The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword – All Locations

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword map

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword – All Locations

The Zelda series is famous for including dual worlds within its games. A Link to the Past has both the Light World and the former Sacred Realm, now the Dark World. Ocarina of Time has the dual eras of both Child and Adult Link. Twilight Princess introduces players to the parallel Twilight Realm coexisting alongside Hyrule. And, of course, Skyward Sword distinctively separates the surface world of Hyrule from the safehaven that is Skyloft. Within The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, all locations fall into one of these two categories — the Surface or the Sky.

Each of these biomes are important to Skyward Sword‘s narrative and gameplay, with all of the game’s dungeons split between the surface and its three provinces until Link arrives at the game’s final dungeon in the Sky. Further, the existence of Hylians in the Sky and their complete absence on the Surface comes from the game’s lore, which establishes Skyward Sword as the first game in the series and the Surface as the land that would eventually become Hyrule. Within each location are several points of interest that Link will visit throughout the adventure, with dungeons and mini-dungeons appearing in bold.

The Sky


Skyward Sword locations

Skyloft is where the main story of Skyward Sword begins and is also the childhood home of both Link and Zelda. The main island of Skyloft is essentially a floating mini-continent that is joined by several other smaller islands to form an airborne archipelago. Both Link and Zelda attend the Knight Academy on Skyloft, which is the safehaven of the Hylians following the attempts of the Demon King Demise to steal the Triforce. Shortly after the game begins, Link takes his Loftwing down to the Surface in search of Zelda, but will need to regularly return to Skyloft in order to visit its various shops in the bazaar and as part of several side quests.

Players will find the following locations within Skyloft:

  • Batreaux’s House
  • The Bazaar
  • Beedle’s Air Shop
  • The Goddess’s Silent Realm
  • Graveyard
  • Isle of the Goddess
  • Knight Academy
  • Light Tower
  • The Plaza
  • Sky Keep
  • Sparring Hall
  • Waterfall Cave


Skyward Sword locations

Thunderhead is the other major location Link regularly visits in the Sky throughout Skyward Sword‘s main quest. Resembling a giant ball of clouds, Link needs to change the direction of Skyloft’s windmills before he can even access its inner sanctum. Once inside, there are three major points of interest that Link will visit to learn songs for the Goddess’s Harp or collect Goddess Chests. This location is also the site of the boss battle against Bilocyte, which frees up the giant sky whale Levias to teach Link the final piece of The Song of the Hero after meeting with the three dragons.

Players will find the following locations within Thunderhead:

  • Bug Rock
  • Isle of Songs
  • Levias

The Surface

Faron Province

Skyward Sword locations

The Faron Province is the first Surface location that Link will visit after departing Skyloft, following Zelda’s trail afer diving off the back of his Loftwing. It is one of the four major regions of Skyward Sword‘s map (the other three being Eldin Province, Lanayru Province, and the Sky) and the Faron Woods account for most of the territory within this starting area. The Great Tree stands tall within the heart of Faron Woods and the region also receives protection from the Water Dragon, leading it to be an area rich with several different kinds of plant and animal species.

Locations that players will visit within the Faron Province include:

  • Ancient Cistern
  • Deep Woods
  • Faron Woods
  • Farore’s Silent Realm
  • Great Tree
  • Lake Floria
  • Sealed Grounds
  • Sealed Temple
  • Skyview Spring
  • Skyview Temple

Eldin Province

Skyward Sword locations

The second region of the Surface that players visit in Skyward Sword is the Eldin Province, the northernmost part of the land that will become Hyrule. The Eldin Volcano accounts for most of the territory within the province (a stand-in for what will eventually become Death Mountain in future iterations of Hyrule) and Eldin generally has a much warmer climate than that of the Faron Province that players first visit after arriving on the Surface. The area is home to a race of creatures known as Mogmas that are friendly to Link, even gifting him his first Bomb Bag.

Locations that players will visit within the Eldin Province include:

  • Bokoblin Base
  • Din’s Silent Realm
  • Earth Spring
  • Earth Temple
  • Eldin Volcano
  • Fire Dragon’s Hall
  • Fire Sanctuary
  • Volcano Summit

Lanayru Province

Skyward Sword locations

The third and final region on the Surface that players will visit is the vast Lanayru Province, home to the Lanayru Desert. Using the Timeshift Stones, Link is able to view Lanaury Province in the past in its former glory before becoming a vast desert wasteland. The area was once home to lush green foliage until the aftermath of the war between the Goddess Hylia and the Demon King Demise turned the province into what it now is. The Temple of Time can be found within Lanayru Province, holding the key to how Link and Zelda will stop Girahaim and prevent the resurrection of Demise. The area also contains more dungeons and mini-dungeons than any other region on the Surface.

Locations that players will visit in the Lanayru Province include:

  • Ancient Harbor
  • Lanayru Caves
  • Lanayru Desert
  • Lanayru Gorge
  • Lanayru Mine
  • Lanayru Mining Facility
  • Lanayru Sand Sea
  • Nayru’s Silent Realm
  • Pirate Stronghold
  • Rickety Coaster
  • Sandship
  • Shipyard
  • Skipper’s Retreat
  • Temple of Time


Skyview Temple

Skyward Sword Skyview Temple

The Skyview Temple is Skyward Sword‘s first dungeon and an analogue for the classic Forest Temple dungeon that appears in several other Zelda games. Located within the Faron Province, Link enters the Skyview Temple in search of Zelda, coming face-to-face with her kidnapper Girahim in what proves to be the first of several encounters throughout the game.

Items that players acquire within the Skyview Temple include:

  • Beetle (Dungeon Key Item)
  • Piece of Heart
  • Ruby Tablet (Dungeon Key Item)
  • Heart Container

Earth Temple

Skyward Sword Earth Temple

The Earth Temple lies within the Eldin Volcano at the heart of Eldin Province and is the second dungeon players will visit in Skyward Sword. This molten area sees Link retrieving a Bomb Bag for the nearby Mogmas only to then receive it as a gift for his help in rescuing them. The Bombs come in handy for removing boulders and also dislodging them to then use as part of some of the dungeon’s puzzles.

Items that players acquire in the Earth Temple include:

  • Amber Tablet (Dungeon Key Item)
  • Bomb Bag (Dungeon Key Item)
  • Heart Container

Lanayru Mining Facility

Skyward Sword locations

The third dungeon that players visit comes as part of Link’s journey into the final region of the Surface, Lanayru Province. Following the war between Hylia and Demise, the Ancient Robots can no longer live in the region, abandoning this mining facility to the sands (literal and figurative) of time. This is the first dungeon in which players will have Link use the Timeshift Stones to hop back and forth between Lanayru’s prosperous past and desolate present, gifting players with some of the most ingenious puzzles in the game.

Items that players acquire within the Lanayru Mining Facility include:

  • Goddess’s Harp (Dungeon Key Item)
  • Gust Bellows (Dungeon Key Item)
  • Heart Container

Ancient Cistern

Skyward Sword Ancient Cistern

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After completing the first three dungeons and acquiring the Goddess’s Harp, Link must return to the Faron Province to continue his mission to save Zelda and prevent the resurrection of Demise. This return trip sees the hero visiting the game’s fourth dungeon, the Ancient Cistern, where some of Skyward Sword‘s best puzzles and combat encounters await. Of all locations in Skyward Sword, few are as engaging or tranquil.

Items players acquire in the Ancient Cistern include:

  • Goddess Longsword (Dungeon Key Item)
  • Heart Container
  • Whip (Dungeon Key Item)


Skyward Sword Sandship

Simply getting to Skyward Sword‘s fifth dungeon, the Sandship, is an adventure in and of itself, requiring players to return to Lanayru Province and use a cannon to remove the massive vessel’s cloaking device. Once onboard, this mobile dungeon presents some more time-traveling puzzle design facilitated through the Timeshift Stones, and it also happens to contain one of the game’s most important pieces of equipment.

Items players acquire on the Sandship include:

  • Bow (Dungeon Key Item)
  • Goddess White Sword (Dungeon Key Item)
  • Heart Container
  • Piece of Heart

Fire Sanctuary

Skyward Sword Fire Sanctuary

The final trip to Eldin Province sees Link visiting the Fire Sanctuary. Skyward Sword‘s 6th dungeon is chock full of meaningful rewards and important narrative beats. As the final dungeon Link clears on the surface, the Fire Sanctuary is where players acquire the final form of the Goddess Sword — The Master Sword. Coinciding with this momentous occasion is yet another climactic battle against Girahim.

Items players acquire within the Fire Sanctuary include:

  • Empty Bottle
  • Heart Container
  • Master Sword (Dungeon Key Item)
  • Mogma Mitts (Dungeon Key Item)
  • Piece of Heart

Sky Keep

Skyward Sword Sky Keep

The final dungeon of Skyward Sword sees Link returning to where the adventure begins, Skyloft. After Acquiring the Song of the Hero, Link is able to destroy the earth surrounding the Isle of the Goddess to reveal the ancient temple underneath. It is here within the Sky Keep that Link finally collects the three peices of the Triforce, assembling them to prevent the resurrection of Demise. The Sky Keep falls from the Sky to the Sealed Grounds within Faron Province after Link clears it. It is there that he makes his final stand against Girahim and the Demon King.

Items players acquire within the Sky Keep include:

  • Triforce of Courage (Dungeon Key Item)
  • Triforce of Power (Dungeon Key Item)
  • Triforce of Wisdom (Dungeon Key Item)


Waterfall Cave

Skyward Sword locations

The Waterfall Cave is the first mini-dungeon players will complete as part of Skyward Sword‘s initial hours. This Skyfall location is a tutorial of sorts, teaching Link the basics of how to maneuver around the game’s world and effectively combat enemies.

Inside the Great Tree

Skyward Sword locations

The second mini-dungeon players will complete is venturing inside the Great Tree at the heart of Faron Woods. It is one of the locations Link must visit as part of his quest to complete The Song of the Hero.

Pirate Stronghold

Skyward Sword locations

The Sandship is another of the mini-dungeons players will visit in Skyward Sword. Though this location doesn’t feature any significant rewards, it’s necessary to complete the Pirate Stronghold to gain access to the Sandship. As such, it’s located nearby in the Lanaru Province.

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