Zelda: Ocarina of Time – All Items and Upgrades

Zelda: Ocarina of Time inventory screen

Zelda: Ocarina of Time – All Items and Upgrades

The fact that Zelda: Ocarina of Time still maintains the highest aggregate score of any game should come as no surprise to those who played this Nintendo 64 masterpiece. The series’ first foray into 3D, Ocarina of Time had a tough act to follow in A Link to the Past but did so with flair. Part of the enduring appeal of the game rests on Link’s ability to feel better than ever in 3D, as well as having one of the best arsenals of any Zelda game. Ocarina of Time doesn’t just copy and paste the items and equipment from previous Zelda games, instead opting to include past series staples while also introducing brand new ones.

Sure, Link has various swords and shields to collect throughout his adventure, and several inventory upgrades for carrying more bombs and arrows, but the sheer amount of potential items for Link to collect in Ocarina of Time is almost staggering. Bottles have greater utility than they do in their introduction from A Link to the Past, and the fact that Link can acquire a sword more powerful than the iconic Master Sword from completing a zany sidequest is something that doesn’t appear in any other Zelda title. Perhaps most important is that each of these items has utility within the context of Ocarina of Time‘s world, meaning players have incentive to scour every inch of Hyrule in persuit of them.


Kokiri Sword

Kokiri Sword Ocarina of TimeThe Kokiri Sword is the first sword Link acquires in Ocarina of Time. Players will obtain it at the Kokiri Forest Training Center and will need it, along with the Deku Shield, to speak to the Great Deku Tree and begin their adventure. Although it’s the weakest sword in the game, it does a more than capable job as the only sword Link has when in Child form.

Master Sword

Ocarina of Time Master SwordThe Master Sword is the blade Link acquires after obtaining all three Spirit Stones and enters the Temple of Time. Upon pulling the sword from its pedestal, Link travels ahead 7 years into the future and take on his Adult form. As the “Sword of Evil’s Bane”, the Master Sword is the only blade capable of defeating Ganon.

Giant’s Knife

Ocarina of Time Giant's KnifeThe Giant’s Knife is a powerful, but breakable, sword that Link can purchase from Medigoron’s Blade Store as an adult. It costs 200 Rupees and will break after 8 hits, but it does have greater power than the Master Sword. It’s essentially a breakable version of the Biggoron’s Sword.

Biggoron’s Sword

Ocarina of Time Biggoron's SwordThe Biggoron’s Sword is the most powerful blade players can wield in Zelda: Ocarina of Time, but the steps to obtain it are long and arduous. In order to get this unbreakable version of the Giant’s Knife, players need to complete the Trading Sequence side quest in its entirety. Although the sword being two-handed means Link can’t simultaneously hold a shield and use it, it makes up for it with its immense power.


Deku Shield

Ocarina of Time Deku ShieldLink’s first shield is the Deku Shield, which players can purchase in the Kokiri Shop for 40 Rupees. Since it’s made of wood, the shield is vulnerable to fire attacks and will burn up when subjectd to flame. It’s also the only shield that Child Link is capable of wielding effectively.

Hylian Shield

Ocarina of Time Hylian ShieldThe second shield Link can acquire is the Hylian shield, which can either be found in the Kakariko Village Graveyard or purchased at the Hyrule Castle Bazaar. Since it’s made of metal, Link can use it to block fireballs, but this extra defense comes at the cost of greater weight. Child Link can only use the shield on his back like a turtle while Adult Link can wield it one-handed.

Mirror Shield

Ocarina of Time Mirror ShieldThe third and final shield Link obtains is the Mirror Shield, which is the treasure for beating the Iron Knuckle within the Spirit Temple. In addition to reflecting light beams to solve puzzles, the shield is essential to defeat the boss of the Spirit Temple.


Kokiri Tunic

Ocarina of Time Kokiri TunicThe Kokiri Tunic is the default iconic green garb of the hero Link and he wears it as both a child and an adult. It features no special bonuses or properties.

Goron Tunic

Ocarina of Time Goron TunicLink acquires the Goron Tunic as his second set of clothing in Goron City after turning into an adult. This tunic is heat-resistant and allows Link to enter the Death Mountain Crater and gain access to the Fire Temple.

Zora Tunic

Ocarina of Time Zora TunicThe third and final tunic Link acquires is the Zora Tunic. Players need Blue Fire in order to obtain this tunic, which Link receives as a gift for freeing King Zora out of the ice or is able to purchase after melting the ice that surrounds it in the Zora Shop. This tunic allows Link to breathe underwater, making it essential for completing the Water Temple.


Kokiri Boots

Ocarina of Time Kokiri BootsThe Kokiri Boots are the default footwear that both child and adult Link wear.

Iron Boots

Ocarina of Time Iron BootsThe Iron Boots are useful for allowing Link to sink down to the bottom of water or resist strong winds, securing him to the floor through their excessive weight. Only adult Link can wear them and movement is significantly slowed when walking in them.

Hover Boots

Ocarina of Time Hover BootsThe final boots Link acquires in Zelda: Ocarina of Time are the Hover Boots. They have less traction than normal boots but allow Link to hover over small gaps or bodies of water. Players acquire them after defeating Dead Hand in the Shadow Temple and they’re essential for some of the puzzles in both the Shadow and Spirit Temples.


Deku Seeds Bullet Bag

Ocarina of Time Deku Seeds Bullet BagLink receives his first Deku Seed Bullet Bag at the same time he gets the Fairy Slingshot. This first version of the bag can hold 30 Deku Seeds, but there are two other upgrades Link can obtain for the bag. Each of the upgrades can be obtained in any order, and they increase the capacity to 40 and 50 seeds, respectively.Upgrades
1. Lost Woods Target Upgrade
2. Market Shooting Gallery Upgrade


Ocarina of Time QuiverLink obtains the Quiver at the same time he gets the Fairy Bow inside of the Forest Temple. Although it initially holds 30 arrows, Link can upgrade its capacity twice. Both upgrades come from winning the shooting challenges in Kakariko Village and Gerudo’s Fortress.Upgrades
1. Kakariko Village Shooting Gallery (perfect score)
2. Gerudo’s Fortress Horseback Archery (1500 Points)

Bomb Bag

Ocarina of Time Bomb BagLink finds the Bomb Bag (and the bombs it contains) inside the game’s second dungeon, Dodongo’s Cavern. The initial version of the bag can hold up to 20 bombs, and it has two upgrades for Link to acquire throughout his adventure that each increase its capacity by 10 bombs.Upgrades
1. Stopping the Hot Rodder Goron in Goron City
2. Winning the Bombchu Bowling Alley game


Ocarina of Time WalletLink has the default Wallet at the start of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, although this initial version can only carry up to 99 Rupees. The first available upgrade is the Adult’s Wallet, which is available after collecting 10 Gold Skulltulas. The second and final upgrade is the Giant’s Wallet, which is available after collecting 30 Gold Skulltulas and holds 500 Rupees.Upgrades
1. Adult’s Wallet (10 Gold Skulltulas)
2. Giant’s Wallet (30 Gold Skulltulas)


Deku Stick

Ocarina of Time Deku StickLink finds Deku Sticks in Kokiri Forest and within the Great Deku Tree, but they are also typically found within breakable jars or in bushes. The Deku Baba enemies also drop them upon defeat. Child Link can use these as a temporary more powerful alternative to the Kokiri Sword, and both child and adult Link will need to use them as torches.Upgrades
1. Bounce Back Deku Nuts to the Business Scrub on the bridge between Kokiri Forest and Hyrule Field
2. Wear the Skull Mask on the Forest Stage in the Lost Woods

Deku Nut

Ocarina of Time Deku NutLink finds Deku Nuts from the start of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and he can throw them at enemies to stun them, making them easier to eliminate. He can initially carry up to 20 but there are two potential capacity upgrades to acquire.Upgrades
1. Destroy the boulder outside the Sacred Forest Grotto with a Bomb, defeat the Business Scrubs
2. Wear the Mask of Truth on the Forest Stage in the Lost Woods

Fairy Slingshot

Ocarina of Time Fairy SlingshotChild Link finds the Fairy Slingshot inside the Great Deku Tree. This item allows him to shoot enemies that would otherwise be out of reach, as well as making collecting Gold Skulltulas easier. Only child Link can use the Fairy Slingshot.


Ocarina of Time BombOne of the Zelda series’ most iconic items, Bombs return in Zelda: Ocarina of Time to act as an effective weapon against certain enemies (specifically, Dodongos and Beamos) and are useful in discovering hidden areas. Link will use Bombs to blow up cracked walls or destroy weak floors.


Ocarina of Time BombchuBombchus are explosive drones that travel in a straight line from where Link places them, making them useful in reaching structural weaknesses on walls or ceilings. They are typically only available in dungeons but Link can purchase them from the Back Alley in Hyrule Castle Town at night.


Ocarina of Time BoomerangThe Boomerang is a key item Link finds in Zelda: Ocarina of Time‘s third dungeon, Inside Jabu Jabu’s Belly. Link can lock-on to enemies at a distance with the Boomerang and use it to stun them (or, in the case of weaker enemies, eliminate them outright).

Fairy Ocarina

Ocarina of Time Fairy OcarinaLink receives the Fairy Ocarina as a gift from Saria as he departs Kokiri Forest for the first time. It is only usable by child Link, as the Fairy Ocarina gets replaced with the Ocarina of Time after Link acquires it. The ocarina is necessary for learning and playing each of the mystical melodies Link discovers during his adventure.

Ocarina of Time

Ocarina of TimeLink retrieves the Ocarina of Time after Princess Zelda throws it into the moat surrounding Hyrule Castle during her kidnapping. By playing the Melody of Time on this ocarina, Link is able to open the door to the Temple of Time and retrieve the Master Sword.

Magic Bean

Ocarina of Time Magic BeanChild Link can purchase the Magic Beans from the Bean Seller near Zora’s River, and then plant them in spots where the soil is soft. Then, as adult Link, he can ride the leaves that grow in these spots to obtain secret items, including Pieces of Heart.

Fairy Bow

Ocarina of Time Fairy BowThe Fairy Bow is the key item of the Forest Temple, the first dungeon Link traverses as an adult. With the Fairy Bow, Link is capable of firing arrows at foes, including the Light Arrows necessary for defeating Ganon.

Fire Arrow

Ocarina of Time Fire ArrowLink acquires Fire Arrows after completing the Water Temple and firing an arrow at the sun while on Lake Hylia. They cost a small amount of magic power to use but are capable of burning up enemies and objects vulnerable to fire.

Ice Arrow

Ocarina of Time Ice ArrowLink’s reward for completing the Gerudo Training Ground is the Ice Arrow, which can freeze enemies on the spot (although, the same thing can be achieved through stunning them without the added cost of magic power).

Light Arrow

Ocarina of Time Light ArrowLink obtains the Light Arrows from Princess Zelda as an adult prior to facing off against Ganon in Zelda: Ocarina of Time‘s final battle. They cost slightly more magic power to use than Fire or Ice Arrows but enemies defeated by Light Arrows drop Purple Rupees, making them great for quickly filling Link’s wallet.


Ocarina of Time HookshotPlayers receive the Hookshot as their reward for defeating Dampe in the race around Kakariko Village Graveyard. The item behaves much the same as it does in A Link to the Past, with the Hookshot being most useful for pulling Link toward the objects it attaches to. It can also stun or outright eliminate certain enemies, and Link has invincibility frames when the chain on the Hookshot is extended.


Ocarina of Time LongshotLink obtains the Longshot after defeating Dark Link in the Water Temple. It behaves identically to the Hookshot only with greater distance to its shot. It’s essential for several of the puzzles in the game’s dungeons.

Megaton Hammer

Ocarina of Time Megaton HammerThe Megaton hammer is the key item of the Fire Temple and is essential for defeating the dungeon’s boss, Volvagia. It can also serve as a useful alternative to the Master Sword in attacking foes and can flip Torch Slugs over, exposing their weak undersides.

Lens of Truth

Ocarina of Time Lens of TruthThe Lens of Truth allows Link to see through trick walls or spot otherwise invisible enemies, and its utility is most apparent when tackling the Shadow Temple. To obtain the Lens of Truth, Link must defeat Dead hand at the Bottom of the Well during his child era.

Din’s Fire

Ocarina of Time Din's FireDin’s Fire is one of three magic spells available in Zelda: Ocarina of Time, and as its name suggests, the spell creates a massive orb of flame around Link that absorbs hits and sets everything surrounding it ablaze. Players can acquire this spell from the Great Fairy on the trail to Hyrule Castle.

Farore’s Wind

Ocarina of Time Farore's WindLink’s gift after meeting the Great Fairy near Zora’s Fountain is Farore’s Wind, which creates warp points within any dungeon where Link has the Dungeon Map. Only one of these warp points can be created at a time, but this spell is useful for when players want to save and quit without having to retrace their steps through a dungeon.

Nayru’s Love

Ocarina of Time Nayru's LoveThe Great Fairy in the Great Fairy Fountain of the Desert Colossus grants Link Nayru’s Love, which allows Link to become temporarily invulnerable at the cost of draining his magic power. Once Link’s magic power runs out, the spell’s effect wears off.


Goron’s Bracelet

Ocarina of Time Goron's BraceletLink receives the Goron Bracelet as a gift from Darunia after helping him. It allows Link to pick up and throw Bomb Flowers.

Silver Gauntlets

Ocarina of Time Silver GauntletsLink finds the Silver Gauntlets within the Spirit Temple as a child, but cannot wear them until he is an adult. They allow Link to lift and throw silver stones as well as push the large stone blocks within the Spirit Temple.

Golden Gauntlets

Ocarina of Time Golden GauntletsThe Golden Gauntlets are an improvement to the Silver Gauntlets, allowing Link to lift and throw the large black stones inside Ganon’s Castle. Link acquires them within Ganon’s Castle and they are necessary to complete the dungeon.

Silver Scale

Ocarina of Time Silver ScaleBy completing the Diving Game in Zora’s Domain, Link will obtain the Silver Scale. This key item allows Link to dive up to 6 meters underwater before coming up for air.

Golden Scale

Ocarina of Time Golden ScaleThe upgrade to the Silver Scale, Link can acquire the Golden Scale after catching a fish that weighs 13 pounds or more at the Fishing Pond in Lake Hylia. It allows Link to dive up to 9 meters before needing to come up for air.

Gerudo Token

Ocarina of Time Gerudo TokenReleasing all four Carpenters from their prisons in the Gerudo’s Fortress awards Link with the Gerudo Token. With this notice, Link can freely explore Gerudo’s Fortress and enter the Gerudo Training Ground.

Stone/Shard of Agony

Ocarina of Time Stone of AgonyOcarina of Time Shard of AgonyThe Stone of Agony helps Link to detect nearby secrets by vibrating the controller (hence, why it’s in the shape of a Nintendo 64 Rumble Pak). This item changes to the Shard of Agony in the 3DS remaster of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. It is available after collecting 20 Gold Skulltulas.

Bottle Items


Ocarina of Time BottleBottles are useful for carrying certain items, and there are 4 total available to Link. They can hold potions, fairies, and other items essential to completing the game. The locations of all four bottles are: winning the Super Cucoo Finding Game and keeping the bottle after drinking milk from Lon Lon Ranch, returning all the Cucoos to the Cucoo Lady in Kakariko Village, finding Ruto’s Letter at the bottom of Lake Hylia and presenting it to King Zora, and finding all the Big Poes and presenting them to the Poe Collector.

Red Potion

Ocarina of Time Red PotionLink can purchase a Red Potion for 30 Rupees. This restorative potion refills all of Link’s hearts.

Green Potion

Ocarina of Time Green PotionLink can purchase a Green Potion for 30 Rupees. This potion will restore Link’s magic power.

Blue Potion

Ocarina of Time Blue PotionBlue Potions are only obtainable at Granny’s Potion Shop in Kakariko Village as an adult. They are available for 100 Rupees after giving Granny the Odd Mushroom and completely restore Link’s hearts and magic power.


Ocarina of Time FairyLink can purchase or find and catch Fairies to keep in a Bottle, and they’re extremely useful as a contingency against Game Over. Using one from the menu restores 8 hearts, but they can also activate automatically upon losing all of Link’s hearts and save him from death.


Ocarina of Time FishFish are most commonly found in Zora’s Domain but they are also available in some shops for 200 Rupees. Entering Jabu Jabu’s Belly as child Link requires catching a Fish in an Empty Bottle.

Blue Fire

Ocarina of Time Blue FireLink can purchase or find Blue Fire, which is necessary to melt the red blocks of ice in the Ice Cavern and Zora’s Domain. It’s available naturally within Ganon’s Castle, while some shops sell it for 300 Rupees.


Ocarina of Time BugBugs are useful for finding any Gold Skulltulas buried beneath certain soft patches of soil. After letting the Bug loose, it will dig into the earth and then return with the Gold Skulltula. in addition to finding them in small holes throughout Hyrule, Link can purchase them for 100 Rupees.

Poe Spirit

Ocarina of Time Poe SpiritAfter defeating a purple Poe, Link can keep it in an Empty Bottle. Link can consume the Poes, although there’s no way of knowing if they will hurt or heal him.

Big Poe Spirit

Ocarina of Time Big PoeDefeating Big Poes around Hyrule leaves Big Poe Spirits behind for Link to collect in Empty Bottles. Bringing these to the Poe Collector will net Link a reward after collecting 10 of them.


Recovery Heart

Ocarina of Time Recovery HeartRecovery Hearts restore one full heart of Link’s health. They can be found by cutting grass, breaking jars, defeating enemies, or rolling into trees.

Piece of Heart

Ocarina of Time Piece of HeartPieces of Heart are hidden around Hyrule for Link to collect, with every 4 collected resulting in a new Heart Container. There are 36 total Pieces of Heart, accounting for 9 of Link’s total available Heart Containers.

Magic Jar

Ocarina of Time Magic JarMagic Jars, whether the small or large variety, are essential for refilling Link’s magic power. Link discovers these using the same methods for obtaining Recovery Hearts.

Deku Seed

Ocarina of Time Deku SeedDeku Seeds are the ammunition for the Fairy Slingshot and collecting them refills the Deku Seed Bullet Bag. Link can acquire them by cutting grass.


Ocarina of Time ArrowArrows are the ammunition for the Fairy Bow and are only available to adult Link. Link can find them after cutting grass, smashing pots, or defeating enemies, and they come in bundles of one, two, or three arrows.


Ocarina of Time Blue RupeeRupees are the currency of Hyrule and are necessary for certain portions of Zelda: Ocarina of Time‘s quest. Their value changes based on their color, and they come in denominations of 1, 5, 20, 50, and 100.

Gold Skulltula Token

Ocarina of Time Gold SkulltulaThere are 100 Gold Skulltula tokens for Link to collect across Hyrule, with every 10 collected resulting in a prize. In order to find the Gold Skulltulas that contain the tokens, Link needs to listen for the telltale sound of their scuttling.


Dungeon Map

Ocarina of Time Dungeon MapEvery dungeon contains a map of its interior in the form of the Dungeon Map. These pickups are extremely useful in showing Link how each room on each floor connect as well as highlighting areas still in need of exploring.


Ocarina of Time CompassThe Compass pinpoints the location of each dungeon’s treasure, highlighting the locations of all the treasure chests on the map. It also shows Link’s current location and the last location he visited on the map.

Small Key

Ocarina of Time Small KeySmall Keys are mostly found in the adult dungeons Link explores and are used to unlock doors with silver locks and chains. These keys can only be used once and only in the dungeon in which they are found.

Boss Key

Ocarina of Time Boss KeyLink finds each dungeon’s boss key inside of a telltale ornate blue-and-yellow chest, and once the key is in his possession he can enter the boss’ arena.

Heart Container

Ocarina of Time Heart ContainerThe reward for completing a dungeon and defeating its boss, Heart Containers reward Link with one full extra heart of life energy. To collect all 20 hearts and complete Link’s life meter, players must complete all of the dungeons and find all 36 Pieces of Heart around Hyrule.


Keaton Mask

Ocarina of Time Keaton MaskThe Keaton Mask is the first mask Link gets from the Happy Mask Salesman. Taking it to the Death Mountain Trail Gatekeeper and selling it for 20 Rupees allows Link to go back to the Mask Salesman and pay him 10 Rupees, unlocking the next mask.

Skull Mask

Ocarina of Time Skull MaskThe Skull Mask is the second mask Link acquires from the Happy Mask Salesman, and he can use it to obtain a Deku Stick upgrade before selling it to the Skull Kid for 10 Rupees. Taking these 10 Rupees back to the Mask Salesman, and throwing 10 additional Rupees on top of that for a total of 20, unlocks the next mask.

Spooky Mask

Ocarina of Time Spooky MaskThe third mask from the Happy Mask Salesman is the Spooky Mask. Taking this mask to the Graveyard Boy in Kakariko Village nets Link 30 Rupees, which he can then pay the Happy Mask Salesman to unlock the next mask.

Bunny Hood

Ocarina of Time Bunny HoodThe Bunny Hood is the fourth mask from the Happy Mask Salesman, and as long as Link wears it, he will not encounter Starchildren at night. Taking it to the Running Man will allow Link to sell it for as many Rupees as it takes to fill up his wallet. Taking 50 of these Rupees back to the Happy Mask Salesman unlocks four more free masks.

Mask of Truth

Ocarina of Time Mask of TruthAfter completing the Happy Mask Side Quest with the sale of the Bunny Hood, Link can borrow the Mask of Truth for a Deku Nut upgrade and to hear the hidden messages of the Gossip Stones.

Goron Mask

Ocarina of Time Goron MaskThe Goron Mask is another mask available after completing the Happy Mask Side Quest and it has no specific use other than eliciting humorous reactions from characters when Link wears it.

Zora Mask

Ocarina of Time Zora MaskLike the Goron Mask, the Zora Mask is another novelty item that results in Link getting some funny reactions while wearing it.

Gerudo Mask

Ocarina of Time Gerudo MaskThe final of the 4 unlockable masks for completing the Happy Mask Side Quest is the Gerudo Mask. It also has no abilities or special uses other than causing interesting responses from interacting with characters around Hyrule.


Kokiri’s Emerald

Ocarina of Time Kokiri's EmeraldKokiri’s Emerald is the first of the three Spiritual Stones and is Link’s reward for cleansing the Great Deku Tree.

Goron’s Ruby

Ocarina of Time Goron's RubyGoron’s Ruby is the second of the three Spiritual Stones and is Link’s reward for clearing out Dodongo’s Cavern

Zora’s Sapphire

Ocarina of Time Zora's SapphireThe third and final Spiritual Stone is Zora’s sapphire, which Princess Ruto gifts to Link for healing Jabu Jabu. With the three stones in his possession, Link can pull the Master Sword from its pedestal.

Light Medallion

Ocarina of Time Light MedallionThe Light Medallion is the first of the seven medallions Link acquires as an adult. It is a gift from the sage Rauru after Link awakens from his 7-year slumber.

Forest Medallion

Ocarina of Time Forest MedallionLink obtains the second medallion, the Forest Medallion, after defeating Phantom Ganon in the Forest Temple and awakening Saria as one of the Seven Sages.

Fire Medallion

Ocarina of Time Fire MedallionDarunia gifts Link with the Fire Medallion as a symbol of their friendship after Link defeats Volvagia in the Fire Temple.

Water Medallion

Ocarina of Time Water MedallionThe Water Medallion is Link’s reward for defeating Morpha in the Water Temple and awakening Ruto as one of the Seven Sages.

Shadow Medallion

Ocarina of Time Shadow MedallionThe Shadow Medallion is the fifth medallion Link earns as a result of his actions, and it is gifted to him by Impa, Zelda’s caretaker. Before obtaining this medallion, Link must defeat Bongo Bongo in the Shadow Temple.

Spirit Medallion

Ocarina of Time Spirit MedallionThe last medallion Link acquires in his quest is the Spirit Medallion, which he receives from Nabooru after defeating Twinrova in the Spirit Temple. With the Temples clear and the sages awakened, Link is ready to head to the Temple of Time.

Weird Egg

Ocarina of Time Weird EggLink will need to use the Weird Egg to hatch a Cucoo that will wake Talon from his slumber outside Hyrule Castle. Once awake, Talon returns to his duties at Lon Lon Ranch.

Zelda’s Letter

Ocarina of Time Zelda's LetterAfter meeting Princess Zelda and resolving to collect the other two Spiritual Stones, Princess Zelda gifts Link with this official letter that grants him access to the Death Mountain Trail.
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