The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass – All Enemies

Phantom Hourglass gameplay

The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass – All Enemies

Thanks to it’s following in the footsteps of The Wind Waker, Phantom Hourglass features several of the same enemies that appear in the GameCube classic. Not only do these foes borrow the same (or, at least, similar) visual style as the iconic cartoonish look of The Wind Waker, they also behave in much the same way as their GameCube counterparts. Thanks to Phantom Hourglass‘ launch on the DS, it’s a unique combination of the classic overhead 2D Zelda gameplay with the same visual style and flair as The Wind Waker, and its enemies are an ecclectic rogues gallery that further emphasize that fact. All enemies in Phantom Hourglass are either exclusive to the game and its other DS follow-up Spirit Tracks or are the same unique versions of recurring foes that appear in both games.

Now more than a decade on from their release, the DS Zelda games stand as some of the most singular games in the franchise, neither falling squarely into the definitive 2D or 3D styles of Zelda game despite both being definitively “classic” Zelda. The enemies of both Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks only serve to emphasize this idea, being a crew of rank-and-file baddies that tailor themselves explicitly to the DS Zelda games’ stylus-driven gameplay. This guide to Phantom Hourglass‘ enemies will focus exclusively on the standard enemy types Link faces in his journey to rescue Tetra and her crew from Bellum and will disregard mini-bosses, bosses, and traps.


Phantom Hourglass enemyThe Legend of Zelda‘s recurring animated statues make a return in Phantom Hourglass as combination enemy and envionmental puzzle-solving tool. They will slowly hop toward Link in an attempt to attack, which the player can derail by hitting them with a Bomb. Once the Armos deactivate, Link can push them onto switches.


Phantom Hourglass enemyBeamos are one of the only invincible and indestructible enemies Link will encounter in Phantom Hourglass, making them more akin to a trap than an actual enemy. Still, unlike most traps, the Beamos will actively hunt Link down and fire a beam of energy at him whenever he enters their line-of-sight. It’s also possible to momentarily stun the Beamos by hitting it in its eye with an arrow.


Phantom Hourglass enemyLink won’t encounter Beehive’s too often in Phantom Hourglass and they mostly are docile unless Link gets too close. If Link happens to accidentally roll into a tree with a Beehive, several Bees will emerge and follow Link until he dispells them with a Spin Attack.

Bellum Slime Minion

Phantom Hourglass enemyUnlike most Zelda games, Link will face off against the big bad of Phantom Hourglass several times throughout his return visits to the game’s central dungeon, the Temple of the Ocean King. Each time Link faces off against Bellum he will spawn these Slime Minions that gradually creep toward Link. Thankfully, players can easily defeat them with a single sword slash and they typically drop either Recovery Hearts or Arrows.

Blue ChuChu

Phantom Hourglass enemyBlue ChuChus are one of several color varieties of the iconic enemy that appear in Phantom Hourglass, though the Blue variants happen to be the most cumbersome. Like Yellow ChuChus, the Blue ChuChu emits electricity that makes it impossible for Link to slash them with his sword without getting electrocuted. However, unlike Yellow ChuChus, the Blue ChuChu’s electric field will not disappear, meaning Link must rely on the Boomerang or Bow and Arrows to defeat them.


Phantom Hourglass enemyThe iconic flying skull enemies from throughout The Legend of Zelda make an appearance in Phantom Hourglass but behave somewhat differently from their other series counterparts. Unlike the Bubbles from other games, Phantom Hourglass‘ version don’t actively chase Link and instead fly arround erraticly. That said, Link still needs to take them out with a well-timed sword slash to make sure they don’t hit him and cause damage.

Cannon Boat

Phantom Hourglass enemyLink will come across Cannon Boats throughout Phantom Hourglass while sailing, usually as an accompaniment to a Pirate Ship. They can easily be defeated with 5 shots from the S.S. Linebeck.


Phantom Hourglass enemyCrayklings are exclusive to Phantom Hourglass and only appear in the Temple of Courage during the boss fight against Crayk. Other than simply being a distraction against the main battle with Crayk, the Crayklings drop valuable Recovery Hearts and Arrows during the fight and Link can easily defeat them with a single sword slash.


Phantom Hourglass enemyCrows are excessively annoying enemies in Phantom Hourglass that behave similarly to their debut appearance in A Link to the Past. These large birds wait patiently in the branches of trees until Link gets close, at which point they swoop down to attack Link and make him drop Rupees (which they then fly in to steal).

Eye Plant

Phantom Hourglass enemyEye Plants only appear in Phantom Hourglass and frequently show up as Link is sailing the S.S. Linebeck around the game’s world. They are similar to the Deku Scrub enemies from Ocarina of Time in that they pop up over the surface of the water and shoot seeds at Link. The best way to avoid them becoming troublesome is to attack them using the ship’s cannon from range.

Eye Slug

Phantom Hourglass enemyEye Slugs are enemies unique to Phantom Hourglass that only appear within its version of the Goron Temple. When they spot Link they will charge at him, often in groups, but players can easily defeat them using a single slash of the sword.

Eyeball Monster

Phantom Hourglass enemyEyaball Monsters are flying enemies that appear in groups of 5 in Phantom Hourglass and charge the S.S. Linebeck. The most efficient way to deal with the swarms of these enemies is to use the ship’s cannon to shoot them from range, often clearing out the entire warm in one fell swoop.

Fire Keese

Phantom Hourglass enemyFire Keese are a variant of the recurring bat-like Keese enemy that appear with a protective covering of flame that damages Link if he gets close. They appear in Phantom Hourglass within the Temple of Fire and require the player to use the Bow and Arrow or Boomerang to take them down without incurring damage.

Flying Fish

Phantom Hourglass enemyThe Flying Fish are another enemy type exclusive to Phantom Hourglass that appear as Link sails around the world in the S.S. Linebeck. Like the Eyeball Monster, the Flying Fish will appear above the water before Link comes within striking distance, meaning players can easily attack them from range using the cannon before they have the opportunity to inflict damage.

Flying Pot

Phantom Hourglass enemyFlying Pot (or Flying Jar) enemies will float slightly above the ground before careening at Link to inflict damage. Rather than attack these typically inanimate objects head-on, it’s best to simply dodge out of the way and let the Flying Pots smash themselves against a wall.


Phantom Hourglass enemyUnlike pretty much every other enemy type on this list, Phantom Hourglass‘ version of the Zelda series’ Gel enemies do not inflict any damage on Link. Instead, these globs of slime will simply slow Link’s movement as he encounters them in the game’s dungeons.


Spirit Tracks enemyThe Geozard are a knight-type enemy that Link faces off against in Phantom Hourglass. Their sword and shield necessitate that Link stun them first before attempting close-quarters combat, meaning its practically essential to use the Boomerang from an angle where their shields can’t block the strike. Once Link successfully stuns the Geozard, a rear-facing slash is the best way to inflict damage.

Green ChuChu

Phantom Hourglass enemyThough the Green ChuChu are typically very common enemies in other Zelda games, they only appear in Phantom Hourglass within the Temple of Courage. Like their appearances in other games in the series, Link needs to stun them with the Boomerang before following-up with a sword slash in order to avoid taking damage.


Phantom Hourglass enemyAfter first appearing in The Wind Waker, Gyorg make a return appearance in Phantom Hourglass as some of the more challenging encounters Link will face on the open sea. They typically appear in groups of three and will circle the S.S. Linebeck before attacking. When one of them pops up out of the water in advance of an attack, players should use the cannon to make quick work of them.

Hardhat Beetle

Phantom Hourglass enemyHardhat Beetles only appear in Phantom Hourglass within the Temple of Courage. These cumbersome foes are only vulnerable to fall damage and nothing else. To defeat a Hardhat Beetle, Link will need to knock them off of a nearby ledge.


Phantom Hourglass enemyLink encounters the iconic Hinox enemy type within Phantom Hourglass on both Dee Ess Island (DS Island) and within the Goron Temple. These challenging foes are practically invulnerable except for their one large eye, which Link can pierce with an arrow and then follow-up with several sword slashes.

Ice Bubble

Phantom Hourglass enemyLike the standard Bubble, Ice Bubbles will fly around erratically until they eventually damage Link. Thanks to their encasing of ice, the Ice Bubble have the potential to freeze Link where he stands. Accordingly, these enemies only appear within the Temple of Ice in Phantom Hourglass.

Ice Keese

Phantom Hourglass enemyLike the Ice Bubble, Ice Keese will freeze Link to the ground if they make contact. The best means to deal with them are the Boomerang and Bow and Arrow so that players can safely defeat them from afar.


Phantom Hourglass enemyJolene is a recurring enemy throughout Phantom Hourglass that continually shows up to try and sink the S.S. Linebeck. After giving chase and boarding the ship, Link has to challenge her to one-on-one combat. At a certain point in Phantom Hourglass, Link will receive a challenge for one final battle with Jolene. Accordingly, she disappears from the game after Link wins.


Phantom Hourglass enemyWithout fail, the bat-like Keese make an appearance in every Legend of Zelda game. They return once again in Phantom Hourglass as common enemies in dungeons and the overworld. And, like their other series appearances, Phantom Hourglass‘ Keese are easily defeated using a single sword slash or hit from the Boomerang.


Phantom Hourglass enemyThe standard Like-Like returns once again in Phantom Hourglass to swallow Link if he gets too close, eating his shield in the process. If Link happens to find himself within the clutches of a Like-Like, it is possible to escape by repeatedly rubbing the touch screen of the DS.


Phantom Hourglass enemyMiniblin are an enemy type that only appear in the “toon Link” Zelda games — The Wind Waker, Phantom Hourglass, and Spirit Tracks. They are common enemies that appear in groups and are vulnerable to a single slash of Link’s sword.


Phantom Hourglass enemyThough they appear in several games throughout the series, Phantom Hourglass‘ Moldorm only show up within the Temple of Courage. As in previous games, Link can easily defeat them with a slash to their vulnerable flank.

Ocean Octorok

Phantom Hourglass enemySomewhat tellingly, the Ocean Octorok only appears in Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks. These frustrating foes occasionally pop out over the surface of the water to shoot rocks at Link aboard the S.S. Linebeck.


Phantom Hourglass enemyThe Octorok make an appearance in every single Legend of Zelda game to-date. As a result, these diminutive pea-shooters also show up in Phantom Hourglass to give Link grief. They are common enemies that appear in both the overworld and dungeons.


Phantom Hourglass enemyOctomine only appear when Link uses the S.S. Linebeck’s Salvage Arm, exploding on impact and dealing one bar of damage to the ship. Other than self-destructing, Octomine are immune to damage.


Phantom Hourglass enemyPhantoms only appear in Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks and serve as some of the more challenging foes Link can face. In Phantom Hourglass they patrol the Temple of the Ocean King and are only vulnerable to hits from the Phantom Sword. That said, Link can temporarily stun the Phantoms using arrow shots to the back.

Phantom Eye

Phantom Hourglass enemyAnother enemy exclusive to both Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks, Phantom Eyes monitor the interior and exterior of the Temple of the Ocean King as part of its defenses. However, Link can easily defeat these sentries by stunning them with the Boomerang and then rushing in for a sword attack.

Pirate Miniblin

Phantom Hourglass enemyPirate Miniblin are seafaring versions of the standard Miniblin that only appear in Phantom Hourglass. They will attempt to board the S.S. Linebeck, requiring Link to defeat them if they are successful.

Pirate Ship

Phantom Hourglass enemyPlayers will encounter several Pirate Ships throughout their time with Phantom Hourglass, with them often appearing alongside Cannon Boats and carrying Pirate Miniblin. Thankfully, Pirate Ships are rather easy to defeat and provide some valuable salvage such as Ship Parts.


Phantom Hourglass enemyThe Legend of Zelda‘s recurring ghost-type enemies make a return in Phantom Hourglass. That said, their appearance is unique in the series. Additionally, they only inhabit the Ghost Ship and hae a single attack, shooting blue flame at Link.

Pols Voice

Phantom Hourglass enemyDespite releasing more than two decades later, the version of Pols Voice from Phantom Hourglass greatly resemble the original incarnation from The Legend of Zelda. They are one of the few enemies that make use of the DS hardware’s microphone, requiring players to blow into the mic so they cover their ears and become vulnerable to sword attacks.


Phantom Hourglass enemyRats are mostly docile in Phantom Hourglass and will run away from Link rather than charge him in hopes of attacking. However, they often carry valuables such as Small Keys and Recovery Hearts, making seeking them out worthwhile.


Phantom Hourglass enemyExclusive to Phantom Hourglass, Reaplings are challenging foes that deal substantial damage to Link if he lets them get in an attack. Further, these enemies have the ability to seamlessly pass through walls and relentlessly follow players. The best way to deal with them is to stun them using a rear-attack with the Bow and then attempt to get around them.

Red ChuChu

Phantom Hourglass enemyRed ChuChu are the most common type of ChuChu that Link will encounter in Phantom Hourglass. As a result, they are incredibly weak and easily defeated by a single sword slash. Arguably, players can consider the Red ChuChu the “cannon fodder” of Phantom Hourglass.

Rock ChuChu

Phantom Hourglass enemySimilarly, Rock ChuChu are weak Red ChuChus wearing a protective head covering of rock. Players can easily defeat them after removing their rock helmets using the Hammer, Grappling Hook, or Bombs.


Phantom Hourglass enemyRope are the recurring snake-like enemies that regularly show up in the 2D Zelda games. They make a return in Phantom Hourglass as yet another common and weak enemy type that Link can defeat using a single sword slash. Interestingly, their incarnation in Phantom Hourglass move much slower than in other games in the series.

Rupee Like

Phantom Hourglass enemyRupee Like are similar to the standard Like-Like in that they will swallow Link if he gets too close. However, unlike the standard Like-Like, Rupee Like will only eat Link’s money if he ends up in their grasp.


Phantom Hourglass enemySandworms are yet another enemy that only appear in Phantom Hourglass. Even then, these foes only show up in two areas within the game. In both the Isle of Gust and Temple of Wind the Sandworm will charge at Link if he makes too much sound. To defeat them, simply toss a Bomb at one from range to see the Sandworm eat it before exploding.


Phantom Hourglass enemySkulltulas appear in Phantom Hourglass as familiar foes inhabiting the Ghost Ship. Like their previous series incarnations, they drop down from the ceiling and rotate to reveal their weak underbelly.

Stag Beetle

Phantom Hourglass enemyStag Beetles are exclusive to Phantom Hourglass and only appear within the Temple of Ice. The only way to defeat these foes is by either using rear attacks or removing their protective masks using the Grappling Hook.


Phantom Hourglass enemyThe recurring skeletal foes from throughout the Zelda series, Stalfos appear once again in Phantom Hourglass. They will skillfully dodge Link’s normal attacks, necessitating use of the Jump Attack to close the distance. Additionally, players can use the Grappling Hook to pull them close or throw Bombs at them.

Stalfos Warrior

Phantom Hourglass enemyStalfos Warriors are stronger versions of the standard Stalfos that wield swords. They are fairly aggressive and require quick takedowns, which Link can facilitate by using Bombs or Light Arrows.


Phantom Hourglass enemyThe recurring Tektite are The Legend of Zelda‘s resident spider-like enemies. They appear once again in Phantom Hourglass in their standard Red and Blue variants. As in other games, the Red Tektite are more dangerous than their Blue counterparts.


Phantom Hourglass enemyThe Terrorpin are yet another Phantom Hourglass enemy exclusive to the game and they only appear within one location — Mutoh’s Temple. Tellingly, they are vulnerable to the dungeon’s key item, the Hammer, which Link must use to smash th ground and flip them upside-down, exposing their vulnerable underside.


Phantom Hourglass enemyWinder are one of the few Phantom Hourglass enemies that are truly invlunerable. Since Link has no means of defeating these electrified foes, his best bet is to steer clear of them and avoid their path.


Phantom Hourglass enemyRather than use their traditional magic beams, Phantom Hourglass‘ Wizzrobes sneak up on Link and slash at him with their scythes. Though they turn invisible when Link faces them, players can still track their movements using the mini-map and slashing in their general direction.

Yellow ChuChu

Phantom Hourglass enemyPhantom Hourglass‘ Yello ChuChu feature a protective layer of electricity that damages Link if he tries to slash them. Thankfully, it’s easy to defeat them by stunning them with the Boomerang and then rushing in for the kill.


Phantom Hourglass enemyAlthough the Yook initially appear as enemies in Phantom Hourglass, it is later revealed that they were under control by Bellum and not acting like themselves. Link will encounter these abominable snowmen while on the Isle of Frost and will be thrust into the middle of their conflict with the rival Anouki.
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