The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass – All Items and Upgrades

Phantom Hourglass gameplay

The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass – All Items and Upgrades

Thanks to its existence as a direct sequel of sorts to The Wind Waker, several of Link’s items and equipment in Phantom Hourglass maintain a similar appearance to their prior counterparts. The same can also be said of the follow-up to Phantom Hourglass, Spirit Tracks, which similarly borrows item and equipment designs from both of the other two “Toon Link” Zelda games. Looking at all items in Phantom Hourglass shows plenty of returning staples from previous Zelda titles, but some unique collectibles and dungeon items to Phantom Hourglass only appear in its adventure. 

While items like swords, shields, bombs, and bows and arrows are commonly recurring items that players can expect to find in Link’s arsenal, Phantom Hourglass introduces the titular Phantom Hourglass and Salvage Arm each play important roles within the context of the title’s gameplay. Additionally, Phantom Hourglass introduces some new dungeon items that factor heavily into the regular environmental puzzles. And, perhaps most importantly, Link’s commandeering of the S.S. Linebeck allows him to acquire plenty of treasures that he can sell to keep his wallet regularly stocked with Rupees.


Oshus’s Sword

Phantom Hourglass itemsOshus’s Sword is the standard sword that players will use throughout Phantom Hourglass until they upgrade it to the Phantom Sword. Link will acquire the blade from the shed behind Oshus’s house near the beginning of the game and will use it as his primary weapon for a large portion of the adventure.

Phantom Sword

Phantom Hourglass itemsThe Phantom Sword is Phantom Hourglass’ analog for Master Sword and the only sword upgrade Link can acquire in the game. To forge the blade players will need to collect three Pure Metals and then bring them to Zauz to receive the Sword Blade. After combining the Sword Blade with the Hilt Link received from Oshus, the Phantom Sword is complete. Players will only have Phantom Hourglass’ best weapon before entering the Temple of the Ocean King for the final time, allowing them to finally destroy the Phantom sentries patrolling its corridors.


Wooden Shield

Phantom Hourglass itemsInterestingly, the Wooden Shield is the one and only shield that Link will have access to in Phantom Hourglass. Contrary to other Zelda titles that typically feature both a Hylian Shield and Mirror Shield as separate upgrades to the standard defensive equipment, Link only has a Wooden Shield to last him the duration of his entire journey in Phantom Hourglass. Players can easily purchase the shield for 50 Rupees at the Mercay Island shop.



Phantom Hourglass itemsThe standard recurring explosives of The Legend of Zelda series return once again in Phantom Hourglass. Thanks to the unique touch-screen controls of Phantom Hourglass, though, players can have greater control than ever before in terms of where their Bombs land. Once Link equips the Bombs and takes one out (holding it over his head), players can simply use the Nintendo DS’ stylus to indicate where Link throws the Bomb. Players will initially acquire Bombs after obtaining the Bomb Bag within the Temple of Wind.


Phantom Hourglass itemsDespite not appearing in The Wind Waker, the remote Bombchus make a return in Phantom Hourglass. These mobile explosives will seek out targets after Link places one on the ground, acting like a sort of remote-control bomb. Players will acquire their first Bombchus within the Goron Temple and can use the Nintendo DS’ stylus to draw their path, directing them around obstacles.

Bomb Bag

Phantom Hourglass itemsThe first Bomb Bag Link gets within the Temple of Wind and can only hold 10 Bombs. Of course, two different upgrades for the Bomb Bag in Phantom Hourglass increase its capacity to 20 and then 30 total Bombs. The first available upgrade comes from completing the Cannon Game Challenge on Bannan Island with a score of over 2,500 points. The final upgrade for the Bomb Bag is available from the traveling salesman Beedle for 1000 Rupees.

Bombchu Bag

Phantom Hourglass itemsWhen Link obtains his first Bombchus within the Goron Temple they will come within the first rendition of the Bombchu Bag. There are two further upgrades that Link can acquire for the Bombchu Bag, increasing its capacity from the standard 10 Bombchus to 20 and then 30. The first upgrade is available at the Goron Island Shop and costs 1000 Rupees while the final upgrade for the Bombuchu Bag is only available after completing the Goron Game.


Phantom Hourglass itemsThe Boomerang is a recurring piece of Legend of Zelda equipment that regularly finds its way into Link’s arsenal. In Phantom Hourglass, players will acquire this item as the treasure of the game’s first dungeon, the Temple of Fire. Thanks to the Nintendo DS’ touch screen controls, players can draw a flight path for Phantom Hourglass‘ Boomerang using the stylus.


Phantom Hourglass itemsAnother classic Legend of Zelda item, the Bow returns in Phantom Hourglass as the treasure of the Temple of Courage. Like the Bomb Bags, Link will initially only be able to carry a limited number of arrows for the Bow before obtaining upgrades to his Quiver by completing various challenges.


Phantom Hourglass itemsThe initial Quiver is an item that Link acquires along with the Bow in the Temple of Courage. After obtaining the Bow and the standard Quiver, Link will receive a letter informing him of the new Shooting Gallery. Completing the Shooting Gallery mini-game with a score of 1700-1990 points rewards the first Quiver upgrade, bringing its total capacity to 30 arrows. The final upgrade is purchasable from both the Mercay Island and Molida Island shops for 1000 Rupees and holds 50 arrows.

Fishing Rod

Phantom Hourglass itemsLink will receive Phantom Hourglass‘ Fishing Rod after reuniting the Old Wayfarer with his “mermaid” Joanne. Once players have the Fishing Rod it is possible to fish while sailing the S.S. Linebeck, and these fish can be exchanbged for valuable rewards (including Ship Parts).

Grappling Hook

Phantom Hourglass itemsReturning after its series introduction in The Wind Waker is the Grappling Hook. Players will acquire this useful tool within the Temple of Ice and can use it to create sturdy rope bridges between two wooden posts. Additionally, players can swing the Grappling Hook to both deflect projectiles and steal items from unsuspecting enemies.


Phantom Hourglass itemsLink will acquire Phantom Hourglass‘ version of the classic Hammer as part of the Mutoh’s Temple dungeon where it’s essential for defeating Eox, the dungeon’s boss. Further, the Hammer comes in handy for defeating enemies that are otherwise invulnerable to the sword thanks to having protective armor or other coverings.

Cyclone Slate

Phantom Hourglass itemsThe Cyclone Slate (which looks mysteriously like a Game Boy Advance cartridge) is an item Link can use to teleport around the World of the Ocean King in Phantom Hourglass. After acquiring the Cyclone Slate from Chief Cylos on Uncharted Island, Link can track down and shoot six different golden frogs using the S.S. Linebeck’s cannon. Shooting these golden frogs in midair will unlock the different warp locations available to Link.

Salvage Arm

Phantom Hourglass itemsThe Salvage Arm is interesting in that it plays a hugely important role in Phantom Hourglass’ gameplay yet requires a one-off gimmick for players to acquire it. Once the Salvage Arm becomes available for the S.S. Linebeck, players need to head to the shop on Cannon Island and use the Nintendo DS’ microphone to “shout” for the Salvage Arm. Depending on how loud players can shout, the price of the Salvage Arm will fluctuate between 200 and 1000 Rupees. With the Salvage Arm on the ship, Link can now pull treasure up from the bottom of the ocean.

Quest Items


Phantom Hourglass itemsAzurine is one of the three Pure Metals Link needs to obtain to reforge the Phantom Sword and defeat Bellum. Players will find it as part of completing the Temple of Ice and defeating the dungeon’s boss, Gleeok.


Phantom Hourglass itemsAquanine is another of the three Pure Metals necessary for Zauz to forge the legendary Phantom Sword. After defeating Eox and clearing Mutoh’s Temple, Link will receive the Aquanine as a gift from the spirit of King Mutoh.


Phantom Hourglass itemsCrimsonine is the first of the three Pure Metals players will acquire in their quest to reforge the Phantom Sword. The metal lies within the Goron Temple and becomes available after Link defeats the dungeon’s boss, Dongorongo.

Sword Blade

Phantom Hourglass itemsLink will acquire the Sword Blade after bringing the three Pure Metals to the blacksmith Zauz. Following defeating Jolene, Link can return to Zauz to claim the Sword Blade. Bringing the Blade to Oshus will see it combine with the Hilt to form the Phantom Sword.

Ghost Key

Phantom Hourglass itemsThe Ghost Key is an important item in Phantom Hourglass that Link obtains after defeating the Cubus Sisters aboard the Ghost Ship. With the Ghost Key in hand, Link can meet Oshus and learn about the game’s villain, Bellum.

King’s Key

Phantom Hourglass itemsPlayers acquire the King’s Key within the Isle of Ruins. After speaking with Doylan at his Burial Chamber, Link receives the King’s Kley and uses it to enter Bremeur’s Tomb. Subsequently, the key is instrumental in breaking the seal within the tomb. Opening the great seal will release the floodgates and allow water to flow over the island.

Sun Key

Phantom Hourglass itemsPlayers can acquire the Sun Key after obtaining the Salvage Arm and searching for treasure in the Southwest part of Phantom Hourglass‘ map. Following the third visit to the Temple of the Ocean King, players will receive more direct instructions to the key’s location. The Sun Key is essential for gaining access to the part of Molida Island where the Temple of Courage resides.

Phantom Hourglass

Phantom Hourglass itemsLink needs the titular item of Phantom Hourglass to safely traverse the Temple of the Ocean King. The Temple’s life-draining curse will deal Link damage when the Phantom Hourglass is empty. Accordingly, the hourglass will lose time the longer Link is in the dungeon, though it is possible to extend its duration using Sands of Hours. The Phantom Hourglass begins ticking down any time Link is outside of one of the temple’s Safe Zones.

Sea Charts

Phantom Hourglass itemsLink will acquire new Sea Charts as he continues to explore further into the Temple of the Ocean King. Every time the player has a new Sea Chart, new parts of the World of the Ocean King become available for exploration. In turn, this opens up new Temples for Link to explore and clear in hopes of rescuring Tetra.

Regal Necklace

Phantom Hourglass itemsThe Regal Necklace is a key item in Phantom Hourglass that helps Link enter the Isle of Ruins. After clearing the Phantom Corridor and meeting Brant, Link will receive the Regal Necklace and use it to calm the cyclones blocking access to the Isle of Ruins.

Hero’s New Clothes

Phantom Hourglass itemsThe Hero’s New Clothes are the invisible garments Link acquires as part of Phantom Hourglass‘ Trading Sequence. After saving the Man of Smiles, Link receives the clothes but doesn’t see anything. Then, taking them to Nyeve, Link can finally “sense” the legendary clothing. Trading the Hero’s New Cloths to Nyeve will reward Link with the Kaleidoscope.


Phantom Hourglass itemsLink receives the Kaleidoscope as a reward for trading the Hero’s New Clothes with Nyeve. Taking this item to the Ho Ho Tribe’s ship and trading it with Hoiger Howgendoogen will result in receiving the Trading Sequence’s third item, the Guard Notebook.

Guard Notebook

Phantom Hourglass itemsThe third item in Phantom Hourglass‘ Trading Sequence, Link receives the Guard Notebook after giving Hoiger the Kaleidoscope. Link can eventually bring the notebook to Nyeve. Trading the notebook with her rewards the fourth Trading Sequence item, the Wood Heart.

Swordsman’s Scroll

Phantom Hourglass itemsThe final reward for Phantom Hourglass‘ trading sequence, the Swordsman’s Scroll awaits players on Bannan Island. After giving the Wood Heart to the Old Wayfarer, players can head to the idlans and obtain the scroll to learn the Great Spin Attack.

Wood Heart

Phantom Hourglass itemsAfter giving the Guard Notebook to Nyeve in the Southwestern part of the sea, Link receives the final Trading Sequence item — the Wood Heart. With the Wood Heart in tow, players can meet back up with the Old Wayfarer and exchange it for the Swordsman’s Scroll.


Compliment Card

Phantom Hourglass itemsPlayers can obtain the Compliment Card after reaching Gold status for Beedle’s Shop Ship. Once Link reaches Gold member status, the card arrives in the mail and becomes usable. Using the card in Beedle’s Shop results in him telling Link he’s the best.

Complimentary Card

Phantom Hourglass itemsLike the Compliment Card, players can obtain the Complimentary Card after reaching a new member status for Beedle’s Shop Ship. In the case of the Complimentary Card, players must reach Platinum members status before it arrives in the mail. Using it will allow players to use the DS’ microphone to compliment Beedle.

Freebie Card

Phantom Hourglass itemLink receives the Freebie Card after reaching Silver member status in Beedle’s shop. To reach Silver status, players need to purchase 20 points worth of items. The Freebie Card then allows players to exchange it for a free item.

Jolene’s Letter

Phantom Hourglass itemPlayers can acquire Jolene’s Letter after defeating her in battle and reuniting the Old Wayfarer with Joanne. Bringing the letter to Jolene’s sister Joanne will reward Link with a Wisdom Gem and a Ship Part.

Prize Postcard

Phantom Hourglass itemLink will obtain his first Prize Postcard after saving the Man of Smiles. Following clearing his ship of enemies, the Man of Smiles gives Link the postcard as thanks. Players can mail these from any of Phantom Hourglass‘ mailboxes to enter a sweepstakes. Losing is actually better than winning as it rewards Link with a Ship Part. Players can return to the Man of Smiles to routinely obtain more Prize Postcards but can only carry one at a time.

Purple Potion

Phantom Hourglass itemsPurple Potions are like Phantom Hourglass‘ version of keeping a Fairy in a Bottle. Whenever Link falls in battle, the Purple Potion will automatically revive him with 8 Heart Containers of health. These potions are available from the Mercay and Molida Island shops for 150 Rupees.

Red Potion

Phantom Hourglass itemsPlayers can acquire Red Potions from most shops in Phantom Hourglass. Unlike the Purple Potion, players have to use these restoratives before dying in battle. Additionally, they only restore 6 Heart Containers rather than the Purple Potion’s 8.

Yellow Potion

Phantom Hourglass itemThough Link can’t use it automatically after dying, the Yellow Potion is the best one in Phantom Hourglass. Unlike the Red and Purple Potions, the Yellow Potion will restore all of Link’s Heart Containers. Further, they are the same price as the Purple Potion (150 Rupees) when Link acquires them from the Goron Island Shop.

Courage Gem

Phantom Hourglass itemPlayers can acquire a total of 20 Courage Gems throughout Phantom Hourglass to increase the Spirit of Courage’s strength. After collecting 10 and then 20 gems, Link can head to Spirit Island and upgrade the spirit.

Power Gem

Phantom Hourglass itemLike the Courage Gem, Link can also acquire a total of 20 Power Gems. These gems are capable of upgrading the strength of the Spirit of Power at the Spirit Island spring. After collecting 10 and then 20 of the Power Gems, Link can visit the spring to improve the Spirit of Power.

Wisdom Gem

Phantom Hourglass itemThere are a total of 20 Wisdom Gems Link can collect in Phantom Hourglass. Like the Power and Courage counterparts, the Wisdom Gems will upgrade the Spirit of Wisdom. After collecting 10 and, later, 20 Wisdom Gems, Link can visit the Spirit Island spring to increase the Spirit of Wisdom’s strength.

Sands of Hours

Phantom Hourglass itemThe Sands of Hours are the sand flowing within the Phantom Hourglass staving off Bellum’s life-draining curse. Any time Link enters the Temple of the Ocean King, the sands begin to dwindle until the Phantom Hourglass runs out of time. Additionally, getting hit by enemies will reduce the amount of remaining sand by 30 seconds or 1 minute. Though the Phantom Hourglass initially holds 10 minutes of time, Players can collect Sands of Hours throughout Phantom Hourglass to extend its duration to the maximum 25 minutes.

Ship Parts

Phantom Hourglass itemPlayers can acquire Ship Parts throughout Phantom Hourglass and use them to upgrade and customize the S.S. Linebeck. Some Ship Parts are part of a set and combining them will result in a set bonus to the ship’s stamina. In addition to salvaging them using the Salvage Arm, Link can buy Ship Parts, find them in treasure chests, or even win them from mini-games.

Treasure Maps

Phantom Hourglass itemsAs their name implies, Treasure Maps direct Link to spots where he can use the Salvage Arm to search for treasure chests beneath the ocean. There are a total of 31 different Treasure Maps Link can acquire and they often lead to Ship Parts or Sands of Hours.

Dungeon Items

Small Key

Phantom Hourglass itemsSmall Keys are dungeon-exclusive items that Link will acquire to open any locked doors within the dungeon. In addition to appearing within treasure chests, Small Keys will also drop after clearing a room of enemies.

Boss Key

Phantom Hourglass itemThe Boss Key is a unique item that has the sole use of opening the Boss’ arena within a dungeon. Unique to Phantom Hourglass is that Link must carry the key to the Boss’ door after acquiring it, restricting use of his sword.

Round Crystal

Phantom Hourglass itemRound Crystals are circular objects that Link will acquire within dungeons and use to solve various environmental puzzles.

Square Crystal

Phantom Hourglass itemSimilar to the Round Crystals, Square Crystals are items Link uses in the process of solving various dungeon puzzles in Phantom Hourglass.

Triangle Crystal

Phantom Hourglass itemTriangle Crystals are one of three specially-shaped crystal items Link uses to solve various puzzles within Phantom Hourglass‘ dungeons.


Dark Pearl Loop

Phantom Hourglass itemDark Pearl Loops are one of several treasures Link can find and sell in Phantom Hourglass. After finding a Dark Pearl Loop, Link can sell them to either the Treasure Teller on Mercay Island or the Ho Ho Tribe. The amount of Rupees that he earns for selling varies with each loop.

Goron Amber

Phantom Hourglass itemLink can acquire and sell Goron Amber as yet another one of Phantom Hourglass‘ small treasures. The amount of Rupees he earns from a sale varies from piece to piece and depending on whom he sells to.

Helmaroc Plume

Phantom Hourglass itemHelmaroc Plumes are another of Phantom Hourglass‘ sellable treasures. Like the other small treasures, the amount of Rupees Link earns from selling them varies depending on buyer and save file.

Pearl Necklace

Phantom Hourglass itemLink can acquire Pearl Necklaces throughout the World of the Ocean King and sell them to either the Treasure Teller or Ho Ho Tribe in exchange for Rupees. Like the other treasures, the amount earned varies from necklace to necklace and depending on who the buyer is.

Pink Coral

Phantom Hourglass itemPink Coral are another of Phantom Hourglass‘ small treasures Link can find at random and sell for Rupees. Like the other treasures, the amount of money he earns varies from sale to sale.

Regal Ring

Phantom Hourglass itemRegal Rings are rare treasures and much less common than the other small trinkets Link can sell in Phantom Hourglass. Link can either find these at random or receive them from Nyeve and the price they fetch is random from ring to ring.

Ruto Crown

Phantom Hourglass itemLike the Regal Ring, Ruto Crowns are more rare treasures that Link can find in Phantom Hourglass. They typically sell for a decent amount of Rupees and can occasionally fetch 150 Rupees each.

Zora Scale

Phantom Hourglass itemThe Zora Scales are another of Phantom Hourglass‘ common small treasures. Like the others, Link can sell the scales to the Treasure Teller or Ho Ho Tribe for a random amount of Rupees.
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