Madden NFL 06 Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for Xbox 360

Madden NFL 06 Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for Xbox 360

Madden NFL 06 Create low paid all-star QB

Create a punter or kicker with all his attributes at maximum, including passing. You can sign him for a low salary because he is a kicker. Then, set him as the starting quarterback on the depth charts when the season begins. You will now have the best kicker/punter and QB in the league. You may also maximize all passing attributes and move the kicking attributes down to sign him at an even lower price; however this is only recommended if you rarely kick.

Onside kicks

This trick works with any kicker. When you are kicking off, select “Onside Kick” when the return team is switching formation. When they are set, take the power bar all the way to the top, but do not select it. Bring it all the way down so that the power is at 31. Next, make your accuracy 97 to 99. The ball will hit the ground and go up straight up in the air every time. Have one of your players that is close to the ball sprint toward it. This makes all your players follow, and you will usually get it.

Easy sacks

Be a defensive lineman and back up a few feet. When the play starts, immediately run forward and Hitsick an offensive lineman. He will fall down and your player will still be running fast towards the quarterback to sack him.

Easy touchdowns

Take the best wide receiver on your team and put him in the tightend position. Audible his route so he does a fly (straight) route. Since he has such a low overall rating, they may just have a line backer on him or he might not even be covered. Throw it to him and he will easily be able to burn the defense.

Easy training camp points

While on offense, choose an offense with three receivers; Trip Bunch in Single Back formation works very well. Put the defense on the goal line with Zone CB cover. By doing this, no one will rush your QB, and once your receiver gets past the zone, they will be left unguarded in the endzone for an easy 48 points per play almost all of the time. This should work with most short zone coverages and does not take many attempts to learn which receiver to pick, mostly anyone running a long slant.


Since the punt blockers do not block very much, it is better if you select the “Punt Block” formation instead of any other punt return formation. With the “Punt Block” formation, the punting team will not be spread out, therefore allowing your blockers to somewhat block for you; which in turn will give you more time to field the ball and have a little space to start something big.

Injure player easily

If there is a player you want to injure, go to “Features”, then to “Rosters”. Select his team, then choose the player and go to “Attributes”. Reduce his injury to “0”. This may take awhile; you may also want to set the game to four or five minute quarters.

Touchdown celebrations

Play as the Eagles against the Ravens and score a touchdown with T.O. by diving in the endzone. He will do a Ray Lewis dance in the endzone as a celebration. If you are playing as either Donovan McNabb or Daunte Culpepper and you get tackled going into the endzone and scoring a touchdown, they will do their trademark dances. Daunte will “get his roll on” and Donovan will do the moonwalk.

Player nickname

With a player named Troy Siegel (a drafted rookie three seasons into a franchise), Al Micheals will call him “Simian” in his commentary when he makes a play.

Easy first round first pick in Franchise mode

Do the following to get a good rookie draft pick. Go to create a player and set his age at 45. Set his years as a pro at 27. He does not need a name, leave it as “New Player”. Skip over “Build”, “Appearance”, and “Equipment”. Go to attributes and set “Awareness” to 99. Then, go to “Throw Power” and “Throw Accuracy” and make them both 99. Exit and save your created player. Then, sign the player. Trade him to the team with the first round first pick. You should now have the first pick in the draft almost all the time. Additionally, use the following trick to get the first pick in every round in the draft. Turn off the trade deadlines. Then, trade all of your picks with the team with the worst record before the wild card week. You will get all of their picks, and if you have a good season, you can even trade one of your picks for two of theirs.

Sign created player with high attributes for three years in Franchise mode

When creating a player, make him a free agent. Then, get his attributes up to 75 and sign the player for any team desired. Go to that team’s rosters and edit his attributes; you can make it as high as 99. When you go to Franchise mode with the team the player you created is on he will have a contract for three years.

Getting good players in Franchise mode

Use the following trick to get a great team without a high salary cost. Start a new franchise and pick a team. Do a fantasy draft and pick all the worst players. Then, release all of them and make your team from scratch, through Create-A-Player mode. Once done with the height, faces, etc., do not change the attributes. Save the player and sign him. Once you sign him, go back to Create-A-Player and select his name and change all his attributes to the maximum. Repeat this until you have a team with full attributes. The reason that all the worst players were selected is to keep you from having a high cap penalty during the next season. Note: This will take a few hours to complete.

Extra depth chart positions

The following is a list of all of the extra depth chart positions (KRPR, KOS, LS, 3DRB) of all of the top positions:


    1. Dante Hall (KC)
    2. Santana Moss (WAS)
    3. Dennis Northcutt (CLE)
    4. Michael Lewis (NO)
    5. Jermaine Lewis (FA)
    6. Antwan Randle El (PIT)
    7. Philip Buchanon (HOU)
    8. Chad Morton (FA)
    9(t). Adam Jones (TEN)
    9(t). Azair Hakim (DET)
    11. Bethel Johnson (NE)
    12. Derrick Mason (BAL)
    13. Alan Rossum (ATL)


    1. Sebastion Janikowski (OAK)
    2. Shane Lechler (OAK)


    1. Jonathan Ogden (BAL)
    2. Orlando Pace (STL)
    3. Walter Jones (SEA)
    4. Kevin Mawae (NYJ)
    5. Will Shields (KC)


    1. Ladanian Tomlinson (SD)
    2. Edgerinn James (IND)
    3. Priest Holmes (KC)
    4(t). Curtis Martin (NYJ)
    4(t). Tiki Barber (NYG)
    6. Shaun Alexander (SEA)


Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points (1,000 total possible points):

    Activate RS card: 10 points
    Complete 30 years of franchise mode: 400 points
    Complete an offline game: 30 points
    Enter the History Book: 10 points
    Get four sacks in one game: 100 points
    Get a first down: 20 points
    Pass for 350 yards: 100 points
    Rush for 200 yards: 100 points
    Score a touchdown: 30 points
    Win a franchise mode game: 100 points
    Win the Super Bowl: 100 points
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