The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons – All Enemies

The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons title card

The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons – All Enemies

Seeing as how the Oracle games are two halves of a single Legend of Zelda adventure, it makes sense that both Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons share so much in common. Like the Game Boy and Game Boy Color-era Pokemon games, players should really play both Oracle titles to get the full experience, but the Oracle games have the additional bonus of featuring a secret final dungeon and boss for those who play through each adventure and carry over their save file. But, with both games using the same basic Link’s Awakening-style DNA as their foundation, nearly all enemies in Oracle of Seasons make a return appearance in Oracle of Ages (or vice-versa).

And, as most would suspect, several of the foes that both Oracle games share in common are recurring foes from older games in The Legend of Zelda series. However, thanks to both Seasons and Ages released in 2001, there are some inclusions of enemies that make their series debut as 3D renders in Ocarina of Time now showing up as classically-styled 2D sprites. Oracle of Seasons‘ division between its overworld and underworld makes for some interesting foes to contend with, and some of these enemies are never seen in the series again.


Oracle of Seasons enemiesSince their debut in A Link to the Past, Anti-Fairies appear in every subsequent 2D Zelda game except for A Link Between Worlds. These variations of the classic Bubble enemy will continually ricochet off walls, bumping into Link to deal damage. While they are only vulnerable to the Magic Powder in A Link to the Past, players can easily defeat them using the Boomerang in Oracle of Seasons.


Oracle of Seasons enemiesAlthough Link doesn’t encounter them too often in Oracle of Seasons, the Arm-Mimic’s ability to mirror the player’s every move makes them somewhat challenging to overcome. The most reliable means of dispatching the Arm-Mimic is to maneuver so that they back themselves into a corner, allowing Link to rush in and defeat them with a few slashes of his sword.


Oracle of Seasons enemiesThe classic reanimating statues of the Zelda series return in Oracle of Seasons. The Armos in the Oracle games come in both standard Red and more difficult Blue versions and behave much in the same way as previous incarnations. Link will only activate an Armos statue by making contact with it or, in the case of the Blue Armos, walking by it. Once active, the statues will pursue Link until he defeats them using either Bombs or the Magical Boomerang.

Ball and Chain Soldier

Oracle of Seasons enemiesAnother enemy from A Link to the Past returning in the Oracle games is the Ball and Chain Soldier. These knights wield a massive morning star/ball and chain weapon that they swing around their heads in a wide circular arc. When the soldiers momentarily retract the ball and chain to wind up another swing, Link can rush in and hit them with a single sword slash. To avoid taking damage, fights against the Ball and Chain Soldier require patience and timing.


Oracle of Seasons enemiesBeetles will occasionally pop up throughout Holodrum whenever Link uses the shovel, emerging from beneath the soil in certain spots where the player digs. These foes are pretty common and incredibly weak, requiring just a single sword slash before being out of the picture.


Oracle of Seasons enemiesSimilar to the Anti-Fairy, Bubbles are floating skulls that have a protective barrier that damages Link on contact. However, unlike Anti-Fairies, Bubbles are immune to damage. As a Bubble makes its way around a room bouncing from wall to wall, Link’s only option is to avoid them entirely and evade their movements.

Business Scrub

Oracle of Seasons enemiesOracle of Seasons is the first game in the series other than Ocarina of Time to feature the Business Scrub, and the first to feature them in 2D. As in Ocarina of Time, Link can safely stand at a distance from the Business Scrub with his shield out to deflect rocks back at it. After a successful hit, the Business Scrub will pop out of the ground and run away in panic. If Link approaches the Business Scrub at this point it will apologize and offer him assistance.

Buzz Blob

Oracle of SeasonsEven though they are identical to the classic ChuChu enemies from several other Zelda games, these diminutive enemies go by the name Buzz Blob in Oracle of Seasons. They move slowly around the environment with a protective electic field surrounding them. If Link attacks the Buzz Blob with his sword he will incur a shock, so the best means to defeat them is the Slingshot.


Oracle of Seasons enemiesPart enemy and part trap, Chasers are autonomous living versions of the classic Blade Trap in most dungeons. And, similar to the Blade Trap, Chasers are invulnerable. Link’s only way to avoid taking damage is to avoid them entirely, baiting them down a particular path and then switching direction last minute to throw off the trail.


Oracle of Seasons enemiesOne of a few Super Mario enemies making an appearance in Oracle of Seasons, Cheep-Cheep are small fish that players will find in aquatic areas. They can be hard to outmaneuver but thankfully are easily defeated with a single sword slash.


Oracle of Seasons enemiesAs in their other series appearances, Oracle of Seasons‘ Crows are more of a nuisance than anything else. They lie in wait within the treetops until Link gets close, swooping down to attack him and steal some Rupees in the process. The best method to defeat these avian pests is to slash with the sword before they land on Link, preventing them from attacking and then retreating.


Oracle of Seasons enemiesThough not technically enemies, attacking a Cucco can see them gang up on Link in hilarious fashion. Just like in A Link to the Past, these chicken-like domestic creatures are docile and won’t bother Link. But, if he slashes one repeatedly, it will summon a swarm of Cuccos that will relentlessly chase Link until he leaves the area.


Oracle of Seasons enemiesLink will only encounter a Cukeman after using a Mystery Seed on a Buzz Blob, transforming them in the process. They are identical to the Buzz Blob in behavior and weaknesses but take on the appearance of a cucumber. Accordingly, Link can easily defeat these foes sing the Slingshot.


Oracle of Seasons enemiesDarknuts are the recurring knight-type enemies that appear in several other Legend of Zelda games, returning in Oracle of Seasons as some of its most challenging foes. In Seasons, Darknuts come in the standard Red and more challenging Blue variety, with the biggest difference between the two being their health and aggression. Despite their subtle differences, players can defeat both Darknuts using the same strategy, stunning them with the Boomerang before following up with a sword slash.

Fire Keese

Oracle of Seasons enemiesFire Keese in Oracle of Seasons are identical to their other series incarnations. As in other games, these Keese have a protective flame covering that damages Link if he gets too close. However, after hitting Link their flame extinguishes and they become standard Keese. Link can easily defeat them using ranged weapons but they are also just as easily avoided.

Fire Pokey

Oracle of Seasons enemiesFire Pokey are tall columns of flame that regularly spit out fireballs at Link. Thankfully, these fireballs are relatively easy to dodge and then follow up with an attack. After a few slashes from Link’s sword the Fire Pokey will fall.


Oracle of Seasons enemiesThe dreaded Floormaster return once again in Oracle of Seasons to add tension to traversing dungeons. As in previous games, the Floormaster enemies emerge from the floor in certain rooms and attempt to grab Link. If successful, they will transport the player back to the entrance of the dungeon. Despite the fact that they move slow and are easily defeated, they often attack in groups and will continually regenerate in the rooms where they appear.


Oracle of Seasons enemiesGel are the smaller enemies that appear after Link defeats the larger Zol. They don’t actually deal any damage to Link but instead cling to him and slow down his movements. Like the Zol, Link can easily defeat Gel with a single sword slash.


Oracle of Seasons enemiesThese ghost-like enemies are Oracle of Seasons‘ version of the classic recurring Poe enemy type. As ghosts, they are capable of floating through walls and wasily evading Link’s attacks. And, much like the ghosts in the original Legend of Zelda, Ghini take several hits before suffering defeat. It’s better to avoid these enemies entirely and simply evade them where they appear.


Oracle of Seasons enemiesZelda‘s classic mummy-like enemies return in Oracle of Seasons and are similar to their other series appearances. They do not suffer knockback after striking them with the sword and instead keep advancing toward Link, and sword slashes are probably the most ineffective means of defeating them. Instead, use an Ember Seed to set their wrappings ablaze and then attack the Stalfos underneath.

Goponga Flower

Oracle of Seasons enemiesLink will stumble upon Goponga Flowers in the few swamp/marsh areas of Holodrum. They will shoot fireballs at Link from a distance and are stationary foes whose roots hold them fast to the ground. Using ranged weapons like the Boomerang is the easiest way to safely take out these foes while avoiding their projectiles.

Hardhat Beetle

Oracle of Seasons enemiesHardhat Beetles are somewhat annoying foes that require nearby pits in order to defeat them. Since they are invulnerable to normal attacks, Link needs to repeatedly slaash them toward a pit until they eventually tumble over the edge.

Iron Mask

Oracle of Seasons enemiesIron Masks are similar to the recurring Helmasaur but instead have metallic face coverings. As one might expect, Link can use the Magnetic Gloves from Oracle of Seasons to strip the protective mask away and slash at their faces for an easy defeat.


Oracle of Seasons enemiesKeese are the bat-like creatures that appear in almost every mainline Legend of Zelda game. In Oracle of Seasons Link will commonly encounter these creatures within dungeons. As in other series games, the Keese are incredibly weak cannon-fodder foes that will fall after a single sword slash or hit from the Boomerang.

Lava Fire

Oracle of SeasonsLava Fire are falling bits of flaming rock that fall from the sky after erupting from nearby volcanoes. Thankfully, these rocks leave a telltale shadow showing where they’ll make landfall, making them easy for players to safely avoid. Once they hit the ground they disappear and are no longer a threat to Link.

Lava Rock

Oracle of Seasons enemiesJust like Lava Fire, Lava Rocks fall from the sky after the eruption of a nearby volcano. Though they don’t leave shadows indicating where they will land, they are easy to avoid and cause Link minimal damage if he is hit by one.


Oracle of Seasons enemiesThe classic Leever enemy appears once again in Oracle of Seasons, although they now come in three different colors rather than just Red and Blue. Red Leevers are the easiest of the bunch, only traveling in one direction after emerging from beneath the ground and taking just one or two slashes to defeat. Blue Leevers are slightly more challenging, capable of changing direction at will and taking more hits to defeat. Orange Leevers are arguably the most dangerous of the three, charging straight for Link and endlessly regenerating when they appear.

Like Like

Oracle of Seasons enemiesLike Likes are as much of a nuisance in Oracle of Seasons as they are in the other series games in which they appear. Whenever Link gets too close, the Like Like will lunge out and swallow Link, eating his shield in the process. Though the best strategy is to avoid them whenever possible, they will freeze after being hit by the Boomerang, allowing Link to get in some easy sword slashes.


Oracle of Seasons enemiesOne of the Zelda series’ most dangerous foes across all of its appearances, the Lynel makes yet another appearance in Oracle of Seasons. Similar to the original Legend of Zelda, Seasons‘ version of these iconic enemies come in both standard Red and more challenging Blue variants. Link can breifly freeze these foes with the Boomerang to get an opportunity for a quick escape, but facing them in combat is incredibly challenging. They will throw spears at Link that are only blockable with the Mirror Shield, making flanking maneuvers a necessity.


Oracle of SeasonsMagnite are magnetically charged creatures that alternate polarity as they float around the room shooting fireballs at Link. To defeat these creatures, simply equip the Magnetic Gloves after they turn Blue to draw them in and slash them with the sword.


Oracle of Seasons enemiesThe Mini-Moldorm from A Link to the Past return in Oracle of Seasons to rapidly wiggle their way toward Link. Their movements are fairly erratic and they can change direction at a moment’s notice, but they’re still somewhat easy to avoid. Players can dodge their attacks and then circle around for a rear slash to handily defeat them.


Oracle of Seasons enemiesThe classic Moblin appears in Oracle of Seasons but now comes in 4 different types, each of which either wield a sword or a bow and arrow. The sword-wielding Moblins do not use their Boomerangs to try and hit Link from range but the archer Moblins will occasionally switch to the Boomerang when Link gets too close. The pig Moblins are the same as their standard counterparts in terms of behavior but each take one hit less to defeat than the regular Red or Blue Moblin variants.


Oracle of Seasons enemiesMoths are small cannon-fodder foes that the Mothula boss will spawn during its encounter. They are weak and will fall after just a single sword slash, though players should focus on clearing out as many as possible so they don’t overwhelm Link.


Oracle of Seasons enemiesOctoroks appear in almost every mainline Zelda game, and Oracle of Seasons is no exception. These classic enemies scuttle about on the ground, occasionally stopping to shoot a barrage of rocks at Link. Players can block their rocks with the shield or wait for them to stop shooting before rushing in for a killing blow.


Oracle of Seasons enemiesOracle of Seasons‘ Peahats are another commonly occuring enemy from throughout the Zelda series. They remain stationary before launching into the air and flying around the screen, only becoming vulnerable after stopping briefly to land. After they land, Link can rush in and defeat them with a few sword slashes.


Oracle of Seasons enemiesPincers are tricky enemies that will lie in wait within holes or bodies of water. Although they initially only reveal their mandible, they eventually launch out of the ground to attack Link. Hitting them with the sword before backing away is a good strategy, as is using Roc’s Feather to leap over them when they strike.


Oracle of Seasons enemiesMany of Holodrum’s bodies of water will be inhabited by Piranha. Since Link can’t attack them while swimming, the best method to get rid of them is to wait for them to leap out of the water. While standing on any nearby ledge, Link can slash Piranha with his sword after they emerge from the water.


Oracle of Seasons enemiesPodoboo are one of the few foes in Oracle of Seasons that are exclusive to the Game Boy Zelda titles (including Link’s Awakening). They emerge from beneath the surface of lava to launch up and try to damage Link. They are invincible, which makes evasion the only method of getting past them. Thankfully, it’s easy to time Link’s jumps with the Podoboo and avoid their upward ascent.


Oracle of Seasons enemiesThese cacti-like enemies are another transplant to the Zelda series from Super Mario. They’re fairly uncommon in Seasons‘, only appearing in the Samasa Desert. It takes three sword slashes to remove a segment of their bodies, with 9 slashes total to defeat them. To make matters worse, they become more dangerous and aggressive after losing a portion of their body as well.

Pols Voice

Oracle of Seasons enemiesAnother recurring Zelda series foe, Pols Voice are tricky to hit thanks to their constant hopping. Though their weakness in other titles is the Bow and Arrow, in Oracle of Seasons players can easily defeat Pols Voice by playing any one of the special flutes Link receives from his permanent animal companion.

River Zora

Oracle of Seasons enemiesRiver Zora are the same in Oracle of Seasons as they are in previous 2D Zelda games, popping out from beneath the surface of the water to shoot fireballs at Link. Though Link can use the Slingshot or Boomerang to defeat them, they’re just as easily avoided.


Oracle of Seasons enemiesRope are the Zelda series’ recurring snake-like enemies that charge toward Link once he enters their line of sight. They are weak and only take one sword slash to defeat. However, in Oracle of Seasons, Link can occasionally be caught off guard by a Rope after digging one up from under the dirt using the Shovel.

Sand Crab

Oracle of Seasons enemiesAs one might expect, Sand Crabs appear throughout Holodrum in areas where there’s sand. They wander in random patterns around the room and are easily defeated after a single sword slash.

Shouded Stalfos

Oracle of Seasons enemiesShrouded Stalfos are the cloak wearing Stalfos that will sometimes appear in Oracle of Seasons‘ dungeons. They will either wield a sword or a bow and arrow but essentially require the same tactics to defeat regardless of weaponry. For either type, Link just needs to block their attacks using the shield and then follow up with a sword slash.


Oracle of Seasons enemiesSparks are common enemies in Oracle of Seasons‘ dungeons that rotate around groups of blocks in a recurring path. To defeat these enemies, simply hit them with the Boomerang, which leaves a Fairy in its place to help recover Link’s health.

Spiked Beetle

Oracle of Seasons enemiesThough Link will only encounter these enemies sparingly throughout Oracle of Seasons, the Spiked Beetle are somewhat annoying foes. These creatures are invulnerable until players flip them over by blocking their charge with the shield or parrying them with the Shovel. Afterward, a single sword slash will defeat them.

Spiny Beetle

Oracle of Seasons enemiesThere are two kinds of Spiny Beetle in Oracle of Seasons, with one hiding under grass and the other hiding under large rocks. In either case, Link will need to avoid being caught off guard by their surprise appearance since they lie in wait until players attempt to pick up rocks or slash at grass. Link can simply slash and defeat the grass-hiding Spiny Beetle while the ones underneath rocks require Link to lift the rock they’re under using the Power Bracelet before they become vulnerable.


Oracle of Seasons enemiesThe iconic skeletal Stalfos warriors appear once again in Oracle of Seasons and have four different types that Link will face off against. The standard Blue Stalfos are relatively weak and vulnerable to standard sword attacks. The Green Stalfos can jump and try to land on Link for a jumping slash, but players can easily stun them with the Boomerang to prevent that attack. The Orange Stalfos move faster than others and also throw bones at Link. Lastly, the Red Stalfos will evade attacks but Link can stun them with the Boomerang to open them up for a hit.


Oracle of Seasons enemiesTakkuri are strange birds that only appear in a handful of Zelda games and are more cumbersome than they are challenging. They will swoop down at Link in a straight line, dealing a half Heart Container of damage if they make contact. Their flight path is predictable, allowing for players to slash at them before they make contact for an easy defeat.


Oracle of Seasons enemiesTektites appear once again in Oracle of Seasons and behave similarly to their other incarnations throughout the series. They come in standard Orange variety and a more challenging Blue variant, but both types hop around the screen attempting to hit Link. Wait until they stop jumping to rush in for a quick sword strike.

Water Tektite

Oracle of Seasons enemiesWater Tektite are exactly what they sound like, Tektites that stick to the surface of bodies of water. They can be somewhat tricky to line up a slash against, so a more reliable strategy is to dive underwater and avoid them.


Oracle of Seasons enemiesWallmasters are identical to Floormasters except they emerge from the ceiling and walls rather than from the floor. Like the Floormaster, Wallmasters will teleport Link to the beginning of the dungeon if they are successful in grabbing him.


Oracle of Seasons enemiesWizzrobes are the commonly occuring wizard enemies of the Zelda series that shoot magic blasts at Link. In Oracle of Seasons, these foes come in Blue, Green, and Red variants that each have subtle variations in behavior. Depending on their color, Wizzrobes will either shift around the room while invisible, teleport, or disappear and reappear on the same spot. In any case, there’s no way to deflect their magic blasts.


Oracle of Seasons enemiesZol are the standard slime-type enemies that appear in several Legend of Zelda games, separating into the smaller Gels after Link slashes them with his sword. There are Red and Green Zol, with the Green Zol suffering full defeat after a single slash and not separating into smaller Gels.
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