The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures – All Items

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The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures – All Items

After initially beginning as a pack-in game with the Game Boy Advance port of A Link to the Past, The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures would become its own standalone title on the GameCube. Unlike most other Zelda games, Four Swords Adventures allows players to team up with up to three other friends that each control different versions of Link, working cooperatively to complete the game’s dungeons and defeat its villain, the evil sorcerer Vaati. Thanks to the game’s unique multiplayer approach to the classic Zelda formula, Four Swords Adventures‘ items take on a bit of a different role than they do in the single-player titles.

Despite this, many of the series’ recurring pieces of equipment make a return. As you might expect, the bow, bombs, and boomerang all make a return appearance, but many of the other items that are traditionally permanent upgrades to Link’s arsenal are instead temporary pick-ups in Four Swords Adventures. Additionally, the Master Sword is replaced with the titular Four Sword, which magically splits into replicas of itself so that each player has the legendary blade in their possession. Notably, Four Swords Adventures has one of the smallest equipment lists of any game in The Legend of Zelda series.


Four Sword

The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures itemsThe Four Sword is the titular weapon of Link in Four Swords and Four Swords Adventures, and it also happens to be the very same legendary armament from The Minish Cap — The Picori Blade. This is the primary weapon players will use in Four Swords Adventures, with the blade magically splitting into four identical versions of itself for each of the four Links to use. In addition to being the game’s sole weapon, it is the magical item necessary to seal away both the evil sorcerer Vaati and the demon controlling him, Ganon.


Unlike other Zelda games which feature several successive levels of shield that Link can obtain, Four Swords Adventures simply has the singular, nameless Shield. This standard item is available at any one of the game’s Item Stands and has the appearance of the series’ classic Wooden Shield, complete with the emblem of the Triforce on its surface.


One of Link’s most versatile and valuable tools, Bombs once again make an appearance as a disposable item in Four Swords Adventures. Just like in previous games, Link can pick these items up as drops from enemies or find them within treasure chests. They can be used to harm enemies, discover secrets, and blow up cracked walls to reveal new passageways. Unlike other Zelda games from the era, Link does not need to find a Bomb Bag to hold and use Bombs in Four Swords Adventures.


A recurring item throughout the Zelda franchise since the very first game, Link once again has a Boomerang at his disposal in Four Swords Adventures. This versatile tool can stun enemies and retreieve far off items. Players will discover the Boomerang within several of the stages in Four Swords Adventures and can even upgrade it to a faster version using a Great Fairy Fountain.


Another of Link’s most valuable pieces of recurring equipment, Four Swords Adventures sees Link obtain a Bow and some arrows. Unlike other modern Zelda games, there are only standard arrows for Link to use with the Bow and it also has an infinite supply of arrows, negating the need for players to scour for more ammunition. Players will find the Bow as a pick-up from the game’s Item Podiums and can upgrade it at a Great Fairy Fountain to shoot three arrows at once.

Fire Rod

The Fire Rod in Four Swords Adventures acts as a bit of a stand-in for all of the series’ historic magic wands, capable of shooting fireball projectiles but also upgradeable for additional uses. If players take the Fire Rod to a Great Fairy Fountain and upgrade it, the wand gains the powers of A Link to the Past‘s Cane of Comaria, capable of creating blocks to use in triggering switches or as platforms to cross gaps.


Following its series introduction in A Link to the Past, the Lamp or Lantern continues to be a valuable item in helping Link traverse through dark areas in the 2D Zelda titles. Accordingly, the item makes a return appearance in Four Swords Adventures and players can use it to light torches throughout the stages where they find one resting on an Item Podium.

Magic Hammer

The Magic Hammer, like the Lamp, is another item that debuts in A Link to the Past only to then make its second series appearance in Four Swords Adventures. The item behaves similarly to how it does in A Link to the Past, with Link able to use it in smashing pegs blocking his path or knock over enemies using the shockwaves it creates after striking the ground. Additionally, players can find the item randomly on any of the Item Podiums in Four Swords Adventures‘ stages.

Bombos Medallion

The Bombos Medallion is one of Four Swords Adventures‘ rarer item pick-ups, with players only able to find one on either The Field or Death Mountain Foothills stages. Similar to the item’s use in A Link to the Past, players can use the medallion to cast the Bombos spell, eliminating all enemies on screen with a magical explosion. Accordingly, players will find the item when they need it most during mini-boss battles with several enemy mobs on screen.

Quake Medallion

The Quake Medallion is yet another rare item pick-up from Four Swords Adventures and is typically found in the same areas where players will grab the Bombos Medallion. Interestingly, though, the Quake Medallion doesn’t behave as its name might suggest. Instead, using the Quake Medallion will turn all surrounding enemies into weaker Zols/Gels.

Pegasus Boots

Players will randomly come across the Pegasus Boots on the various Item Podiums in Four Swords Adventures‘ stages, where Link can then use these magical footwear to move faster and dash across the screen. Players will need to use the boots to break the barriers protecting Force Fairies and knock down Force Gems sitting atop ledges just out of reach. Additionally, players can upgrade the Pegasus Boots at a Great Fairy Fountain and then use them to run over holes in the ground.

Roc’s Feather

Roc’s Feather appears once again in Four Swords Adventures following its debut in Link’s Awakening. As in that game, the feather grants Link the ability to jump. Additionally, Link can take the feather to a Great Fairy Fountain and upgrade it to gain access to a double-jump ability.


Contrary to its appearances in other 2D Zelda titles, Link doesn’t actuall use the Shovel to dig in Four Swords Adventures. Instead, the item will emit a chime whenever Link stands over a spot with a treasure or is near a hidden passage. The upgrade for the item available from the Great Fairy Fountain transforms it to be able to locate Force Gems.


Players will randomly find the Slingshot as an available piece of equipment resting on one of Four Swords Adventures‘ Item Podiums, and it behaves similarly to its other appearances in the Zelda series. Link can use the item to shoot seeds at enemies, and charging up shots results in the seeds traveling farther across the screen. Further, Link can bring the Slingshot to a Great Fairy Fountain and upgrade it to shoot three seeds at once.


Big Bomb

The Big Bomb is unique in Four Swords Adventures in that it’s an item that players should try to avoid. Link will occasionally find one resting within a treasure chest or come face-to-face with one when encountering Shadow Link. As their name suggests, the Big Bomb creates an equally large explosion capable of eliminating all players. The only way to avoid death when a Big Bomb shows up is to hide in a cave or underwater before its timer expires.

Big Key

Players will find the iconic Big Key in each of Four Swords Adventures‘ stages, but the item serves a different purpose in comparison to its previous series appearances. Instead of unlocking the door to a boss arena, one player will need to physically carry a Big Key to a large chest containing numerous Force Gems.

Blue Bracelet

The Blue Bracelet is a temporary item that players can find within some of Four Swords Adventures‘ stages. After picking the item up, the Blue Bracelet will halve all damage for the player that holds it, with the effect lasting until the stage is complete.


After rescuring Malon and bringing her back to her home, players can find the Carrot item in The Field stage and use them to summon Link’s horse, Epona. Whenever Epona is on screen, all players are invincible for a short amount of time, and players can find multiple Carrots to extend the buff. Occasionally, players will need to break the containers the Carrots are in using a Crystal Ball.

Crystal Ball

The Crystal Ball is a random item that players will find in Four Swords Adventures that they can use to break objects containing the valuable Carrot item. Later on, players will find a different version of the Crystal Ball displaying a rotating gallery of item icons. Throwing the ball when it displays a particular item will result in it breaking and rewarding the player with that item.

Force Fairy

Force Fairies are similar to the standard Fairy from The Legend of Zelda series in that they heal Link, but the main way that players obtain them is unique to Four Swords Adventures. Link can occasionally find Force Fairies in the various stages, but more often they are the reward for collecting Force Gems, healing the party of Links at the end of each stage depending on how many gems the players collect.

Force Gem

Force Gems are collectible items that players will pick up throughout Four Swords Adventures, with Link using them to break Vaati’s seals throughout the game’s stages. Additionally, Force Gems convert into Force Fairies at the end of stages to heal the party. The gems vary in size from Small and Big to Giant, and they come in a variety of colors (with Purple being the most valuable and Green being the least).

Heart Container

Like many other recurring series items appearing in Four Swords Adventures, Heart Containers work differently in comparison to other games in the franchise. Instead of permanently upgrading Link’s health, players will find Heart Containers in treasure chests within stages. Afterward, players will have one additional heart of energy that only lasts until that stage’s conclusion.


The Letter is a necessary item for players to collect in order to receive Roc’s Feather. After meeting the NPC Sweetie, she gives the Links the Letter to bring to her boyfriend who remains trapped in the Dark World. Bringing him the Letter and informing him of Sweetie’s safety rewards the player with Roc’s Feather.

Magic Book

The Magic Book is a temporary quest item that players will collect after obtaining Roc’s Feather from Sweetie’s boyfriend. Using Roc’s Feather, Link can cross a gap to reach the mage in possession of the book, who then gives it to Link in order for him to return it to the NPC Iris. This will see her return the small house in the Village of the Blue Maiden to normal size, completing the “Man Who Lost His House” side quest.

Power Bracelet

Players will find the Power Bracelet as a temporary item in the stages where it’s necessary to use it in traversal. As in previous Zelda games, players can use the bracelet to lift heavy rocks or trees, opening up new passageways in the process.

Recovery Heart

The recurring Recovery Heart returns once again in Four Swords Adventures and is the game’s standard method of health recovery. As in previous titles, picking up a Recovery Heart will restore one of Link’s Heart Containers.

Small Key

Small Keys serve the same purpose in Four Swords Adventures as in other Zelda titles, with Link finding them within stages and using them to unlock doors within that stage. Similar to their use in other games in the series, Small Keys are only useful in the stages where players find them and disappear from Link’s inventory after the stage concludes if not used.

Quest Items

Dark Mirror

The Dark Mirror is a magical item that the player will need to acquire as part of Four Swords Adventures‘ main quest. After stealing the Dark Mirror, Ganon uses the object to control the evil sorcerer Vaati, as well as summoning several evil doppelgangers (Shadow Links) to do battle with the true Link. Defeating all the Shadow Links and sealing away Vaati and Ganon results in Zelda reclaiming the mirror and keeping it out of the hands of evil.

Royal Jewels

The four Royal Jewels are necessary quest items that Link will collect after defeating each of the Big Dark Stalfos, the transformed Knights of Hyrule. After collecting all four of the jewels, Link can use them to open the path to the Palace of Winds.
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