Zelda: Breath of the Wild – All Tower Locations

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Hyrule

Zelda: Breath of the Wild – All Tower Locations

Finding each of Zelda: Breath of the Wild‘s Sheikah Towers is one of the first things players will want to do if attempting a completionist playthrough, as unlocking each tower reveals large portions of Hyrule’s map and makes exploration of the game’s beautifully realized open world even more efficient. Further, having Towers as fast-travel points allows Link to use each one as a vantage to scout nearby locations, often revealing yet another of the game’s shrines in the distance or perhaps a worthwhile distraction or enemy encampment drawing players off the critical path. Breath of the Wild is one of the Zelda series’ best games thanks to its near limitless sense of adventure, and discovering each of Hyrule’s Sheikah Towers helps to realize that freedom by allowing players to seamlessly bounce from one region to the next.

However, that’s not to say that climbing and unlocking each one of these towers is a no-brainer, as simply getting to the top of several of them will require Link to both fight his way through their defenses and have plenty of stamina to endure the long trek to the summit. This guide aims to highlight the location and challenges present at each tower while also suggesting the most optimal route for players to unlock each tower and significantly open up the map of Hyrule. That said, players can tackle each of these towers at their own convenience and even approach them in any order of their own choosing, highlighting the amount of freedom and flexibility in Zelda: Breath of the Wild‘s gameplay. Below is a map of the entirety of Hyrule along with each tower’s general location:

Breath of the Wild tower locations

Zelda: Breath of the Wild Tower Locations: General Tips & Suggested Order

There are a total of 15 Sheikah Towers for Link to climb and unlock, and some of them are guarded by the greatest environmental hazards and other obstacles Breath of the Wild can throw at players. While it’s possible to organically come across the game’s towers in the course of playing through the main story, players can unlock all 15 at any stage and in any order, as long as the right preparations are made. The following order is simply a suggestion and not a requirement, and the ordering takes precedence based on where Link will naturally encounter these towers throughout the course of the game’s critical path.

  • Great Plateau Tower
  • Dueling Peaks Tower
  • Hateno Tower
  • Lanayru Tower
  • Akkala Tower
  • Eldin Tower
  • Woodland Tower
  • Hebra Tower
  • Tabantha Tower
  • Gerudo Tower
  • Wasteland Tower
  • Ridgeland Tower
  • Central Tower
  • Lake Tower
  • Faron Tower

As players near any of these towers, it is likely they’ll be able to spot them from far away. Approaching the base of each tower reveals whatever obstacles lie in Link’s path, and the description of each tower below will outline any specific challenges players can expect. Once the towers are unlocked, Link can fast travel between any of them to quickly get to their respective regions, and once again the height of the towers makes them a great vantage point to spot Zelda: Breath of the Wild‘s many areas of interest that players might want to venture toward.

Akkala Tower

Breath of the Wild Akkala Tower location

If players continue on the path toward Zora’s Domain and decide to take on Divine Beast Vah Ruta as their first of the four, the next tower lying in their path is Akkala Tower. This is likely to be the first challenging tower climb players face in Zelda: Breath of the Wild thanks to the decline in temperature and prevalence of enemies. The base of the tower has an infestation of Calamity, making an approach from higher up a better plan of attack, but the nearby Blue Bokoblins will give you some trouble trying to get to a good gliding spot. Wearing warm clothing and keeping stamina or temperature-boosting foods and elixers will help immensely.

Central Tower

Breath of the Wild Central Tower location

The greatest challenge of climbing Central Tower is simply keeping enemies off of Link as he tries to approach and unlock the tower. The base of the tower has several Guardian Scouts waiting around that will blast Link off mid-climb, making a stealthy approach the best bet. If players don’t want to risk getting shot off mid-climb after inadvertently getting spotted, eliminating all the Guardian Scouts before climbing is also a viable option.

Dueling Peaks Tower

Breath of the Wild Dueling Peaks Tower location

Most players encounter the Dueling Peaks Tower not long after descending from the Great Plateau. The tower lies in the path between the Great Plateau and Kakariko Village, making it hard to miss if following the main quest after completing the tutorial. Although not hard to spot, players need to utilize their glider and swim in order to reach the tower. Make sure to rest periodically so as to not run out of stamina on the climb up.

Eldin Tower

Breath of the Wild Eldin Tower location

Eldin Tower is a welcome reprieve after the relative challenge of Akkala and is the next tower due north. Lying directly west of Akkala Tower, Eldin is in the foothills of Death Mountain and is situated directly on the spot where the biome changes from mountains to volcano, making temperature regulation a necessity. Approaching the climb from the south should negate much of the lava and increased temperatures Link might otherwise encounter by tackling it from another direction.

Faron Tower

Breath of the Wild Faron Tower location

Faron Tower is one that may give players some trouble trying to find it. Unlike the other towers, Faron sits at a lower elevation and isn’t immediately visible from anywhere in the surrounding area. It also lies in a location that players do not need to visit to complete Zelda: Breath of the Wild. To get to Faron Tower, head south from Dueling Peaks tower until Link reaches a jungle area. Continue heading south until reaching a river, then look toward the northern bank of the river to spot Faron Tower. The only obstacle between Link and unlocking the tower is a single Electric Wizzrobe at the bottom. Eliminate the Wizzrobe and then safely climb to the top.

Gerudo Tower

Breath of the Wild Gerudo Tower location

Just south of Tabantha Tower is Gerudo Tower, which is both a unique tower and one that’s simple to unlock. Rather than approach it from the base, players must climb the nearby cliffs and glide onto the side of the tower. Once Link is successfully on the tower, the climb to the top is easy and there are no obstacles in players’ way.

Great Plateau Tower

Breath of the Wild Great Plateau Tower location

The Great Plateau Tower is impossible to miss as it’s essential for completing the tutorial section of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The main quest will not progress until Link unlocks the tower and gains an understanding of the world outside the Great Plateau. There are no obstacles that will prevent Link from climbing the tower other than simply needing to monitor stamina throughout the climb to the top.

Hateno Tower

Breath of the Wild Hateno Tower location

Hateno Tower lies just west of Hateno Village and is most likely the third tower players will come across. The tower lies just off the road from Hateno Village leading west, and before reaching the tower it’s likely players will need to climb some of the nearby mountains to get to a good vantage point. Outside of needing to climb to spot and reach the tower, there are no other obstacles in players’ way to the top.

Hebra Tower

Breath of the Wild Hebra Tower location

Hebra Tower lies to the west of Korok Forest and east of Rito Village, sitting practically in the middle of the two locations. After climbing and unlocking the Woodland Tower, players can continue heading west and into the cold of the Tabantha Tundra. As the name of its nearby region suggests, climbing Hebra Tower requires warm weather gear and plenty of temperature regulating items. With the temperature being as low as it is, it’s recommended players have the Snowquill armor set in their possession before attempting to climb Hebra Tower. Melt the ice at the base of the tower with a well placed Fire Arrow.

Lake Tower

Breath of the Wild Lake Tower location

Players will find Lake Tower just west of Faron Tower and south of Lake Hylia. There’s nothing surrounding the tower inhibiting Link’s approach or climb, so as long as players can spot it, they can unlock it. One of the easier towers to unlock in this region.

Lanayru Tower

Breath of the Wild Lanayru Tower location

Lanayru Tower lies just north of Kakariko Village and it’s impossible to miss if players head toward Zora’s Domain as part of the main quest. On top of the tower is a Zora who is stuck, and for reaching him he rewards Link with pointing out Prince Sidon’s location. There are no obstacles between Link and the tower and the climb to the top should be a cakewalk at this point in the game as long as players have been completing shrines and improving their stamina.

Ridgeland Tower

Breath of the Wild Ridgeland Tower location

West of Hyrule Castle and sitting in the Hyrule Ridge region is the Ridgeland Tower. Like Akkala Tower, Ridgeland Tower is sure to give players some frustration when trying to climb it thanks to the obstacles surrounding it. The tower itself is in a small lake with some Electric Wizzrobes nearby, who will follow Link as he tries to climb and shock him off the tower. Instead of trying to climb without dealing with the Wizzrobes, pick them off one-by-one from the safety of the shore using special arrows. With all the Wizzrobes gone, use the islands in the lake to rest and regain stamina on the long swim to the tower.

Tabantha Tower

Breath of the Wild Tabantha Tower location

Tabantha Tower is directly south of both Rito Village and Hebra Tower, and like Akkala Tower, has Calamity blocking the base of the tower. In order to safely reach it, climb the area southwest of Tabantha Tower and then look to the north. From here, players will spot an eyeball that can be shot with an arrow. Shooting the eyeball will remove the Calamity infection from the base of the tower, also lowering the northen column for Link to use as a ramp in climbing the tower.

Wasteland Tower

Breath of the Wild Wasteland Tower location

The Wasteland Tower lies east of Gerudo Town and is near the Gerudo Desert gateway. Like other towers, the base has an environmental hazard preventing Link from simply climbing from bottom to top. Use Link’s Magnesis ability to move one of the nearby metal crates in front of the three stone slabs leading to the tower. Dropping the metal crate into the tar around the tower’s base will melt it, but quickly using Stasis on the crate after setting it down will freeze it in place. Hop on the metal crate after afflicting it with Stasis, then use the stone slabs to effortlessly climb to the top.

Woodland Tower

Breath of the Wild Woodland Tower location

Continuing to head west from Eldin Tower puts players in sight of Woodland Tower. Climbing the next tower and unlocking this section of the map is easier said than done, as the tower is right next to an old military encampment that is infested with Moblins, Octoroks, and other enemies. The best approach, as long as players have a good bow, is to approach the tower stealthily and pick off enemies one-by-one. Without altering enemies, Link can make his way to a raised platform in the military camp with one sleeping Moblin. Sneak past the sleeping foe and then climb to the next platform. From here, Link has a great vantage point to easily glide to and then climb Woodland Tower.

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