Zelda: Breath of the Wild – All Shrine Locations

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild shrine

Zelda: Breath of the Wild – All Shrine Locations

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild‘s Shrines are the game’s analogue for the classic dungeons from previous Zelda titles. Each of the game’s 120 Shrine locations (plus the additional Shrines added through DLC) present players with a variety of requirements for completion. Some shrines focus on combat challenges, while others have more of an emphasis on traversal and puzzle-solving. While none of the Shrines themselves are all that challenging to complete individually, finding and completing all 120 of them can be quite a chore.

While the first four Shrines at the start of the game award Link with important Runes granting him abilities, the others provide players with Spirit Orbs. Link can trade in 4 Spirit Orbs to gain a Heart Container or Stamina Vessel, meaning players who want to max out these attributes will need to set their sights on completing all of the available Shrines.

Further, once all Shrines are completed, a secret quest unlocks. Titled “A Gift From The Monks”, players can start this quest at the Forgotten Temple and earn an excellent reward from completing it. For successfully conquering all 120 Shrines and completing the final secret quest, players get the Armor of the Wild. This is one of the best armor sets in the game and also gives Link his classic green tunic from the original Legend of Zelda. Before we dive into the Shrines by region (as well as their rewards), let’s take a look at the entire Shrine map from Breath of the Wild.

Zelda: Breath of the Wild Shrine Map

Obviously, this map is a lot to parse through, so we will break down the Shrines by each region and list their respective challenges and rewards. DLC Shrines appear as green markers.

Akkala Shrines

Breath of the Wild Akkala Shrines
Dah Hesho ShrineA Minor Test of StrengthGiant Ancient Core
Katosa Aug ShrineKatosa Aug ApparatusGreat Frostblade
Ke’nai Shakah ShrineA Modest Test of StrengthSapphire
Ritaag Zumo ShrineRitaag Zumo’s Blessing/Into the VortexGiant Ancient Core
Tu Ka’loh ShrineLomei Labyrinth Island/Trial of the LabyrinthAncient Core
Tutsuwa Nima ShrineA Major Test of Strength/The Spring of PowerFlamespear
Ze Kasho ShrineZe Kasho ApparatusSilverscale Spear
Zuna Kai ShrineZuna Kai’s Blessing/The Skull’s EyeFlame Blade

Central Hyrule Shrines

Breath of the Wild Central region Shrine map
Dah Kaso ShrineA Minor Test of StrengthAncient Core
Kaam Ya’tak ShrineTrial of PowerEdge of Duality/Silver Rupee/Diamond
Katah Chuki ShrineA Minor Test of StrengthRoyal Halberd
Namika Ozz ShrineA Modest Test of StrengthFrostspear
Noya Neha ShrineA Minor Test of StrengthRoyal Shield
Rota Ooh ShrinePassing of the GatesFeathered Edge
Saas Ko’sah ShrineA Major Test of StrengthFlameblade
Wahgo Katta ShrineMetal ConnectionsAmber

Dueling Peaks Shrines

Breath of the Wild Dueling Peaks map
Bosh Kala ShrineThe Wind Guides YouSoldier’s Claymore/Amber
Ha Dahamar ShrineThe Water GuidesPurple Rupee
Hila Rao ShrineShrine Quest – Watch out for the Flowers/DriftingOpal/Ice Arrows (x5)/Opal
Lakna Rokee ShrineShrine Quest – The Stolen Heirloom/Lanka Rokee’s BlessingEdge of Duality
Ree Dahee ShrineTiming is CriticalClimber’s Bandana
Shee Vaneer ShrineTwin MemoriesEightfold Longblade
Shee Venath ShrineTwin MemoriesSerpentine Spear
Ta’loh Naeg ShrineTa’loh Naeg’s TeachingEightfold Longblade/Opal/Shield of the Mind’s Eye/Opal
Toto Sah ShrineToto Sah ApparatusShield of the Mind’s Eye

Eldin Shrines

Breath of the Wild Eldin Shrines
Daqa Koh ShrineStalled FlightSilver Rupee
Gorae Torr ShrineShrine Quest – The Gut Check Challenge/Gorae Torr’s BlessingGreat Frostblade
Kayra Mah ShrineShrine Quest – A Brother’s Roast/Greedy HillRuby
Mo’a Keet ShrineMetal Makes a PathKnight’s Broadsword
Qua Raym ShrineA Balanced ApproachKnight’s Claymore
Sah Dahaj ShrinePower of FireKnight’s Bow
Shae Mo’sah ShrineSwinging FlamesStone Smasher/Ruby/Ice Arrows x10
Shora Hah ShrineBlue FlameGiant Ancient Core/Great Flameblade/Silver Rupee/Ice Arrows
Tah Muhl ShrineShrine Quest – A Landscape of a Stable/Passing The FlameCobble Crusher/Opal/Ruby

Faron Shrines

Breath of the Wild Faron Shrines
Kah Yah ShrineShrine Quest – A Fragmented Monument/Quick ThinkingRoyal Claymore
Korgu Chideh ShrineShrine Quest – Stranded on Eventide/Korgu Chideh’s BlessingGold Rupee
Muwo Jeem ShrineA Modest Test of StrengthRoyal Bow
Qukah Nata ShrineShrine Quest – Song of Storms/Qukah Nata’s BlessingRubber Tights
Shai Utoh ShrineHalt the TiltTraveler’s Sword/Ancient Core
Shoda Sah ShrineImpeccable TimingIce Arrow x5
Tawa Jinn ShrineShrine Quest – The Three Giant Brothers/Tawa Jinn’s BlessingGreat Thunderblade
Yah Rin ShrineA Weighty DecisionKnight’s Broadsword/Opal

Gerudo Highlands Shrines

Gerudo Highlands shrines
Joloo Nah ShrineShrine Quest – Test of Will/Joloo Nah ApparatusGolden Claymore/Gerudo Spear 
Keeha Yoog ShrineShrine Quest – Cliffside Etchings/Keeha Yoog’s BlessingDiamond
Kema Kosassa ShrineA Major Test of StrengthSilver Rupee
Kuh Takkar ShrineMelting Ice HazardFrostblade
Sasa Kai ShrineShrine Quest – Sign of the Shadow/A Modest Test of StrengthFrostblade
Sho Dantu ShrineTwo BombsSilver Rupee

Gerudo Wasteland Shrines

Gerudo Wasteland shrines
Dako Tah ShrineElectric PathMoonlight Scimitar/Ancient Core/Silver Rupee/Radiant Shield
Daqo Chisay ShrineThe Whole PictureThunderblade
Dila Maag ShrineShrine Quest – South Lomei Labyrinth/Dila Maag’s BlessingBarbarian Armor Piece
Hawa Koth ShrineThe Current SolutionAncient Core/Gold Rupee/Sapphire
Jee Noh ShrineOn the MoveOpal
Kay Noh ShrinePower of ElectricityGerudo Scimitar
Kema Zoos ShrineA Delayed PuzzleMoonlight Scimitar
Korsh O’hu ShrineShrine Quest – The Seven Heroines/Korsh O’hu’s BlessingFlamespear
Misae Suma ShrineShrine Quest – The Perfect Drink/Misae Suma’s BlessingDiamond
Raqa Zunzo ShrineShrine Quest – The Undefeated Champ/Raqa Zunzo’s BlessingRadiant Shield
Suma Sahma ShrineSnow ShrineMoonlight Scimitar
Tho Kayu ShrineTho Kayu’s BlessingGolden Bow

Great Hyrule Forest Shrines

Great Hyrule Forest Shrines
Daag Chokah ShrineShrine Quest – The Lost Pilgrimage/Daag Chokah’s BlessingAncient Core
Keo Ruug ShrineFateful StarsKnight’s Claymore
Ketoh Wawai ShrineSide Quest – Shrouded Shrine/Ketoh Wawai’s BlessingAncient Core
Kuhn Sidajj ShrineSide Quest – Trial of Second Sight/Kuhn Sidajj’s BlessingGiant Ancient Core
Maag Halan ShrineSide Quest – The Test of Wood/Maag Halan’s BlessingGiant Ancient Core
Mirro Shaz ShrineTempered PowerIron Sledgehammer (x2)/Giant Ancient Core
Monya Toma ShrineDrawing ParabolasThunderblade
Rona Kachta ShrineRona Kachta’s BlessingGreat Flameblade

Great Plateau Shrines

Breath of the Wild Great Plateau Shrines
Ja Baij ShrineBomb TrialRemote Bombs Rune/Traveler’s Claymore/Amber
Keh Numut ShrineCryonis TrialCryonis Rune/Traveler’s Spear
Oman Au ShrineMagnesis TrialMagnesis Rune/Traveler’s Bow
Owa Daim ShrineStasis TrialStasis Rune/Traveler’s Shield/Iron Sledgehammer

Hateno Shrines

Hateno Shrines
Chaas Qeta ShrineMajor Test of StrengthClimbing Gear
Dow Na’eh ShrineThree BoxesZora Sword (x3)/Amber/Opal
Jitan Sa’mi ShrineShrine Quest – The Spring of WisdomFrostspear
Kam Urog ShrineShrine Quest – A Cursed Statue/Trial of PassageSoldier’s Spear/Opal
Mezza Lo ShrineShrine Quest – The Crowned Beast/Ancient TrifectaThunderblade
Myahm Agana ShrineMyahm Agana ApparatusPhrenic Bow
Tahno O’ah ShrineShrine Quest – Secret of the Cedars/Tahno O’ah’s BlessingClimbing Boots

Hebra Shrines

Breath of the Wild Hebra Shrines
Dunba Taag ShrineBuild and ReleaseFalcon Bow/Great Thunderblade
Gee Ha’rah ShrineTandemDiamond
Goma Asaagh ShrineA Major Test of StrengthRoyal Claymore
Hia Miu ShrineA Major Test of StrengthSapphire
Lanno Kooh ShrineLanno Kooh’s BlessingGold Rupee
Maka Rah ShrineSteady Thy HeartBomb Arrows x10/Ancient Core/Diamond
Mozo Shenno ShrineShrine Quest – The Bird in the Mountain/A Major Test of StrengthDiamond
Qaza Tokki ShrineShrine Quest – Trial on the Cliff/Qaza Tokki’s BlessingBarbarian Armor Piece
Rin Oyaa ShrineDirecting the WindAncient Core
Rok Uwog ShrinePower of ReachDrillshaft
Sha Gehma ShrineShift and LockRoyal Broadsword
Shada Naw ShrineRed GiveawayGreat Frostblade
To Quomo ShrineTo Quomo’s BlessingRoyal Claymore

Lake Tower Shrines

Breath of the Wild Lake Shrines
Ishto Soh ShrineBravery’s GraspTopaz/Ancient Core
Ka’o Makagh ShrineMetal Doors Open the WayTraveler’s Bow/Gold Rupee/Opal
Pumaag Nitae ShrineA Minor Test of StrengthBoomerang
Shae Katha ShrineSide Quest – The Serpent’s Jaw/Shae Katha’s BlessingThunderspear
Shoqa Tatone ShrineA Modest Test of StrengthRoyal Broadsword
Ya Naga ShrineShatter the HeavensEightfold Blade

Lanayru Shrines

Lanayru region Shrines
Dagah Keek ShrineShrine Quest – The Ceremonial Song/Dagah Keek’s BlessingSilver Rupee
Daka Tuss ShrineSunken ScoopSilver Longsword
Kaya Wan ShrineShields From WaterAncient Core/Knight’s Broadsword
Kah Mael ShrineDrop and RiseDiamond
Ne’ez Yohma ShrinePushing PowerZora Spear
Rucco Maag ShrineThe Five TorchesOpal/Silver Bow
Shai Yota ShrineShrine Quest – Master of the Wind/Shai Yota’s BlessingGreat Flameblade
Sheh Rata ShrineSpeed of LightOpal/Giant Boomerang
Soh Kofi ShrineA Minor Test of StrengthKnight’s Bow

Ridgeland Shrines

Ridgeland region Shrines
Mijah Rokee ShrineShrine Quest – Under a Red Moon/A Modest Test of StrengthFrostblade
Maag No’rah ShrineMaag No’rah’s BlessingSilver Rupee
Mogg Latan ShrineSynced SwingForest Dweller’s Spear/Forest Dweller’s Bow/Gold Rupee
Shae Loya ShrineAim for the MomentTopaz/Falcon Bow
Sheem Dagoze ShrineShrine Quest – The Two Rings/Moving in ParallelGreat Thunderblade
Toh Yahsa ShrineShrine Quest – Trial of Thunder/Buried SecretsRubber Armor/Opal
Zalta Wa ShrineTwo Orbs to Guide YouKnight’s Bow

Tabantha Shrines

Tabantha Shrines
Akh Va’quot ShrineWindmillsAncient Core/Sapphire/Feathered Spear
Bareeda Naag ShrineShrine Quest – The Ancient Rito Song/CannonFalcon Bow/Diamond
Kah Okeo ShrineWind GuideKorok Leaf/Gold Rupee/Forest Dweller’s Sword/Thunderspear
Sha Warvo ShrinePath of Hidden FlightsPurple Rupee/Knight’s Bow
Tena Ko’sah ShrineA Major Test of StrengthKnight’s Halberd
Voo Lota ShrineShrine Quest – Recital at Warbler’s Nest/The Winding RouteFlameblade

Breath of the Wild’s DLC Shrines

The following shrines are accessible after downloading The Champion’s Ballad DLC. Each of the additional DLC shrines are represented by the green markers in the above maps and can be found in the regions surrounding the Divine Beasts.

Great Plateau
Yowaka Ita ShrineCollected SoulBomb Arrows/Phrenic Bow
Rohta Chigah ShrineStop to StartForest Dweller’s Shield
Ruvo Korbah ShrineA Major Test of Strength PlusBomb Arrows/Giant Ancient Core
Etsu Korima ShrinePath of LightGold Rupee
Kee Dafunia ShrineThe Melting PointFrostblade
Sato Koda ShrineSupport and GuidanceGiant Ancient Core
Mah Eliya ShrineSecret StairwayRoyal Shield
Kamia Omuna ShrineMoving TargetsDiamond
Sharo Lun ShrineBlind SpotsGreat Flameblade
Rinu Honika ShrineBlock the BlazeStone Smasher
Tabantha and Hebra
Shira Gomar ShrineAim for StillnessBomb Arrows
Kiah Toza ShrineMaster the OrbFalcon Bow
Noe Rajee ShrineThe Four WindsShield of the Mind’s Eye
Gerudo Wasteland and Highland
Keive Tala ShrineBig or SmallRadiant Shield
Takama Shiri ShrineDual PurposeRoyal Bow
Kihiro Moh ShrineInside the BoxThunderspear
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