The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages – All Items and Upgrades

The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages gameplay

The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages – All Items and Upgrades

In every single Legend of Zelda game, Link needs an inventory full of reliable weapons and equipment to see him through his journey. The Game Boy Color classics Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons are no different, with both games featuring several unique items as well as plenty they share in common. Borrowing heavily from A Link to the Past on SNES and their Game Boy predecessor Link’s Awakening, both Oracle games feature several iconic series staples while also introducing a few new tricks of their own. In terms of The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages items, there’s more than 50 unique pieces of equipment and collectables for players to obtain across its excellent half of the Oracle saga.

Aside from the game’s main item, the Harp of Ages, Link also has several swords and shields to collect as well as a Seed Shooter that can fire 5 different kinds of ammo. While Oracle of Seasons features magnetic gloves for players to access previously inaccessible areas, Oracle of Ages features the iconic Hookshot, making a return following its appearance in A Link to the Past and Ocarina of Time. Interestingly, the Oracle games’ release after Ocarina of Time on the Nintendo 64 allows them to incorporate some of that game’s items in 2D for the first time.


Wooden Sword

Oracle of Ages itemsThe Wooden Sword is the first weapon Link acquires in Oracle of Ages. Impa gives the weapon to Link after Nayru disappears. However, if starting an Oracle of Ages game after beating Oracle of Seasons, Link starts the game with the Wooden Sword already in his inventory.

Noble Sword

Oracle of Ages itemsThe Noble Sword is players’ reward for completing the Trading Sequence in Oracle of Ages and is a substantial upgrade over the Wooden Sword.

Master Sword

Oracle of Ages itemsPlayers can only obtain the Oracle games’ version of the iconic Master Sword after beating one of the titles and starting a linked game on the other.


Wooden Shield

Oracle of Ages itemsLink acquires the Wooden Shield from the shop in Lynna Village after purchasing it for 30 Rupees. Like other Wooden Shields, it’s the weakest and most basic of the shields and vulnerable to fire attacks.

Iron Shield

Oracle of Ages itemsLink can upgrade his Wooden Shield into the Iron Shield while visiting Cresent Island. Another option is to acquire an Iron Shield by itself using the Library Secret.

Mirror Shield

Oracle of Ages itemsThe Mirror Shield is the most powerful shield in the game and only available after beating one of the Oracle games and starting the other in a linked game.


Power Bracelet

Oracle of Ages itemsThe Power Bracelet, which allows Link to lift heavy rocks, is one of the treasures in the game’s first dungeon — Spirit’s Grave.

Power Glove

Oracle of Ages itemsThe Power Bracelet upgrades to the more effective Power Glove when Link visits Oracle of Ages’ eighth dungeon — the Ancient Tomb.

Roc’s Feather

Oracle of Ages itemsRoc’s Feather grants Link the ability to jump over small gaps and reach previously inacessible areas. It is one of the treasures players acquire in the Wing Dungeon.

Seed Shooter

Oracle of Ages itemsLink acquires the Seed Shooter as one of the treasures in the game’s third dungeon — Moonlit Grotto. It serves a similar function as the Slingshot from Ocarina of Time but can fire at an agle and its seeds can ricochet off of walls.

Seed Satchel

Oracle of Ages itemsLink receives the Seed Satchel as a gift from the Maku Tree and it can hold all the different types of ammunition for the Seed Shooter. Though it initially can only hold 20 of each Seed type, Link can upgrade it to hold 50 of each. Additionally, a final upgrade of 99 of each is available in a Linked Game.

Ember Seed

Oracle of Ages itemsEmber Seeds are ammunition for the Seed Shooter capable of lighting torches and setting enemies or objects on fire. To stock up on more Ember Seeds, Link can hit the Ember Tree south of Lynna City.

Scent Sceed

Oracle of Ages itemsAfter visiting Crescent Island and planting the Scent Seedling, Link can return to the present and obtain Scent Seeds from the full-grown Scent Tree. Scent Seeds either draw enemies away from Link or toward him, and shooting them using the Seed Shooter damages enemies and knocks them back.

Pegasus Seed

Oracle of Ages itemsPegasus Seeds increase Link’s speed, and combining them with Roc’s Feather allows him to jump further. Players can also shoot them to stun enemies. To stock up on Pegasus Seeds, visit the Pegasus Tree in the northwest area of Rolling Ridge in the past.

Gale Seed

Oracle of Ages itemsGale Seeds transport Link to other Seed Trees. Additionally, shooting them from the Seed Shooter warps enemies off the screen. Gale Seeds first become available after visiting Symmetry Village.

Mystery Seed

Oracle of Ages itemsLink can sprinkle Mystery Seeds on Owl Stones to obtain valuable hints, as well as use them for a random Seed effect on enemies when firing them from the Seed Shooter. Link first obtains them as part of gaining access to the Wing Dungeon.

Harp of Ages

Oracle of Ages itemsLink uses the Harp of Ages to travel between the past and present of Labrynna, facilitating Oracle of Ages‘ main mechanic. Players acquire the Harp from Nayru after learning the Tune of Echoes.


Oracle of Ages itemsLink receives the Bombs after giving Queen Ambi some Mystery Seeds. Afterwards, though, Bombs will drop from killing enemies or opening chests. There are two upgrades for the Bomb Bag available, with one requiring a visit to the Fairy in Talus Peaks in the present. The other requires a Linked game.


Oracle of Ages itemsLink acquires the Shovel after visiting the base of Ambi’s Tower in Lynna Village during Labrynna’s past. It’s a necessary item for progression along Oracle of Ages’ critical path.

Strange Flute

Oracle of Ages itemsLink has the opportunity to choose one of three partners after clearing the Moonlit Grotto and acquiring the Strange Flute. Note that the Flute remains the same in a Linked game.

Dimitri’s Flute

Oracle of Ages itemsLink can acquire Dimitri’s Flute from the Lynna City Shop for 150 Rupees. Afterward, visiting Dimitri in Fairies’ Woods and playing the Flute causes Dimitri to become his permanent partner.

Moosh’s Flute

Oracle of Ages itemsPlayers will have Moosh’s Flute by default after heading toward Nuun Highlands. Link will come across Moosh in Fairies’ Woods and earn him as a partner after playing his Flute.

Ricky’s Flute

Oracle of Ages itemsScoring 250 points or more in the Shooting Gallery mini-game in Lynna Villae awards Ricky’s Flute. Head to the broken bridge in Faires’ Woods to find Ricky and play his flute to unlock him as a partner.

Switch Hook

Oracle of Ages itemsThe Switch Hook is one of the treasures in the Skull Dungeon, allowing Link to switch places with far-off objects. It operates similarly to the Hookshot.

Long Switch

The Long Switch (also known as the Long Hook) is an upgrade to the Switch Hook. Players acquire the Long Switch inside the game’s seventh dungeon, Jabu-Jabu’s Belly.

Cane of Somaria

Oracle of Ages itemsThe Cane of Somaria is another of The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages‘ items returning from a previous game. It’s one of the treasures of the game’s fifth dungeon, the Crown Dungeon, and Link can use it to create blocks that detect hidden pits or block enemies.


Oracle of Ages itemsAlthough Link doesn’t need the Boomerang to complete Oracle of Ages‘ main quest, it does provide a significant advantage. Players obtain this iconic item after earning 400 points in the Goron Shooting Gallery in Rolling Ridge.

Biggoron’s Sword

Oracle of Ages itemsPlayers obtain the Biggoron’s Sword one of two ways. If playing Oracle of Ages first, the sword is a prize from the Goron Elder at the Goron Shooting Gallery in the past and can use it in Oracle of Seasons. If players play Oracle of Seasons first and Link their game to play Ages second, it’s obtainable from a password. It’s an immensely powerful sword that Link can wield at the cost of giving up his shield.


Oracle of Ages itemsBombchus track enemies like a homing missile before exploding and eliminating them. However, they are only available as part of a Linked game. When playing a Linked game, Link can purchase them from Syrup.


Zora’s Flippers

Oracle of Ages itemsLink acquires Zora’s Flippers after visiting Cheval’s Tomb, granting him the ability to swim. They become obsolete after Link obtains the Mermaid Suit, which allows him to both swim and dive.

Mermaid Suit

Oracle of Ages itemsPlayers find the Mermaid Suit within Mermaid’s Cave. As an upgrade to Zora’s Flippers, players can use the Mermaid Suit to swim and dive in deeper water, granting access to underwater areas in dungeons and beneath the sea. The Mermaid Suit is necessary to clear the eighth dungeon, Jabu-Jabu’s Belly.

Magic Potion

Oracle of Ages itemsMagic Potions fully restore Link’s health, even automatically upon death. Players will also need a Magic Potion to cure King Zora of his sickness. They are available from Syrup’s Potion Shop for 300 Rupees or are obtainable from within a Gasha Nut.

Huge Maku Seed

Oracle of Ages itemsThe Huge Maku Seed is a quest item Link receives from the Maku Tree after obtaining all eight Essences of Time. Link uses it to break the barrier blocking access to the Black Tower.

Gasha Seed

Oracle of Ages itemsLink can plant Gasha Seeds in soft soil and then return later to see that a Gasha Nut is in its place. Players can acquire Gasha Seeds using several different methods, including completing mini-games and receiving them as gifts.

Gasha Nut

Oracle of Ages itemsPlanting Gasha Seeds in soft soil will result in them growing into Gasha Nuts. Link can use his sword to break open Gasha Nuts for a variety of valuable items, including Magic Potions.

Cheval Rope

Oracle of Ages itemsLink obtains the Cheval Rope after obtaining Zora’s Flippers in Cheval’s Tomb. Swimming to the top part of the tomb sees Link acquire the Rope, which he can give to Rafton to build the Raft.

Island Chart

Oracle of Ages itemsLink obtains the Island Chart by visiting Tingle in the present near Lynna City. With the Raft and the Island Chart, Link can cross the Crescent Strait and visit Crescent Island.

Ricky’s Gloves

Oracle of Ages itemsThese boxing gloves belong to one of Link’s potential animal companions, the kangaroo Ricky. After obtaining the gloves and giving them to Ricky, Link can ride around in his pouch.

Scent Seedling

Oracle of Ages itemsVisiting Crescent Island for the first time sees Link lose his items, sending him on a quest to retrieve them. Part of the quest involves playing the Wild Tokay mini-game, which rewards Link with a Scent Seedling the first time he plays it. Planting the Scent Seedling on the north side of Crescent Island will see it grow into a Scent Tree in the present.

Bomb Flower

Oracle of Ages itemsLink gains use of the Bomb Flower after defeating the Great Moblin at Rolling Ridge. He will need to use it to rescue the Goron Elder as part of the main quest.

Graveyard Key

Oracle of Ages itemsLink acquires the Graveyard Key as a main quest item to access Yoll Graveyard and enter Oracle of Ages‘ first dungeon, Spirit’s Grave.

Crown Key

Oracle of Ages itemsAfter rescuring the Goron Elder using a Bomb Flower, the other Gorons give Link the Crown Key. This grants him access to Crown Dungeon.

Tuni Nut

Oracle of Ages itemsThe Tuni Nut is a symbol of Symmetry Village that Link must repair to gain access to Skull Dungeon.

Brother Emblem

Oracle of Ages itemsIn either the present or the past, Link can visit the Goron Dance Hall and dance with the Graceful Goron to earn the Brother Emblem and have the other Gorons consider him their brother.

Rock Brisket

Oracle of Ages itemsLink can obtain the Rock Brisket as a prize for winning a game of Target Carts, and he can give it to a Goron in the Goron Dance Hall in exchange for a Goron Vase.

Goron Vase

Oracle of Ages itemsAfter receiving the Goron Vase, Link can give it to the Goron guarding the Goron Dance Hall in the past to receive Goronade.


Oracle of Ages itemsGiving the Goronade to the owner of the Big Bang Game rewards Link with a free-play on the game, which is necessary to earn the Old Mermaid Key.

Lava Juice

Oracle of Ages itemsEarning 100 or more points in the Goron Shooting Gallery gives Link the Lava Juice, which he can trade with the Graceful Gorons’ friend for the Letter of Introduction.

Letter of Introduction

Oracle of Ages itemsLink needs both Lava Juice and the Old Mermaid Key to get the Letter of Introduction from the Graceful Gorons. Then, taking the Letter to the past and doing the Goron Dance in front of the first-generation Graceful Gorons allows Link to obtain the Mermaid Key to enter Mermaid’s Cave.

Old Mermaid Key

Oracle of Ages itemsLink earns the Old Mermaid Key as a prize for playing the Big Bang mini-game in the present, and it’s a necessary item for Oracle of Ages‘ main quest.

Mermaid Key

Oracle of Ages itemsLink obtains the Mermaid Key after giving the Letter of Introduction to the Goron managing the Goron Dancing Game in present Labrynna. This same Goron then challenges Link to dance in the game himself, rewarding him with the Mermaid Key for his efforts.

Libray Key

Oracle of Ages itemsHealing King Zora using Medicine rewards Link with the Library Key, which grants access to the Eyeglass Island Library.

Book of Seals

Oracle of Ages itemsLink obtains the Book of Seals in the present-day Eyeglass Island Library, and its a necessary item to solve the Invisible Floor Puzzle guarding the Fairy Powder in the Library’s past.

Fairy Powder

Oracle of Ages itemsAfter using the Book of Seals to solve the Invisible Floor Puzzle in the Eyeglass Island Library’s past, Link obtains the Fairy Powder, which he can use to cure the curse on the Fairy Queen and gain access to Jabu-Jabu’s Belly.

Zora Scale

Oracle of Ages itemsAfter clearing Jabu-Jabu’s Belly, the Zora reward Link with a Zora Scale. Link will then use the Zora Scale to enter the Sea of Storms, giving it to the Captain of the Piratians in exchange for the Tokay Eyeball.

Tokay Eyeball

Oracle of Ages itemsThe Tokay Eyeball is a necessary quest item to reach and enter the Ancient Tomb. Link needs to insert it into the Tokay Guardian Statue in the past, located on the western side of Crescent Island. Inserting the Tokay Eyeball causes the statue to open and reveal the only path to the Ancient Tomb, the Sea of No Return.

Ring Box

Oracle of Ages itemsLink receives a Ring Box from the Jeweler and it initially holds only one ring. Link can upgrade to a Level-2 Ring Box by finding it on the second floor of the Lynna City Shop. A Level-3 Ring Box is also obtainable through a Linked game.

Magical Ring

Oracle of Ages itemsLink will find several Magical Rings throughout his adventure, each with different powers and effects. The amount of rings he can hold is determined by the level of his Ring Box.

Trading Sequence Items

Poe Clock

Oracle of Ages itemsThe Poe Clock is the first of The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages items used in the game’s Trading Sequence quest. Link obtains it from a Poe in the Yoll Graveyard in the present.


Oracle of Ages itemsLink trades the Poe Clock with the Postman in Lynna Village’s past for the Stationery, the second item in the game’s Trading Sequence.

Stink Bag

Oracle of Ages itemsThe third item in Oracle of Ages‘ Trading Sequence quest is the Stink Bag, which Link obtains by trading the Stationery with the mysterious hand inhabiting the past Lynna Village toilet.

Tasty Meat

Oracle of Ages itemsTasty Meat is the fourth item in Oracle of Ages‘ Trading Sequence, which Link can obtain by giving the Stink Bag to the Tokay Chef at the Tokay Cafe on Crescent Island.

Doggie Mask

Oracle of Ages itemsBy taking the Tasty Meat and bringing it to the Happy Mask Salesman at the Mask Shop in the Nuun Highlands, Link can acquire the Trading Sequence’s fifth item, the Doggie Mask.


Oracle of Ages itemsAfter obtaining the Doggie Mask, Link can head to Lynna City in the present to talk to Mamamu Yan. Trading her the Doggie Mask will reward Link with the Dumbbell, the sixth item in the Trading Sequence.

Cheesy Mustache

Oracle of Ages itemsWith the Dumbbell in his possession, Link can visit the Middle House in Symmetry Village in the past and trade with Thomas for the Trading Sequence’s seventh item, the Cheesy Mustache.

Funny Joke

Oracle of Ages itemsThe eighth item in the Trading Sequence, Oracle of Ages represents the Funny Joke as a bow tie. To obtain the Funny Joke, Link needs to visit Lynna City in the present and give the Comedian the Cheesy Mustache.

Touching Book

Oracle of Ages itemsGiving the Funny Joke to Dekadin in Lynna Village in the Past will see Link obtain the ninth item in the Trading Sequence, the Touching Book.

Magic Oar

Oracle of Ages itemsLink can obtain the Trading Sequence’s tenth item, the Magic Oar, from Great Witch Syrup’s apprentice Maple. Running into Maple in one of her various locations throughout Labrynna and giving her the Touching Book rewards Link with the Magic Oar.

Sea Ukulele

Oracle of Ages itemsTrading the Magic Oar to Rafton (who waits in his house on the South Shore) rewards Link with Oracle of Ages‘ eleventh Trading Sequence item, the Sea Ukulele.

Broken Sword

Oracle of Ages itemsThe final of The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages items to feature in the Trading Sequence quest is the Broken Sword. To acquire this broken blade, finish the Trading Sequence, and earn the Noble Sword, Link must give the Sea Ukulele to the Old Zora in the cave located on the Coast of No Return.

Essences of Time

Eternal Spirit

Oracle of AgesThe first Essence of Time is the Eternal Spirit, which Link obtains after defeating Pumpkin Head and clearing the Spirit’s Grave dungeon.

Ancient Wood

Oracle of Ages itemsThe second Essence of Time is the Ancient Wood, obtainable after Link defeats the Head Thwomp and successfully clears the Wing Dungeon.

Echoing Howl

Oracle of Ages itemsThe third Essence of Time is the Echoing Howl, which Link obtains after defeating Shadow Hag and clearing the Moonlit Grotto Dungeon.

Burning Flame

Oracle of Ages itemsThe Burning Flame is the fourth Essence of Time and Link’s reward for defeating Eyesoar and clearing the Skull Dungeon.

Sacred Soil

Oracle of Ages itemsThe fifth Essence of Time is the Sacred Soil. Link obtains this essence after defeating Smog and clearing the Crown Dungeon.

Lonely Peak

Oracle of Ages itemsThe sixth Essence of Time is Lonely Peak, obtainable after defeating Octagon and clearing the Mermaid’s Cave dungeon.

Rolling Sea

Oracle of Ages itemsThe Rolling Sea is the seventh Essence of Time and Link’s reward for defeating Plasmarine and clearing Jabu-Jabu’s Belly.

Falling Star

Oracle of Ages itemsThe final Essence of Time is the Falling Star, located in the Ancient Tomb and obtainable after defeating Ramrock.

Dungeon Items

Dungeon Map

Oracle of Ages itemsThe Dungeon Map is obtainable in each of Oracle of Ages‘ eight dungeons. It displays the full layout of each dungeon and how each room connects.


Oracle of Ages itemsThe Compass also features in every dungeon, displaying the locations of treasure chests and the boss.

Small Key

Oracle of Ages itemsLink will obtain and use Small Keys within dungeons to unlock doors. They are not usable outside of dungeons and are often rewards for clearing rooms of enemies.

Boss Key

Oracle of Ages itemsThe only door in the dungeon that Small Keys will not open is the Boss Door, which requires use of a Boss Key.

Heart Container

Oracle of Ages itemsLink will receive an additional Heart Container after defeating each dungeon’s boss, increasing his health points by one full heart.


Recovery Heart

Oracle of Ages itemsRecovery Hearts often drop form defeating enemies, restoring one full Heart Container of Link’s health points.

Piece of Heart

Oracle of Ages itemsLink can collect four Pieces of Heart in order to form a new full Heart Container, increasing his maximum health.


Oracle of Ages itemsMuch like Recovery Hearts, Link can discover a Fairy by smashing pots, defeating enemies, or slashing bushes, healing Link for 6 Heart Containers.


Oracle of Ages itemsOracle of Ages features 9 different variations of the classic Rupee, with the various colors and sizes indicating their value. Small Green Rupees are worth 1, Small Blue worth 5, and Small Red worth 10. Standard Red Rupees are worth 5, Green can be worth 1, 5, 10, or 20, and Yellow are worth 1, 5, or 20. Standard Blue Rupees are worth either 20 or 30, and Big Blue and Big Red are worth 100 and 200, respectively.
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