so he sprints straight down the field and into the end zone. Meanwhile, the A(Xbox) or X(PlayStation) receiver will run down and be open on the left side of the field. The play seems to dazzle the defense, so the receiver is essentially unnoticed and open to catch the pass and keep going.

Comeback Distraction for Touchdown

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This glitch again sends a distraction receiver on an audible route, leaving another receiver way open. The defense will not see this play coming and won’t react to your open receiver. This Distraction glitch will earn you big yards and put you in range of a touchdown, but more often than not, it’ll just be an easy touchdown. It works best if your Y or △ receiver’s Speed stat is over 90. 

You need to use the Detroit Lions or Run and Gun playbook to pull off this glitch while on offense. Choose Formation Empty Trey Stack under the Formation tab and then select the play Fade Out. 

Manually reroute your A(Xbox) or X(PlayStation) receiver, who will be to the left of the quarterback, so that he is on a comeback route where he runs down the field a bit and then turns and runs back about ten yards towards the left sideline. When selecting him to do this, if the comeback route doesn’t show up as an option, you’ll need to trigger it. 

To trigger the comeback route as an option, put the A(Xbox)or X (PlayStation) receiver in motion further out to the left. Then, it should become a comeback route instead of the run out to the side. Then, put him in motion back over to his original spot closer to the Quarterback. When you snap the play, your A or X receiver running back will distract the defense, and your Y or △ will be open way down the field after a straight sprint.

The Easiest 10 Yards

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This glitch is one of the many glitch RPO plays that are a common issue with Madden games. This play isn’t a touchdown pass and may not earn you huge yardage. It will almost certainly gain you 10 to 15 yards. This play is a great way to make a first down or gain momentum against a challenging or even superior opponent. 

While on offense, when selecting a play, you’ll need to jump to the Chiefs or Texans playbook. In the Formation tab, select Under Gun Deuce Close, and the play RPO Read Flat Wheel.

The Tight End will be to the Quarterback’s right and an eligible receiver with an assigned R1 or RB button to pass to. When the play starts, the Tight End will immediately run at an angle to the right sideline. He won’t go very far, but no one will be in the area, no matter what defense you are up against. Throw the ball right away to the Tight End, and he’ll catch it for about 10 yards at least.

You can also pull off this glitch using the Chiefs playbook, selecting Gun Y Off Trips under the Formation tab and picking the play RPO Zone Peek. It will be a similar setup, with the Tight End running short out to the right and being left wide open. The glitch is, again, perfect for guaranteed short yardage and possibly more if you dodge the first defender and hug the right sideline. 

Right Around the Defender

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This pass play will give you big yardage and, more often than not, a touchdown. It uses a manually rerouted receiver as a distraction. While the defense watches that receiver go an unexpected route, your other receiver will be left wide open, sprinting toward the endzone. 

To use this glitch while on offense, select the Chiefs playbook. Go to the Pistol Wing Flex Close under the Formation tab and select the play, PA Flood. 

Put the B or ◯ route, which is supposed to run up the middle and then cut over to the right sideline on a streak so they sprint straight down the field and towards the endzone. The X or A receiver to the Quarterback’s right will run at the first and likely only defender there. The defender won’t react appropriately, and the receiver will run around them instead of interacting and head down the right side of the field toward the endzone. Throw the pass to the outside, and the receiver will grab it ahead of the defenders who have now caught on but will be trailing behind. 

Invisible Tight End

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This Tight End-centric glitch works for a man coverage. Anytime you want big yardage and see the defense lined up in man-to-man, this is an easy way to get right past them and to the endzone. This glitch stuns the defender and lets your player run down thirty-plus yards without coverage. 

To access this glitch, when on offense and choosing a play, head over to the Colts playbook. Under the Formation tab, select Single Back Wing Slot and pick the play PA Double Dig.

The Tight End will be on the right side of the Offensive Line, and Quarterback. Initially, he won’t have a receiver icon as he’s set to be a blocker option instead. Pull up the audible menu using either X or ⃞ . Move to the right once for additional play options on that menu that pops up. Select the play Four Verticals. This audible will make the Tight End one of the receivers with a targeted button to pass to. 

The defense won’t react to the newly added Tight End receiver when the play starts. The Tight End, meanwhile, will run straight down the right side of the field unobstructed. When the receiver gets at least 30 yards down the field, throw the pass to him for a significant gain or possibly a touchdown. 

High Pass For the Win

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This glitch makes the High Pass a broken option. It is almost a guaranteed reception, no matter the receiver or distance of the pass. This move is an option using any passing play. It is a great way to surprise the defense with a bomb pass that somehow your receiver will easily grab out of the air. This glitch can gain you big yards or score a touchdown in most cases. 

To take advantage of this glitch, select a passing play. It’s more advantageous if you have a receiver who will be running further down the field rather than shorter.  

Snap the ball and wait for the receiver to get down the field some. Then, throw a High Pass to the receiver using LB(Xbox) or L1(PlayStation). While making the throw, use the Precision Pass feature to influence where the ball goes by pushing the Left Stick in the direction. Press the Left Stick to the outside of the reciver toward whichever sideline is closer. 

Then as the ball nears the receiver press X or ⃞ to make the catch. The receiver will jump up and grab the ball out of the air, and the receiver likely won’t even jump. The receiver will essentially make an over-the-shoulder in-air catch and still be facing away from the defender so you can keep running towards the endzone. 

Pump Fake Fakeout

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This Fakeout is the ultimate glitch in Madden 23. This glitch is the worst of all because of what it does to the defense and because it works with any Quarterback in almost any situation. The Pump Fake glitch will stun the entire defense. They will slowly move backward as if they are still trying to cover their areas or their man. This lapse leaves the Quarterback with a free run and big yardage. Slow Quarterbacks can make a decent run with this play, and fast Quarterbacks can nearly run to the endzone before the defense wakes up and reacts appropriately. 

To use this glitch, select any passing play, and if possible, one with a receiver going deeper than shorter to earn more space from the defenders.

When the play starts, perform a Pump Fake by tapping any of the receivers’ target Pass buttons twice quickly. While in the throwing motion of that fake, press the Throw Away button, which is Right Stick(Xbox) or R3(PlayStation). The defense will then glitch and remain defending a pass no matter what’s going on. The Quarterback will keep the ball. Immediately sprint forward with the Quarterback and make a run. The defense will eventually react, but after you’ve gained yards and are in a full sprint downfield.

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