The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess – All Items and Upgrades

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The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess – All Items and Upgrades

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess continues a long tradition of games in the Zelda series featuring a plethora of items and equipment for Link to unlock and use throughout his adventure. Though he starts humbly with the traditional sword, shield, and tunic, Link eventually obtains a thoroughly expansive toolbox that gives him a variety of ways to approach any of the game’s puzzles or combat encounters. Like most games in the series, each dungeon features its own unique piece of equipment that factors heavily into its traversal and puzzle-solving, while there are several other side quests and main story-adjacent items that will also be permanent fixtures in Link’s inventory.

Additionally, there are upgrades for every piece of equipment that Link carries, with Twilight Princess featuring three different swords, shields, and armor. Further, there are plenty of collectibles hidden throughout the game’s version of Hyrule, including 45 Pieces of Heart for Link to find in hopes of maxing out his available Heart Containers. In addition to the improvements available via their respective upgrades, these are all the items that players will find and use in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.


Wooden Sword

Twilight Princess itemsReturning in Twilight Princess is the recurring first weapon from several Zelda titles — The Wooden Sword. Link receives the sword from his mentor Rusl as a gift and will use it throughout the first introductory section of the game’s adventure. The weapon eventually breaks in use against King Bulbin, but in Wolf form Link is able to use it as a means to track down Talo and the other missing children by acquiring the Youth’s Scent from the broken blade.

Ordon Sword

Twilight Princess itemsLike the Wooden Sword, Link receives the Ordon Sword from Rusl as well as instructions to deliver the blade to the Royal Family of Hyrule. Before he can complete his task, though, Link is pulled into the Twilight Realm and transforms into a Wolf. After returning back to human form, Link uses the Ordon Sword and Ordon Shield until he obtains the Master Sword and Hylian Shield.

Master Sword

Twilight Princess itemsTwilight Princess‘ version of the iconic Master Sword lies in its pedestal deep within the Sacred Grove. After Zant curses Link to permanently exist in Wolf form, Princess Zelda informs him that the Master Sword can break the curse. Venturing into Faron Woods, Link enters the Sacred Grove and successfully draws the sword from its stone pedestal, breaking the curse and transforming him back into his human form. From this point, Link’s primary weapon is the Master Sword, which is the only weapon capable of defeating both Zant and Ganon.


Ordon Shield

Twilight Princess itemsThe Ordon Shield is the first shield players acquire in Twilight Princess, stealing it from its display in Jaggle and Pergie’s house after transforming into Wolf Link. Meeting Midna sees the Twilight Princess require that Link obtain a suitable sword and shield, and with the Ordon Sword already in his possession the Ordon Shield becomes his first goal. This is the default shield players will have for the first loop part of Twilight Princess‘ main quest and is flammable like other wooden shields in the series.

Wooden Shield

Twilight Princess itemsThe Wooden Shield is essentially identical to the Ordon Shield in functionality and purpose, though it does differ in terms of its shape and design. Because the Ordon Shield is flammable, the Wooden Shield is available for purchase as a replacement in several shops around Hyrule. Like the Ordon Shield, it offers some basic defense but is vulnerable to fire attacks and will burn if it encounters flame.

Hylian Shield

Twilight Princess itemsTwilight Princess‘ version of the iconic Hylian Shield becomes available for purchase right before players enter the Goron Mines, which contain several different flame-emitting enemies and traps. The shield is available for 200 Rupees from Malo Mart and from a Goron on the road to the mines. In addition to offering better defense, the Hylian Shield is resistant to flame and bears the crest of the goddess Hylia as well as the Triforce.


Hero’s Clothes

Twilight Princess itemsUnlike most other games in the Zelda series, Twilight Princess actually doesn’t equip Link with the iconic green tunic at the game’s outset. Otherwise known as the “Hero’s Clothes”, these green garments are said to have been worn by the “Hero of Time” (the recurring role Link is continually reborn to fulfill). Players obtain them in Twilight Princess after collecting the Ordon Sword and Shield and returning to Midna, receiving them as a gift from Faron. They are the default armor Link wears throughout the game.

Zora Armor

Twilight Princess itemsLink receives the Zora Armor after rescuing the Zora prince Ralis. Receiving it as a gift from the Zora queen Rutela, the Zora Armor allows Link to breathe underwater. Although the armor allows Link to swim better and walk along the floors of lakes and rivers (when using it with the Iron Boots), it is weaker than the Hero’s Clothes to fire and ice attacks.

Magic Armor

Twilight Princess itemsThe Magic Armor is players’ reward for completing Twilight Princess‘ lengthy trading quest, but the extra defense it offers makes obtaining it extremely worthwhile. Unlike other armor sets, the Magic Armor drains Rupees from Link’s wallet as he wears it in exchange for reducing damage by 75%. Taking a hit will also drain it 10 Rupees. When Link’s wallet is empty, the armor loses its effect and actually hinders his movement.


Ball and Chain

Twilight Princess itemsThe Ball and Chain is the Snowpeak Ruins dungeon item and the reward for defeating the dungeon’s mini-boss Darkhammer. In addition to using it to break ice and rocks, the item can also come in handy against certain enemies as an offensive weapon. Freezards (which are enemies made entirely from ice) can only be defeated using the Ball and Chain.

Bomb Bag

Twilight Princess itemsLink can actually hold up to three Bomb Bags at any given time in Twilight Princess. Rather than have the Bomb Bags increase in size, the ability to carry multiples allows for each one to hold a different type of bomb. The first of the Bomb Bags is obtainable in Kakariko Village from the Barnes Bomb Shop where Link can purchase it for 120 Rupees. The second is a gift for clearing Upper Zora’s River of rocks using Bomb Arrows. Finally, the third Bomb Bag is gift from the Goron Link can free from the Molten Shard using Water Bombs.


Twilight Princess itemsAppearing in almost every single Zelda game to date is the Bomb. Twilight Princess‘ version of these iconic items become available as soon as Link can visit Barnes Bomb Shop. Here, players can purchase various amounts of Bombs for different pricess, as long as they have a Bomb Bag to carry them. In addition to planting Bombs by hand, Link can combine them with his Arrows to make Bomb Arrows.


Twilight Princess itemsPlayers will first encounter Bomblings as enemies that can be hit and then used as Bomb substitutes inside the Forest Temple. However, after completing the Lakebed Temple, Link can purchase and hold Bomblings in a Bomb Bag. Combining Bomblings with the Gale Boomerang will allow Link to throw and denoate them much farther as well as in out-of-reach places.

Water Bomb

Twilight Princess itemsAs the name implies, Water Bombs are Bombs that can still be effective in underwater environments. As such, they are an essential pick up from Barnes Bomb Shop before entering and completing the Lakebed Temple dungeon. Link can use the Water Bombs while underwater, but must also have the Iron Boots equipped in order to do so.

Bottle (x4)

Twilight Princess itemsMuch like in every other Zelda game since the item’s introduction in A Link to the Past, players can use Empty Bottles to hold fairies, potions, or other useful substances in Twilight Princess. There are a total of 4 Empty Bottles to collect and keep in Link’s inventory:
1. Sera will gift Link his first Empty Bottle after completing the side quest to return her cat.
2. The second Empty Bottle is available for purchase from Coro in Faron Woods.
3. Players can find the third Empty Bottle by using the Fishing Rod to pull it from the small bond near the bridge on the eastern side of Hena’s Fishing Hole.
4. The final Empty Bottle is the reward from Jovani for collecting 20 Poe Souls.


Twilight Princess itemsThe Clawshot is essentially Twilight Princess‘ version of the classic Hookshot item. Using the Clawshot, Link can cross large gaps by latching onto vines, metal grates, or other targets. Additionally, Link can use the Clawshot to pull armor off enemies, exposing their weak points. Players obtain the Clawshot as the dungeon item in the Lakebed Temple and need it to traverse the dungeon and defeat its boss.

Double Clawshot

Twilight Princess itemsThe Double Clawshot arrives courtesy of the City in the Sky dungeon, giving Link the ability to claw to the ceiling and then use a secondary Clawshot to reach even further targets. The Double Clawshot is necessary for beating the City in the Sky dungeon’s boss Argorok as well as reaching some of the more tricky Pieces of Heart to obtain in the overworld.

Coral Earring

Twilight Princess itemsThe Coral Earring is a piece of jewelry that the Zora Queen Rutela gives to her son Prince Ralis. He gives Link the Coral Earring as thanks for saving him, which Link can use to catch the Reekfish necessary for Yeto to make his special soup in the Snowpeak Mountains. Link can fill an Empty Bottle with Yeto’s Soup and use it as a health-restoring potion. After obtaining the Coral Earring, it becomes the default hook on Link’s Fishing Rod.

Dominion Rod

Twilight Princess itemsPlayers will obtain the Dominion Rod inside of Twilight Princess‘ Temple of Time. Using the Dominion Rod, Link can bring statues to life and have them mimic his movements. The main use for moving these statues is to have them stand on pressure plates and open doors or help solve puzzles.

Fishing Rod

Twilight Princess itemsThe Fishing Rod is one of the first important pieces of equipment that Link will acquire in Twilight Princess, receiving it as a gift from Rusl’s wife Uli. In addition to being able to fish from nearly any body of water, Link must use the Fishing Rod to obtain other important items such as the Slingshot, Empty Bottles, or the Reekfish necessary for befriending Yeto and gaining entry to Snowpeak Ruins.

Gale Boomerang

Twilight Princess itemsThe Gale Boomerang is the first dungeon item players acquire in Twilight Princess inside the Forest Temple. In possession of the Monkey leader Ook, Link obtains the Gale Boomerang after defeating the parasite controling Ook and learns that the Fairy of Winds resides within the item. In addition to its use as a means to flip far away switches or stun enemies, the Boomerang can carry Bomblings to far-off distances.

Ghost Lantern (Twilight Princess HD)

Twilight Princess itemsExclusive to the Wii U remaster of Twilight Princess, the Ghost Lantern lights up anytime one of the Imp Poe spirits are nearby. The Ghost Lantern does not function as a normal lantern and only serves this one particular purpose.


Twilight Princess itemsThe Hawkeye is an interesting item that makes its series debut in Twilight Princess. Using it in conjunction with the Hero’s Bow allows players to snipe enemies from long distances. Players can purchase the Hawkeye for 100 Rupees from Malo Mart after completing Talo and Malo’s bow mini-game.

Hero’s Bow

Twilight Princess itemsAnother recurring item throughout the Zelda series and timeline, the Hero’s Bow is the treasure of the Goron Mines. Defeating Dangoro within the mines results in him giving Link possession of the Hero’s Bow to save the Goron patriarch Darbus. In the final battle with Ganondorf, Princess Zelda imbues the arrows from the bow with Spirits of Light so that he becomes vulnerable to strikes from the Master Sword.

Horse Call

Twilight Princess itemsThe Horse Call is what players receive from Ilia after using her charm to restore her memory. Using the Horse Call will summon Epona anywhere on Hyrule Field without needing to find patches of Horse Grass.

Iron Boots

Twilight Princess itemsSince making their debut in Ocarina of Time, the Iron Boots have made an appearance in several Zelda games as Link’s primary means of walking underwater. Link receives the Iron Boots from the Mayor of Ordon Village after defeating him in a Sumo Wrestling match, and he can use them to ascend Death Mountain. Additionally, Link will need the Iron Boots to walk on the magnetic roof tiles in the Goron Mines as well as traverse the Lakebed Temple.


Twilight Princess itemsLink receives Twilight Princess‘ Lantern as a gift from Coro in Faron Woods as a means of advertising his Lantern Oil business. What makes Twilight Princess‘ version of the Lantern unique is Link’s ability to equip it by brandishing it from his belt, allowing him to still use a sword and shield or other items in both hands.


Twilight Princess itemsLink first encounters Ooccoo inside the Forest Temple stuck inside of a pot. From here, Link will find her inside every subsequent dungeon in search of the Dominion Rod so that she can return to her home in the City in the Sky. Along with her son Ooccoo Jr., Ooccoo allows Link to teleport outside of a dungeon and then warp to the last room he was in on return.

Ooccoo Jr.

Twilight Princess itemsTogether with his mother Ooccoo, Ooccoo Jr. allows Link to exit and return to dungeons without losing any progress. Once Link discovers Ooccoo’s hiding place within each dungeon, he can use Ooccoo Jr. to warp directly to her as well as exit at any time.


Twilight Princess itemsThe Slingshot is one of the first key items players will acquire in Twilight Princess. Available for 30 Rupees at Sera’s Sundries in Ordon Village, the Slingshot launches pumpkin seeds from Ordon Pumpkins and is capable of eliminating smaller enemies like Keese or Skullwalltulas. Though the Slingshot is useful in the early game, it quickly becomes obsolete.


Twilight Princess itemsThe Spinner is the dungeon treasure of the Arbiter’s Grounds, with players obtaining it after defeating the mini-boss Death Sword. It attaches to rails along walls within the dungeon and in the boss’ arena, with Link riding on the device as if it was a skateboard. While on the spinner, players can have Link execute a spin attack, and the item can also be used as a means to slow falls or prevent fatal injury after falling from significant heights.

Inventory & Upgrades


Twilight Princess itemsThe Wallet contains all of Link’s Rupees, initially limiting the amount to 300. After obtaining upgrades for the Wallet, Link can increase its capacity. The amount that each wallet upgrade carries varies depending on which version of Twilight Princess you’re playing.

Big Wallet

Twilight Princess itemsThe first upgrade for the Wallet is the Big Wallet. Players can acquire the Big Wallet after giving Agatha one Golden Bug, and it holds 600 Rupees in the original version of the game while holding 1,000 Rupees in Twilight Princes HD.

Giant Wallet

Twilight Princess itemsAfter collecting 24 Golden Bugs and giving them to Agatha, players will receive the final upgrade for the Wallet in the Giant Wallet. This maximum capacity upgrade to the Wallet allows Link to carry 1,000 Rupees in Twilight Princess and 2,000 Rupees in the Wii U remaster. Exclusive to Twilight Princess HD on Wii U is the Colossal Wallet, which increases the capacity to 9,999 Rupees.


Twilight Princess itemsLink will obtain the Quiver at the same time he acquires the Hero’s Bow in Goron Mines. Like the Wallet or Bomb Bag, it’s possible to acquire upgrades for the Quiver that increase its capacity. The standard quiver holds up to 30 arrows.

Big Quiver

Twilight Princess itemsOnce players reach Hyrule Castle Town and participate in the STAR mini-game, the Big Quiver becomes available. This initial upgrade to the Quiver increases its capacity to a total of 60 arrows.

Giant Quiver

Twilight Princess itemsAfter obtaining the Double Clawshots, returning to Hyrule Castle Town and completing the STAR mini-game a second time rewards the Giant Quiver. The final upgrade to the Quiver, the Giant Quiver increases the total capacity to 100 arrows.

Giant Bomb Bag

Twilight Princess itemsCompleting the Rapid Rides mini-game in Upper Zora’s River awards Link with an upgrade to the standard Bomb Bag in the Giant Bomb Bag. The capacity of the Giant Bomb Bag varies depending on what kind of bombs the player chooses to store in it. It can hold 60 Bombs, 30 Water Bombs, or 20 Bomblings.


Poe Soul

Twilight Princess itemsPlayers can collect up to a total of 60 Poe Souls in Twilight Princess, with Jovani providing Link with rewards for every 20 he brings. Additionally, after collecting all 60, players can return and keep talking to Jovani for a free 200 Rupees each time. The Poe Souls are scattered all around Hyrule.

Heart Container

Twilight Princess itemsFor every Heart Container that Link collects, he earns one additional heart in his total pool of hit points. There are 8 Heart Containers that players will obtain as part of beating bosses in the main story, with the other 9 (for a full life bar of 20 Hearts) coming from collecting Pieces of Heart.

Piece of Heart

Twilight Princess itemsUnlike other games in the Zelda series, Twilight Princess requires players to collect 5 Pieces of Heart to make 1 full Heart Container instead of the traditional 4. As a result, there are 45 Pieces of Heart to collect from all over Hyrule, with many requiring the use of other pieces of Link’s equipment.

Quest Items

Vessel of Light

Twilight Princess itemsEach time Link visits a new province of Hyrule, he obtains a new Vessel of Light for collecting Tears of Light. After meeting each province’s respective Spirit of Light and collecting the right number of Tears of Light, he uses the Vessel to banish the area of Twilight and return it to its natural state. Link will complete this task as part of the main quest, making the items unmissable.

Auru’s Memo

Twilight Princess itemsAuru gives Link this memo after he obtains the Master Sword and answers “Yes” to heading into the Gerudo Desert. With the memo in hand, Link can take the Oasis Flight that Fyer offers.

Ashei’s Sketch

Twilight Princess itemsBefore Link can enter the path to Snowpeak Ruins he needs to speak with Ashei, who gives Link a sketch of Yeto holding a Reekfish. With this sketch, Link can visit Prince Ralis and obtain the Coral Earring, which he can then use to catch a Reekfish and follow Yeto’s scent up the mountain.

Ordon Pumpkin

Twilight Princess itemsIn addition to providing Link with ammunition for the Slingshot with their seeds, Ordon Pumpkins are an essential ingredient in improving Yeto’s soup. Players will acquire an Ordon Pumpkin as one of the treasures in Snowpeak Ruins.

Ordon Goat Cheese

Twilight Princess itemsLike the Ordon Pumpkin, players will acquire Ordon Goat Cheese as one of the treasures Yeto leads them to in Snowpeak Ruins. If Link gives the Ordon Goat Cheese to Yeto to put in his soup, it changes the soup to Superb Soup, restoring as many hearts as a Red Potion or Fairie.

Renado’s Letter

Twilight Princess itemsRenado will give Link this letter detailing how to resotre Ilia’s memory after he clears the Temple of Time and returns to Kakariko Village. When Link delivers the letter to Telma, he receives the Invoice in exchange.


Twilight Princess itemsAlthough the doctor of Kakariko Village isn’t willing to help Link, Telma gives Link an invoice showing his debt, prompting him to provide Link with the location of the Wooden Statue.

Wooden Statue

Twilight Princess itemsAfter receiving the location of the Wooden Statue from Borville, Link follows the trail of the statue using the Medicine scent, eventually leading him to the Hidden Village. Along with Renado’s Letter and the Invoice, the Wooden Statue is part of the quest to restore Ilia’s memory.

Ilia’s Charm

Twilight Princess itemsImpaz from the Hidden Village will present Link with Ilia’s Charm, which he can then bring back to Ilia and restore her memory. Doing so transforms the charm into the Horse Call, which Link can use to call Epona at any point on the Hyrule map.

Ancient Sky Book

Twilight Princess itemsAfter finding the Dominion Rod, Link must return to the Hidden Village and speak with Impaz to discover how to restore power to it so that he can reach the City in the Sky. After finding the six hidden characters for the Ancient Sky Book using the Dominion Rod, Link learns Sky Writing and is able to have the Dominion Rod brought back to full power.

Hidden Skills

Ending Blow

Twilight Princess itemsThe Ending Blow is the first of the Hidden Skills that Link learns and the only one that does not require howling at the Howling Stones in Wolf form. The Hero’s Spirit teaches Link the skill by default and it’s necessary for defeating Ganondorf.

Shield Attack

Twilight Princess itemsHowling at the Howling Stone on the path to Death Mountain will see the White Wolf join Link and then mark a location on his map. Heading there in human form will see the Hero’s Spirit teach the second of the hidden skills — the Shield Attack. This move is similar to a parry, lowering an enemy’s defense after an attack.

Back Slice

Twilight Princess itemsHowling at the Howling Stone in Upper Zora’s River unlocks the location of the third Hidden Skill, the Back Slice. This move involves strafing around the enemy to face its back, then launching into a jump-strike.

Helm Splitter

Twilight Princess itemsHelm Splitter is the fourth Hidden Skill and Link discovers the location where he can learn it from the Hero’s Spirit after howling at the Howling Stone in the Sacred Grove. This move comes in handy for enemies that don’t let Link flank them, instead seeing him launch into a vertical strike from the front.

Mortal Draw

Twilight Princess itemsVisiting the Howling Stone in the southern part of Lake Hylia will reveal the location to learn the fifth Hidden Skill — Mortal Draw. Mortal Draw requires players to stand still without targeting an enemy, and once they get close enough the button prompt will change to “Draw”, seeing Link unsheathe his blade and strike the enemy in one fell swoop.

Jump Strike

Twilight Princess itemsThe Howling Stone at Snowpeak Ruins will reveal the location of the sixth Hidden Skill, the Jump Strike. The Jump Strike is an upgrade to Link’s Jump Slash, not only striking an enemy but leaving a shockwave that knocks all other nearby enemies down.

Great Spin

Twilight Princess itemsThe seventh and final Hidden Skill is the Great Spin, which players will discover after meeting with the White Wolf at the Howling Stone in the Hidden Village. This is a substantial upgrade to the normal Spin Attack, increasing both its radius and power.
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