The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons – All Items and Upgrades

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The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons – All Items and Upgrades

The Oracle games are unique in The Legend of Zelda series in that they are two halves of a whole experience, requiring players to experience both titles and link their save files using a password in order to see the true ending and face off against Ganon. Additionally, both games take heavy influence from the fan-favorite and timeless classic The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening. Since both Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons share quite a bit of DNA in common between them, it makes sense that features from one are commonly found in the other. One of the best examples of this commonality comes from The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons‘ items.

Every Zelda game sees Link begin with a humble sword and shield, gradually building up a powerful and useful inventory. The Oracle games are no different, but their existence as two halves of the same whole leads to the games sharing more than a dozen items in common, most of which are the commonly recurring tools and resources that appear in every game in The Legend of Zelda series. That said, there are plenty of unique items to Oracle of Seasons, many of which highlight the game’s more substantial focus on combat over the puzzle-solving of Oracle of Ages.


Wooden Sword

Oracle of Ages itemsLink’s starting weapon in Oracle of Seasons is the Wooden Sword, which he will find in the Hero’s Cave at the start of the game. Before acquiring the sword he will have to make his way through a mini-dungeon of sorts.

Noble Sword

Oracle of Ages itemsJust like in Oracle of Ages, the Noble Sword is Link’s reward for completing the game’s Trading Sequence side quest and is the first upgrade that becomes available for Link’s primary weapon. The greatest advantage this blade has over the Wooden Sword is its ability to shoot a sword beam at enemies when Link is at full health.

Master Sword

Oracle of Ages itemsThe Master Sword is Link’s ultimate weapon and in the Oracle games is only obtainable via a linked game file. In order to unlock the Master Sword in Oracle of Seasons, players need to first beat Oracle of Ages and carry over the Hero’s Secret (password).


Wooden Shield

Oracle of Ages itemsThe Wooden Shield is the most basic shield Link can obtain in Oracle of Seasons and will be the primary defense the player has before obtaining the Iron Shield. Players can purchase it in Horon Village during Oracle of Seasons‘ initial hours for just 30 Rupees.

Iron Shield

Oracle of Ages itemsIn order to obtain the Iron Shield, Link will first need to collect the Red and Blue Ore items and convert them into Hard Ore. Then, players can take a Wooden Shield and the Hard Ore to the Subrosian Smithy to convert them into the Iron Shield.

Mirror Shield

Oracle of Ages itemsThe Mirror Shield is the best shield available in either of the Oracle games and is yet another ultimate item only obtainable after completing one of the two titles and linking the save files using the Hero’s Secret. In order to get the Mirror Shield in Oracle of Seasons, players will need to first beat Oracle of Ages.



Oracle of Seasons itemsPlayers will find this recurring piece of equipment in the Subrosian Dance Hall. Link will need to speak with the Subrosians in the Dance Hall and agree to perform for them, receiving the Boomerang as a reward. As in other games in the series, Oracle of Seasons‘ Boomerang is useful in stunning enemies, hitting inaccessible switches, or retrieving items just out of reach.

Magical Boomerang

Oracle of Seasons itemsThe Magical Boomerang is an upgrade for the standard Boomerang in Oracle of Seasons and is the dungeon key item in the game’s sixth dungeon, the Ancient Ruins.

Roc’s Feather

Oracle of Ages itemsRoc’s Feather is one of the few pieces of equipment that makes an appearance in both of the Oracle games, with Link using the item to leap over small gaps or avoid holes in the ground. It is the dungeon key item in Oracle of Seasons‘ third dungeon, the Poison Moth’s Lair.

Roc’s Cape

Oracle of Seasons itemsThough Roc’s Feather appears in both Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons, its upgrade Roc’s Cape is exclusive to Oracle of Seasons. Players will find this item in the Explorer’s Crypt and can use it to have Link glide through the air in a floating jump with a longer arc.


Oracle of Seasons itemsThe Slingshot is Oracle of Seasons‘ replacement for the Seed Shooter in Oracle of Ages, and unlike the Seed Shoter its ammunition cannot ricochet off of walls. Players can find the Slingshot as the dungeon key item in Seasons‘ fourth dungeon, the Dancing Dragon Dungeon.

Hyper Slingshot

Oracle of Seasons itemsThe Hyper Slingshot is the upgrade to the standard Slingshot, enhancing the item by allowing it to shoot in three directions. The Hyper Slingshot is the dungeon key item of the Sword & Shield Maze, Oracle of Seasons‘ eighth dungeon.

Seed Satchel

Oracle of Ages itemsJust like in Oracle of Ages, Oracle of Seasons‘ Seed Shooter is Link’s ammunition pouch for the 5 different types of seeds he will come across in the world of Holodrum and is the dungeon key item for the game’s first dungeon.

Ember Seed

Oracle of Ages itemsEmber Seeds are the first kind of seeds Link will acquire as they are the amnmunition currently in the Seed Satchel when he discovers the item inside the Gnarled Root Dungeon. These seeds are useful for lighting torches, burning plants, or harming enemies with fire.

Scent Seed

Oracle of Ages itemsScent Seeds have two different uses in Oracle of Seasons‘ depending on Link’s method of delivery. Simply using the Seed Satchel to drop Scent Seeds will either repel enemies away from Link or draw them toward him, while shooting them from the Slingshot will both damage and repel enemies.

Pegasus Seed

Oracle of Ages itemsPegasus Seeds are useful for increasing the effectiveness of both Roc’s Feather and Roc’s Cape in Oracle of Seasons, extending the length of Link’s leaps using either item. Shooting the Pegasus Seeds at enemies using the Slingshot will temporarily stun them.

Gale Seed

Oracle of Ages itemsLink can use Gale Seeds to warp enemies off-screen or to warp himself to one of the several Seed Trees throughout the world of Holodrum. Gale Seeds are much more rare in Oracle of Seasons than they are in Ages, only growing on two trees and only during the Summer season.

Mystery Seed

Oracle of Ages itemsMystery Seeds are the final type of ammunition that Link can acquire in Oracle of Seasons and are useful in activating any one of the Owl Statues throughout the world.

Rod of Seasons

Oracle of Seasons itemsThe Rod of Seasons is Oracle of Seasons‘ main item and the means through which Link is able to change the seasons. However, before Link can switch to a different season he must first acquire the spell to do so.


Oracle of Seasons itemsOne of the classic recurring items in every Legend of Zelda game, Bombs are useful for destroying cracked walls, harming enemies, or even triggering switches. Link will acquire Bombs in Oracle of Seasons‘ first dungeon, the Gnarled Root Dungeon.


Oracle of Seasons itemsPlayers will need the Shovel in Oracle of Seasons‘ in order to clear out pesky dirt blocking access to certain paths. It is obtainable early on in the game after getting the Rod of Seasons and using it to summon Winter in the woods to the east of Horon Village.

Power Bracelet

Oracle of Ages itemsOracle of Seasons‘ version of the Power Bracelet is the dungeon key item in the game’s second dungeon (Snake’s Remains) and will give Link the ability to push and pull heavy objects or pick up rocks.

Strange Flute

Oracle of Seasons itemsThe Strange Flute is the first requirement players will obtain toward summoning an animal partner in Oracle of Seasons. Before meeting any of the potential companions (Dimitri, Ricky, or Moosh), the flute simply plays a tune and has no effect. Depending on when and how players obtain the Strange Flute, it will permanently transform into the corresponding flute for its animal partner.

Dimitri’s Flute

Oracle of Seasons itemsIf Link heads back to Subrosia after acquiring the Strange Flute and completes the Dance Hall mini-game, he can rescue Dimitri in the Spool Swamp by paying 80 Rupees, transforming the Strange Flute to Dimitri’s Flute.

Moosh’s Flute

Oracle of Seasons itemsIf Link buys the Strange Flute from the Horon Village Shop, he can head to the Spool Swamp and save Moosh instead. This will transform the Strange Flute into Moosh’s Flute and allow Link to summon him.

Ricky’s Flute

Oracle of Ages itemsIf Link doesn’t acquire Moosh or Dimitri’s Flute using the methods above, he will obtain Ricky’s Flute by default after defeating Blaino.

Magnetic Gloves

Oracle of Seasons itemsThe Magnetic Gloves are one of the main traversal items in Oracle of Seasons and are even essential for the boss battle in the dungeon where Link acquires them (Unicorn’s Cave). The player can use them to strip armor off of enemies and pull Link toward or repel him from magnetic poles depending on the polarity players select (N or S).

Fool’s Ore

Oracle of Seasons itemsThe Fool’s Ore is a unique story item in Oracle of Seasons that Link will lose as part of the quest to reclaim Roc’s Feather. However, before he loses access to the item, he can equip it as a weapon to deal more damage than both Biggoron’s Sword and the Master Sword.

Biggoron’s Sword

Oracle of Ages itemsPlayers can only obtain Biggoron’s Sword in Oracle of Seasons after first beating Oracle of Ages. When playing a linked game, head to the top of Goron Mountain and speak to Biggoron to obtain the powerful weapon.


Oracle of Ages itemsBombchus are another item exclusive to linking games between both Oracle titles. To acquire them in Oracle of Seasons, players need to first beat Oracle of Ages. They are available from the witch’s apprentice Syrup.


Zora’s Flippers

Oracle of Ages itemsPlayers can acquire the iconic Zora’s Flippers by visiting the Sunken City and passing the Master Diver test. As in A Link to the Past, the Flippers are an essential item for being able to swim and complete Oracle of Seasons‘ main quest.

Magic Potion

Oracle of Seasons itemsPlayers can acquire a Magic Potion in Oracle of Seasons by either purchasing one from Syrup for 300 Rupees or receiving one as a reward for opening a Gasha Nut. The potions restores Link’s health completely after falling in battle, though he can only hold one at a time.

Huge Maku Seed

Oracle of Seasons itemsThough players acquire a Huge Maku Seed in both Oracle games, they differ in terms of appearance. Ages‘ orange and green Maku Seed contrasts against Seasons‘ purple and blue one, but they both serve the same purpose. Players acquire the Huge Maku Seed after acquiring all of the Essences and use it to dissolve the barrier around the final dungeon.

Gasha Seed

Oracle of Ages itemsPlayers can acquire Gasha Seeds in any number of ways in Oracle of Seasons. Most often residing in treasure chests or rewards for beating mini-games, Link can plant them in soft soil to return later and see a Gasha Nut.

Gasha Nut

Oracle of Seasons itemsGasha Nuts are essentially natural treasure chests. After planting one of Oracle of Seasons‘ Gasha Seeds, return to the spot to find a Gasha Nut. Slashing the Gasha Nut with Link’s sword will reveal any variety of treasures inside, including Magic Potions.


Oracle of Seasons itemsPlayers can obtain Oracle of Seasons‘ Ribbon after trading the Star-Shaped Ore in Subrosia Market. The sole purpose of the Ribbon is to give it to Rosa so that she accompanies Link on a date. During that date, she can unlock any locked door using her key.

Spring Banana

Oracle of Seasons itemsPlayers can acquire the Spring Banana from the tree on top of Mt. Cucco. The primary reason to acquire the Spring Banana is to give it to Moosh in exchange for the Dragon Key.

Ricky’s Gloves

Oracle of Seasons itemsIn Oracle of Seasons, Link can win back Ricky’s gloves for him by challenging and defeating Blaino. If Link has yet to recruit either of the other two animal companions, defeating Blaino and giving Ricky his gloves back makes him the permanent animal companion by default.

Member’s Card

Oracle of Seasons itemsLink needs the Member’s Card to enter the basement of the Horon Village Shop. It’s in the lower level of the Horon Village Shop where the Treasure Map is available for purchase. Players can purchase the Member’s Card a the Subrosia Market in exchange for 5 Ore Chunks.

Master’s Plaque

Oracle of Seasons itemsLink acquires the Master’s Plaque in Oracle of Seasons after completing the Master Diver challenge. With it in his possession, he can then acquire the Flippers.

Gnarled Key

Oracle of Seasons itemsThe Gnarled Key is the item necessary to access Oracle of Seasons‘ first dungeon and obtain the first of the Essences. Link will receive it after speaking with the Maku Tree.

Floodgate Key

Oracle of Seasons itemsThe Floodgate Key is necessary to enter Oracle of Seasons‘ third dungeon, the Poison Moth’s Lair. Link can acquire this key in the Floodgate Keeper’s House in Spool Swamp.

Dragon Key

Oracle of Seasons itemsLink needs the Dragon Key to enter the Dancing Dragon Dungeon, Oracle of Seasons‘ fourth main dungeon. To get the key, Link must give the Spring Banana to Moosh and then retrieve it with him from the top of Goron Mountain.

Pirate’s Bell

Oracle of Seasons itemsLink needs the Pirate’s Bell in order to gain access to the Explorer’s Crypt, but must first find the Rusty Bell. In the Samasa Desert, Link can life a skull using the Power Bracelet and use it to divine for the location of the Rusty Bell. Taking the Rusty Bell to the Subrosia Smithy will see him refine it into the Pirate’s Bell.

Treasure Map

Oracle of Seasons itemsLink can purchase Oracle of Seasons‘ Treasure Map only after acquiring the Member’s Card. The Map costs 200 Rupees and is available at the Horon Village Shop. Players need the Treasure Map to find the location of the four jewels necessary for entering the Tarm Ruins.


Oracle of Seasons itemsLink needs four different Jewels (X-Shaped, Round, Pyramid, and Square) to access the Tarm Ruins. The Treasure Map will help guide Link toward their general location, though they do require some searching to find. The Tarm Ruins are the site of the game’s Ancient Ruins dungeon.

Ore Chunk

Oracle of Seasons itemsOre Chunks are a form of currency exclusive to Oracle of Seasons and only usable in Subrosia. The main means of finding them is using the Shovel to dig around Subrosia, with each Ore Chunk having different valuations (1, 10, or 50).

Star-Shaped Ore

Oracle of Seasons itemsLink will need the Star-Shaped Ore in order to obtain the Ribbon. Players can use the Shovel to dig beneath the sand of the Subrosia Seaside area of Oracle of Seasons‘ map to find it.

Red Ore

Oracle of Seasons itemsLink can find the Red Ore in the western part of Subrosia after obtaining the Magnetic Gloves. Combining this item with the Blue Ore will net Link the Hard Ore necessary to upgrade the Wooden Shield.

Blue Ore

Oracle of Seasons itemsSimilar to the Red Ore, Link needs both Roc’s Feather and the Magnetic Gloves before he can obtain the Blue Ore. It waits for players in the Subrosian Wilds and is a necessary component to create Hard Ore.

Hard Ore

Oracle of Seasons itemsPlayers will combine the Red and Blue Ore into Hard Ore as part of upgrading the Wooden Shield. Taking the two color Ore pieces to the Great Furnace will merge them into Hard Ore. Then, Link can take the Hard Ore and the Wooden Shield to the Smithy in Subrosia to make the Iron Shield.

Ring Box

Oracle of Seasons itemsJust like in Oracle of Ages, Link can store any of his magic rings inside a Ring Box. Ring Boxes vary from Level-1 all the way to Level-3.

Magical Ring

Oracle of Seasons itemsLink can acquire any number of Magical Rings throughout Holodrum, and equipping them will provide various boosts to his attack or defense. Like the Ring Box players have to store them in, Rings vary from Level-1 to Level-3, with the Level-3 Rings providing the strongest bonuses.

Trading Sequence Items


Oracle of Seasons itemsThe first item in Oracle of Seasons‘ trading sequence quest is the Cuccodex. To obtain it, players need to enter the house in the southeastern part of Horon Village and use Ember Seeds to light the torches inside. With the Doctor who lives there now able to see, he gifts Link the Cuccodex.

Lon Lon Egg

Oracle of Seasons itemsTaking the Cuccodex to Talon and Malon’s house in North Horon will see Malon trade for it with the Lon Lon Egg. This is the second item in Oracle of Seasons‘ trading sequence quest.

Ghastly Doll

Oracle of Seasons itemsAfter acquiring the Lon Lon Egg, Link can defeat 30 enemies to trigger Maple to fly around the screen. Upon bumping into Link, she will offer to trade him the Ghastly Doll in exchange for the Lon Lon Egg.

Iron Pot

Oracle of Seasons itemsTo acquire Oracle of Seasons‘ fourth trading sequence item, the Iron Pot, Link will need to take the Ghastly Doll to the house on the Holodrum Plain. Inside, Mrs. Ruul will ask for the Ghastly Doll in exchange for the Iron Pot.

Lava Soup

Oracle of Seasons itemsWith the Iron Pot in tow, Link can head to Subrosia and speak to the Chef to find out he wants to make Lava Soup but can’t without an Iron Pot. Gifting the Iron Pot to the Chef will see him make some for Link as the fifth trading sequence item.

Goron Vase

Oracle of Seasons itemsAs it turns out, Gorons love Lava Soup, meaning Link can bring some to Biggoron and receive a valuable Goron Vase in exchange. The Goron Vase is the sixth trading sequence item in Oracle of Seasons.


Oracle of Seasons itemsTo get the trading sequence’s seventh item, the Fish, players need to bring the Goron Vase to the vase collector Ingo in Sunken City.


Oracle of Seasons itemsWith the Fish in hand, Link can collect the eighth trading sequence item by heading to North Horon and speaking to Mittens’ Owner. The Owner will use the Fish to get the cat Mittens out of a tree and reward Link with the Megaphone as thanks.


Oracle of Seasons itemsTaking the Megaphone and heading to Mt. Cucco will see Link use it to wake up Talon, who gives Link the Mushroom before heading home to Malon.

Wooden Bird

Oracle of Seasons itemsPlayers will acquire the tenth trading sequence item, the Wooden Bird, after bringing the Mushroom to the great witch Syrup. She needs the Mushroom for her potion mixture and offers the Wooden Bird in exchange.

Engine Grease

Taking the Wooden Bird to Tick Tock in Horon Village’s Clock Shop will see him ask to have the item for use in building a magnificent Cuckoo Clock. In exchange for the Wooden Bird he gives Link the trading sequence’s eleventh item, the Engine Grease.


Oracle of Seasons itemsThe final item of the trading sequence, Link can acquire the Phonograph by bringing the Engine Grease to Guru-Guru, the Windmill operator. With the Phonograph in tow, Link can use the item to find the location of the Noble Sword (or the Master Sword in a linked game).

Essences of Nature

Fertile Soil

Oracle of Seasons itemsFertile Soil is the first of the eight Essences of Nature Link must collect as part of Oracle of Seasons‘ main quest. It is the reward for defeating Aquamentus within the game’s first dungeon, the Gnarled Root Dungeon.

Gift of Time

Oracle of Seasons itemsThe second Essence, Gift of Time, is obtainable within Oracle of Seasons‘ second dungeon — Snake’s Remains. After defeating Dodongo, Link will receive the Gift of Time and a Heart Container.

Bright Sun

Oracle of Seasons itemsOracle of Seasons‘ third Essence is Bright Sun. This item is obtainable after defeating Mothula within the game’s third dungeon, the Poison Moth’s Lair.

Soothing Rain

Oracle of Seasons itemsSoothing Rain is the Essence awaiting Link within the Dancing Dragon Dungeon and the fourth Essence of Nature players will acquire. It is the reward for defeating the dungeon’s boss, Gohma.

Nurturing Warmth

Oracle of Seasons itemsNurturing Warmth is the fifth Essence of Nature in Oracle of Seasons. After beating Digdogger and clearing the Unicorn’s Cave dungeon, Link is now over halfway to his goal of collecting all 8 Essences of Nature.

Blowing Wind

Oracle of Seasons itemsThe sixth Essence of Nature in Oracle of Seasons, Blowing Wind, is the reward for defeating Manhandla. Blowing Wind has the additional effect of restoring the Maku Tree’s power and causing fruit to grow across Holodrum.

Seed of Life

Oracle of Seasons itemsThe Seed of Life awaits Link within Oracle of Seasons‘ seventh dungeon, the Explorer’s Crypt, and is the penultimate Essence of Nature that players will collect. It is the reward for defeating Gleeok, the boss of the Explorer’s Crypt.

Changing Seasons

Oracle of Seasons itemsThe final Essence of Nature that Link will obtain in Oracle of Seasons is the Changing Seasons. This Essence is the reward for clearing the final regular dungeon (and the game’s penultimate dungeon) the Sword & Shield Maze. After acquiring Changing Seasons, Link can receive the Huge Maku Seed from the Maku Tree, gaining access to the final dungeon.

Dungeon Items

Dungeon Map

Oracle of Seasons itemsThe Dungeon Map will display the entire interior of a dungeon and is a recurring series item. Every one of Oracle of Seasons‘ dungeons has a Dungeon Map for Link to acquire and aid him in clearing them.


Oracle of Seasons itemsThe Compass is a recurring Legend of Zelda item that pinpoints the location of the dungeon’s boss and remaining treasure chests. In Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages, the Compass will make a sound when Link enters a room with a Small Key.

Small Key

Oracle of Seasons itemsLink will acquire several Small Keys in each dungeon that he will use to unlock doors. They cannot unlock the Boss Door and will be useless after leaving the dungeon.

Boss Key

Oracle of Seasons itemsEach dungeon in Oracle of Seasons will have a boss chamber only accessible after obtaining the Boss Key. The key doesn’t work on any other room in the dungeon and is only useful in confronting the dungeon boss and claiming the Essence it guards.

Heart Container

Oracle of Ages itemsThere are a total of 8 Heart Containers for Link to collect in Oracle of Seasons, each of which add one full heart to Link’s health. They are rewards for beating each of the dungeon’s bosses.


Recovery Heart

Oracle of Ages itemsKilling enemies or smashing pots in Oracle of Seasons will occasionally reward Link with Recovery Hearts. These pick-ups will restore one full Heart Container of Link’s health.

Piece of Heart

Oracle of Seasons itemsThere are a total 12 Pieces of Heart for Link to acquire in Oracle of Seasons, which will add an additional 3 Heart Containers to his total health.


Oracle of Ages itemsLink will randomly stumble across Fairies in Oracle of Seasons that can restore up to 7 hearts of Link’s health. Unlike previous games, Link can not hold them in a bottle but there are Great Fairies he can visit across Holodrum to receive a heart refresh up to full health.


Oracle of Ages itemsRupees are the main currency in every Legend of Zelda game, though they do have some different valuations in Oracle of Seasons. Players can acquire the traditional 1, 5, or 10 Rupee drops, but there are also Big Rupees worth either 100 (Blue) or 200 (Red).
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