The Legend Of Zelda: The Four Swords Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes for Game Boy Advance (GBA)

The Legend Of Zelda: The Four Swords Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes for Game Boy Advance (GBA)

The Legend Of Zelda: The Four Swords

Silver Keys

Successfully complete each level with a team score of at least 1000 rupees, then defeat Vaati.

Gold Keys

Successfully complete each level with a team score of at least 3000 rupees, then defeat Vaati.

Hero Keys

Successfully complete each level with a team score of at least 5000 rupees, then defeat Vaati.

Ice Rod

Go to where the witch’s hut is located and pull up the rock. Go south, then go east There will be two caves, one open and one that needs to be bombed. Bomb it to get the Ice Rod.

Super bomb

Complete the Ice Palace followed by the Misery Mire Maze. Go to your house in the Dark World and buy the orange and white bomb.

Rupees or bees

If you receive the Pegasus Boots, run into some trees that are not connected with other trees. You will either get some rupees or some bees that chase you.

Selling bee for rupees

You can sell the Good Bee from the cave next to the Ice Rod cave (go inside, dash into the Fairy Statue and catch the bee that appears). Get the bee, go to the man who sells you the bottle in the village next to the castle, and release the bee. When it touches him, he will give you about 100 rupees. This trick cannot be repeated.

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Go to the village. Enter the house to the left, with the patrolling lady. One of the pots contains a chicken. Throw magic dust on it to it turn into a lady. The green characters in Light World near the witches hut will turn into hotdogs, and the soldiers will turn into sand bags. If you throw magic potion on a bee it will turn into a fairy. If you throw magic powder on an orange fireball that takes away hearts and magic, it will turn into a fairy.

Random items

Go one screen down from Link’s house. Near the Fairy Cave, you should find a strip of grass with a soldier in it and a bush to the left. Run through the strip of grass with the Pegasus Boots. You should find a beetle (not very obvious) turned on its back. It should say “Fine take it, thief” and you should get a random item (not dungeon). Note: You may need to do this a few times. You can repeat this as many times as desired.

Silver Arrows

Throw your bow in the pool where the Golden Sword was obtained to get Silver Arrows.

Magic Boomerang

Obtain the Super Bomb after completing four dungeons. Then, go to the Bomb Shop where Link’s House is in the Dark World. Purchase the Bomb. Take the Bomb to the crack in the Pyramid and blow up the wall. Enter the hole and throw your sword first (only if the sword is level 3), followed by your arrows, and finally the boomerang. You will receive the Gold Sword, Silver Arrows, and the Magic Boomerang. Note: The boomerang should turn a reddish-orange color.

Get Magic Boomerang earlier

Buy your Water Boots from the shopkeeper at the top of the map for 500 rupees. Then, swim down to see another waterfall. Go inside, put in your shield and boomerang, and they should upgrade.

Run away from your Boomerang

Note: This trick only works with the Blue Boomerang. To get your Boomerang to chase you, first hit the Boomerang off a surface. Then, run away in a direction away from where you threw it. For example, if you threw it to the left, run down or up. If done correctly , your boomerang should chase you and not catch up until you stop or move a different way.

Riddle quest

Obtain ten medals in the Four Swords multi-player mode. You can start a riddle quest with the Lumberjack in Link To The Past. Complete the Riddle quest to obtain the Hurricane Blade special move.

Free Green Potions

This trick requires the Zora’s Flippers, the Power Gloves and the Pegasus Boots. From Hyrule Castle, go east and head north through the rocky area with the bomb throwing person. Head north and pick up the small white rock. Continue north. Work your way past the Witche’s Hut and go all the way east on that screen. Pick up the big white rock and exit to the east. When you get to the dashable rocks, destroy one and hook around to the ledge. Make your way north. Jump off the ledge down to where the crabs are located and go north slightly more. Swim into the waterfall. This is the Waterfall Of Wishing. You can upgrade your shield to the Lv 2 Shield and your Boomerang if desired. If you throw an empty Bottle in, the Faerie will fill it with Magic Potion. Repeat this as often as desired.

Extra bombs or arrows

Go to the Pond Of Happiness in the lower right corner of the map and throw in rupees until a fairy appears. She will ask if you want to carry more bombs or arrows. Select which ever you prefer, as you can repeat this until up to 50 bombs and 70 arrows are accumulated. Note: A large number rupees are required.

Get Red Shield without entering Dark World

You can get the red shield without entering the Dark World or paying 500 Rupees. After you get Zora’s Flippers, go to the Mysterious Pond behind the waterfall. When you are asked to throw something in, answer “Yes”. Throw in the small shield. When the fairy asks you if it is yours, answer “Yes” and she will give you the Red Shield.

Get the lamp in Hyrule Castle

When you start, do not open the chest in Link’s house. Instead, just leave. When link gets the sword and shield, go to the next staircase then go right. Open the chest in Hyrule Castle to get the lamp instead of five rupees.

Magic container

Freeze an enemy with the Ice Rod then hit it with the Magic Hammer. You will most likely get a magic container.

Free life and magic medicine

Use the net to catch a small fairy and keep it in a bottle. Go to the Waterfall Of Wishing and throw in an empty bottle. This trick can be repeated.

Chicken attack

Corner a chicken in town and keep slashing it with the sword. After awhile a group of chickens will attack you. Note: If this is done twice, you will die and have to start from a saved game.

Find any chicken (even dead ones in the Dark World) outside of a house. Corner it, then use any available item to attack it. Keep hitting it until you are suddenly attacked by flying deadly chickens. The amount of time you need to wait depends on the item you use. The more powerful, the less the wait. To flee from the attack, leave the area into a new screen, or pick up the chicken.

Avoid tile damage

In the rooms with the tiles that fly at you, stand in the doorway you came in from, facing towards the room. You will not lose any hearts because the tiles will just break on your shield.

Extra lives in dungeons

Use the magic powder on the white-and-red flying skulls to transform them into fairies.

Extra energy

If you hit an enemy with the Ice Rod and kill him with any weapon you will get energy.

Advance to the Fourth Dark World level

This trick can be done as early as after completing the First Dark World dungeon. Note: The enemies in this level are very difficult if encountered earlier in the game without the preparations the other dungeons will provide. After you have gained the Magic Hammer, enter the Lost Woods by the farthest left entrance in Kakariko village. Once inside, turn right, then exit. Bash the two different spikes. Under the stone is a portal. The only point of entering early is getting the Big Key and Golden Gloves very early, saving the Smith, and getting the Level 3 sword before even entering the second dungeon. This makes the rest of the game up to the fifth or sixth dungeon much easier.

Get into The Dark World before getting the Master Sword

This trick will only work if you have the Moon Pearl, but you do not need the third Pendant. At the top of the mountain in the Light World is a warp to the Dark World. Use this, then travel down to where the bridge would be. Squeeze very close to it, then use the Mirror to travel to the Light World. Do the lightest button-tap possible, then wait for the portal to bring you back. Do not move. Use the mirror again, and when you are in the Light World, walk into the fence. Facing the fence, charge your sword and slowly move back into the portal. You should now be on the edge of the cliff. Move right to jump off, then walk to where you see a lava break and a rock next to each other (at the bottom of the screen.) Move in between them and move down. The screen should move to you on a hill in the Dark World.

Quick way to Gannon’s Tower in the Dark World

Go to the first temple in the Dark World. Get three fairies from the temple. Use the mirror and leave Use it again and save the game. Quit, then start game again. Go to mountain and warp to the Dark World. Jump off the cliff and go in the cave Use the hammer to kill the creatures and run through the spikes to reach Gannon’s Tower.

Defeating the big moth Boss

When facing the moth boss in the Dark World dungeon 3, unleash some bees on him. He will fall in a few seconds.

Disappearing sweeping woman

When you have the Magic Powder you can make the old woman that is sweeping the village disappear.

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Talking trees

In the Dark World, put a Bomb in front of a tree. After it explodes, the tree will spit out a Bomb. After it explodes, you can talk to trees. You can do this to all trees that connect to other trees. They will give you hints.

Ring of rocks

There is a river past the Potion Shop with the Zoras. In the Dark World, there is a very useful item that you need to complete the game. Near the beginning of the river in the Dark World is a sign that says “Curse All Who Throw Things Into The Ring Of Rocks”. Throw a rock. A monster will appear and ask to be left alone. He will give you something. Agree and claim your new item.


In the Light World. go to the smithy’s house. Use the hammer to knock down the post. Then, jump into the hole. Go into the top cave and you will see a red jar. Put some Magic Powder on it. A bat will appear and says that it will curse you. After you do this, any item that uses magic will only take half of what it used to. However, when you do this every time you get hit and it will hurt double.

Upgrade fountains

There are two upgrade fountains. Throw your bow, sword, or other item in and sometimes it will get upgraded. To find the first fountain, remember where the ring of rocks is located in the Dark World. North of there in the Light World is a cave behind a waterfall. Swim there and only throw in your shield or your boomerang. To find the second fountain, on the Pyramid Of Power is a crack in the wall that only a super bomb can break. Use a super bomb to blow a hole in the wall and toss in the tampered sword (Lv. 3 sword only) or your bow. If you toss in items, say that it is yours. Toss in an empty bottle and get a green potion back.

More money for fish

Once you drain the lake to get the heart piece you can pick up the fish in the swamp. You can either bring him up to the other pond and throw him in, or bring him all the way to the village and sell him to the man who sold you the bottle. Bringing him to the other pond will only result in 20 rupees, but selling him to the man will give you 100.

Hidden bee

There is a secret bee that will never fly away from you. Go to the cave where the Ice Rod is obtained. In the cave next to that one is a statue of a fairy. Run into it and the bee will appear.

Catching the running man in the village

The man in the village that runs away from you can be caught. Just use the Running Boots to catch up with him.

Dodge the Weathercock

When you awaken the Weathercock, you can have him take you places by standing still until he flies to pick you up. If you move around, there is a chance he will miss you.

Potion from Fairy

Go to the waterfall where the magic boomerang is obtained. Throw in an empty bottle. Tell the Fairy that you dropped in the bottle. She will reward your honesty with a free magic potion.

Fairy from pot

Sprinkle Magic Powder on some skull-shaped pots in some of the Dark World dungeons to get a Fairy.

Bug catching net

The bug catching net can be used as an alternative to reflect magic back at Agahnim.

Slicing signs

Walk up to any sign and swing your sword at it. It should get cut in half and disappear.

Steal the man’s sign

When you find the man standing next to the sign that tells you not to take it, take it. Then, go into the desert or back where you entered from. The man will disappear, but you will still have his sign. You can toss it or try to return it. If you try to return it, you will notice that he already has a replacement sign in the ground.

Getting the cape without the Titans Mitt

You must at least have the Mirror, the Hookshot, the Boots and the Moon Pearl. Go to the Dark World graveyard and move to the location where the grave that held the cape was in the Light World. Since there are bushes you do not need your glove. Go to the corner of that little spot and use the Mirror. It will transport you to that same area in the Light World. Now you can simply ram the grave get the cape. Then go back to the warp point to get back out.

Deflect laser beams without Mirror Shield

Use the hookshot, and if timed correctly, it will deflect the beam from the menacing one-eyed statues in dungeons. Keep the angle of your deflection at a degree to the beam’s attack, or else it will not deflect.

Shoot beams in multi-player mode

Complete all three dungeons in the Light World, and collect the three Pendants. Then, go to the woods and retrieve the Master Sword. Save the game and select “Quit”. Reload the game and a message will appear, stating that you can now shoot beams from your sword. This is a very helpful alternative to the bow. Note: It cannot perform the same tasks of the bow, such as shooting the statue’s eye.

Nintendo 64 sounds

Swing your sword and Link will yell as he does in both of the Nintendo 64 games. When you fall in a hole, walk on big stairs, or get hurt, the game will have the sound effects of the young Link in Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time , and normal Link in Legend Of Zelda: Majora’s Mask .

Defeating Zombies

To kill zombies without using the shotgun, just use your fists. It takes practice, but it saves ammunition and is easier when used to take out groups of enemies.

More money

Go to the village and enter the house with the patrolling young lady. Go up to the painting on the back wall and pull on it. Hold on until coins appear.

Go in the Desert of Mystery, very close to where you obtained the second pendant. There are two big rocks after you obtained the Power Gloves. They are in the same temple as the second Pendent. Pick up the rock that is behind the first rock. There should be steps there. Go down to find a man surrounded by pots. You will find five rupees under every pot. Exit, then re-enter until you obtain as many rupees as needed.

Go to Turtle Rock in the Dark World. Pull on the right paw and wait for coins.


Get the Master Sword, then return to Hyrule Castle. Chop down any bushes and weeds, and kill all enemies outside the castle. Return to the secret entrance which your character fell into at the start of the game and jump in to reach a room full of Blue Rupees.

Collect at least 100 Rupees anywhere in the game. Then, go to Kakariko Village, and head as far south of the town as possible. Go all the way down where there are three houses where you picked up the Book Of Mudora. Go to the house on the bottom right and enter. Pay the thief 20 tokens and select a chest. You can keep doing this as long as desired and begin to build up Rupees.

There is a place near the Desert Of Mystery with two big green rocks that you can pick up with the Power Gloves (one in front and one behind) Pick up the one behind it and go in the passage that was under the rock. There are ten pots inside, and under each is a Rupee. This can be done before and after you defeat Agahnim as many times as desired.

Go to the Lost Woods immediately above where the lumberjacks are located to find a tunnel. Enter it to discover three chests. The man there will offer to open one of the chests for 100 rupees. One chest contains 20 rupees, but both of the other cheats contain 300 rupees. Note: This may only be done once.

Get 100 rupees by any method. Go to the forest and enter at the top by the wood cutter’s house. Then, keep going forward and you will find a log. Enter it. When you are inside, pay the man to open a treasure chest. Open the middle one. You will get 300 rupees. Exit and do it again until you get 999 rupees.

Go to the house in eastern Kokiriko Village where the lady is guarding. Go into the house , pull on the picture, and collect the rupees. Leave and dash into the tree in north-eastern Kokariko Village. After that, kill all of the guards and enter the house again. Pull on the picture and you should get 80 rupees. Note: You can only do this trick after defeating the wizard (Agahnim) for the first time.

Drain the fountain to the east of the desert, then grab a fish. Walk to Kakariko Village, and the man will trade 5 rupees, a magic container, a heart, an arrow, or a bomb for it.

When you are walking around and see a rock that is glistening, hit it as many times as you can. It will send out rupees. Be careful and do not over hit it, as lit bombs will appear.

In the Dark World, go to where the graveyard used to be. In the upper right corner is a pile of rocks that you can dash into. Slay the enemy nearby and ram into the big pile. A red rupee will appear. Leave by going to the screen to the left, then return. Ram the rocks again and another red rupee will appear. This can be done as many times as desired.

After getting the bug net and the whistle warp to section 8 on the map, follow the path to the healing cave with the fairies. Dash into the statue and retrieve the bee that appears (the Good Bee) and take it to the villager in Kaikaro Village where you bought the bottles. Unleash the bee and he will pay 100 rupees for it. This trick can be repeated as many times as desired.

Note: You must have the flute for this trick. Play the flute and let the bird fly you to the dot that has the 8 on it. Continue north until you make it to a fairy cave. Inside will be a statue of a fairy. Ram into the statue and a sparkling bee will appear. Catch it and sell it to the man that sold you the bottle to at Kakariko Village. He will give you 100 rupees. You must have the flute and have the bird free — if you do not, the bee will attack the bird post.

Different swords

    Silver Sword

    This is the sword obtained from your uncle at the beginning, when you go in the castle.

    Master Sword

    This is the sword you get when you collect the three pendants. Once you have them, go to the top of the Lost Woods. Press A + L after getting the Master Sword, then go back to the castle and show it to Zelda.

    Tempered Sword

    You get this sword after obtaining the golden glove in level 4. Then, save the Smith brother by the Library in the Dark World. Warp into the Light World, go to the Smith house, and they will temper your sword.

    Golden Sword

    This is the ultimate sword. You have to complete every level, except for level 7, in the Dark World. Then, go to your house in the Dark World and they should sell you a big bomb for 100 rupees. Take the bomb to the golden pyramid and blow up the large brown square with the big crack.

The Three Pendants

    Pendant 1

    Starting at your house, go right and up. Look on the map and go to the building on the right. Enter it to get the bow and arrows.

    Pendant 2

    Go to the desert. You need the Book of Mudora. When you are in that temple you can get the gloves.

    Pendant 3

    Go to Death Mountain. You need the Magic Mirror. When you are in that temple you can get the Moon Pearl.


    In the village where you see the man with four bottles, talk to him, and he will give you bottles.

    Go to the long house where the man talks about his daughter. Exit the house, go to the other side, and enter. It appear that you can do so, but you can.

    After you have obtained the flippers, cross the bridge and go down. Keep going until you see somewhere that you can enter. Then, swim under the bridge and talk to the man.

    To get the fourth bottle, Go to where smithy would be in the Dark World. Sooner or later, a blue chest will appear. Bring the chest to the ex-thief by the desert in the Light World. He will ask if you will keep it a secret. Answer “Yes” and he will open the chest.

    To acquire the bottle in the Dark World, use your Magic Hammer to pound the pegs that block you from your house east of the Village Of Outcast, then touch the locked chest inside. It will follow you. Go outside and use your Magic Mirror to the Light World. Lead the chest to the anonymous man (with the sign). You will find out that he is a lock-picking thief.

    To get the final bottle, go to the blacksmith in the Dark World. There will be a chest here that you cannot open. Link will take it with him. Take it to the man near the desert, sitting next to the sign in the Light World. He will open it and give you the bottle inside.

Entering dungeons

    Hyrule Castle: From where you start, go to the part where that man tells you to get some sleep. Go right and up. In one of the bushes is a passageway.

    Eastern Palace: From your house, go right, up, right, and up. Solve the maze to enter.

    Desert Palace: Go to the library and dash at the shelf. Go to the desert and use the Book of Mudora to enter.

    Death Mountain Palace: Open one of the things on top of the mountain and turn into Mr. Bunny. Go to the dirt that is a different color and use Magic Mirror.

    Hyrule 2: Go into Hyrule Castle and go left then down. Go to where the Force Field is located, near the eye. Kill it with the Master Sword.

    Palace of Darkness: Make sure you have at least 110 rupees. Proceed until you see a monkey that says he wants 10 rupees. Give them to him and go to the entrance. Then, pay him 100 rupees.

    Swamp Palace: Go to the Light World near the cave where you drain the water. Drain the water then go to the Dark World and enter.

    Skull Woods: Go into the Dark World and go to the entrance to the woods. Use the hammer and open the 8 stone.

    Thieves’ Town: Use the same method as before, but go into the village in the Dark World. Go to where the duck would be, and pull on the fork.

    Ice Palace: Go to the island in the Light World that requires 5 or 20 rupees to be thrown. Pull the black stone and go to the Dark World.

    Misery Mire: Use the flute to go to destination 6. Pull the black stone and enter the desert in Dark World. If you have not gotten the Ether yet, it is to the left of the Death Mountain Palace dungeon. All you need is the Master Sword and the Book Of Mudora. Use your Ether on the Ether icon on the floor.

    Turtle Rock: Use the same method for the Death Mountain Palace and go to the right. Use the hammer and continue going right. When you see a big black stone blocking three hammer objects, pick it up. Hammer the things down in order. If done correctly, a Dark World portal will open. Enter and use the quake.

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    Gannon’s Tower: After exiting Turtle Rock, go to where the Death Mountain Palace dungeon would be.

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